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The British nurse who contracted the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone has been


discharged from a London hospital. Will Pooley said that he is


wonderfully lucky to have survived. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are the


Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley and the broadcaster and football


commentator Clarke Carlisle. The Financial Times highlights the


advance of the FTSE, which is close to a record high despite the unrest


in the Middle East and Europe. The Telegraph leads on the warning


from one of the world's major investment banks that Scottish


independence could provoke a sterling crisis.


The Express warns kettles and lawnmowers could be next after the


EU banned high`powered vacuum cleaners.


The Guardian says Barack Obama and David Cameron will use the Nato


summit to forge a military coalition to destroy the Islamic State


operation in northern Iraq. The Metro also leads on Islamic


State. It says the militant believed to have killed two American


journalists in Syria will be hunted like Osama Bin Laden, according to a


former security minister. The Independent says Barack Obama has


begun to look alarmingly impotent in the face of the international crisis


in the Middle East and Russia. And the Mirror has a picture of


Brett and Naghemeh King, reunited with their son Ashya. They say their


period in a Spanish prison has taken its toll on him.


The front page of the Independent is quite arresting. Your move, Mr


President. He is arriving for the Nato summit. There does not seem to


have been a coherent response to the crisis in Iraq, Syria and also the


crisis in Eastern Europe. That is what they are trying to convey with


this headline and this question. What amazes me is that there is this


expectation for decisions to be made instantaneously. And on as matter as


grave and as huge as this, obviously we do not want procrastination and


we do need action, but this has to be done from a basis of knowledge,


effectiveness and also support. The last time Barack Obama went into


some then bullheaded, we had the War on Terror and that ended in


disaster, costing lives. President Bush. President Bush, sorry. The


last time we tried to attack something like this head on. I don't


think that they should mistake patients and searching for some


discernment and sagacity as weakness. He is a thoughtful man,


who takes his time to think through all of the ramifications of a


particular move, but some would say that it is now turning into


procrastination. And the suggestion last week that we do not have a


strategy, which he now says was a misunderstanding, some say that is


dangerous. He was not misquoted. This front page is extraordinary


because the Independent is a centre`left newspaper and it says


that a coherent response is conspicuous by its absence and


President Obama is beginning to look alarmingly impotent. After six years


in power, to say that President Obama is looking alarmingly impotent


is very surprising. Having said that, I have to come to his


defence. First, he has taken action. There have been US airstrikes


against ISIS. It is not true that he has done nothing. Second, I'm not


sure what a coherent strategy is, what would be appropriate, or if


simply having one for the sake of having one is a good thing. The War


on Terror was a coherent strategy but it led to the crisis in Iraq.


And I wonder if this slightly halting style of President Obama is


the only thing that stands between us and world War three. I don't want


John McCain. There was a map of countries in the world that Senator


John McCain said he would like to go to war with and it covers almost


every single continent. I want a careful and deliberate president. I


did what action eventually when it is necessary and the President has


done that and I don't think it's necessary to lay out some grand,


Western strategy especially when you're dealing with band. Very well


armed and very well funded bandits but bandits nonetheless. I don't


want to lay out a ten year plan. The future is much too uncertain. We


have spoken about Tony Blair, George Bush and Iraq. Is this a president


who still has this conflict, which he voted against and argued


against, is that what is weighing on him? There is a legacy in both


countries for both David Cameron and Barack Obama to contemplate when


making decisions. The lack of support for the UK going into that


conflict had a huge ramifications on the decision`making process for


David Cameron and that is why he is reticent to get into bed on this


one. But when we talk about fighting bandits, President Obama cannot go


in there and just bomb the nation to hell because they are a Morpheus. We


don't know where ISIS is hiding and we cannot go in there and carpet


bomb the entire nation because the ramifications would be huge for


everyone! Tim Tom is the big discussion that is taking place


between Barack Obama and David Cameron, is it really about working


out how to get Bashar al`Assad onboard? Is that really what is


causing the log jamming? A strategic view of what to do? Because if they


are going to go after ISIS, whatever the acronym for this organisation


is, its paces are in Syria. `` bases. I don't know. If they were to


do that, it would be an enormous mistake. An example of the enemy of


my enemy not really being my friend at all. I heard an interesting


argument suggesting why they should talk to Bashar al`Assad. Obviously


the basis for ISIS are in Syria. But Bashar al`Assad has never directly


threatened the US or the UK. ISIS has. But when the crisis started in


Syria, one of the first thing Bashar al`Assad did was release the ice


star militants from prison in order to split the opposition against


him. `` ISIS style militants. This is well documented. He would dilute


the democratic opposition by releasing people who would make its


politics far more complicated. And that worked very well because the


narrative of the Syrian civil war has moved away from the Arab string


`` Arab Spring and democracy and has now become him being the last man


against extremism. Don't forget that Barack Obama was elected on an


anti`war ticket. For people to come down on him and say why are you not


being stronger on Iraq is a question of short`term memory loss and we


have to remember he got into power to get America out of the Middle


East and he is not going to rush to get them back in. With all due


respect, or a man who does not like Barack Obama, you have done a great


job in defending him. In these last ten minutes, you have defended his


policy against some ruthless cutthroats. At this point in time,


I'm glad this is not the second term of John McCain. John McCain and


Sarah Halen! LAUGHTER Sarah Palin! Why am I laughing? I don't know? We


are very balanced. Let's not go there. The Mirror has a fantastic


story for this particular family. The Kings have been reunited with


Ashya after being in prison for three nights, four nights, and this


is a photo that will gladden the hearts of many people. A fantastic


story in the end. There will be serious questions asked about what


they have had to go through. Not just their fight against the


hospital and the police and Interpol or whoever it was who picked them up


in Spain but the fact that this has all been put on them on top of the


intense trauma that they are having to go through, supporting and


looking after their son and finding the necessary treatment for him. I


think that there are two issues in this story. Obviously there is the


personal and the actual family involved in this story. The hospital


have many questions to answer about their processes. And the lines of


communication with the family and also the police. That is one issue.


The second one, which is almost an umbrella issue, is that of


paediatric brain tumours and how we treat and diagnose and research them


in England. It has the highest mortality rate of all cancers but


less than 0.7% of the funding for cancer research goes into


researching paediatric brain tumours. This is why I'm humbled and


honoured to be a patron of the Katie Holmes trust, a poor young girl from


Preston who died from paediatric brain tumour. The treatment she


needed was not available in the UK. And they are now researching


themselves and trying to raise the various funds to launch research


themselves. And this is another question. Why is the research not


there for paediatric brain tumours when it has the highest mortality


rate of all cancers? This whole debate has resurfaced about the


quality of the nature of the cancer care in this country because of the


situation regarding the Kings. Is it some then that you think Jeremy Hunt


and the government should look at now? Or is this something that


happens, is talked about for five minutes and then disappears? I don't


see why the treatment should be available in Spain and the Czech


Republic is not available in this country as well. I think the thing


they have to immediately deal with is the use of the European Arrest


Warrant, the role of the CPS and the NHS is chasing down the family.


There are some more pressing political things they have to deal


with as soon as possible. It has not been a good few days for the welfare


state. In Rotherham, we had the welfare state letting people down by


not stepping in on their behalf. In this story, we have the welfare


state doing too much, pressing themselves on the private lives of a


family who should have been left alone. Why were these people hounded


across the Channel by the welfare state when they were trying to do


the best thing for their child? Lots of questions. And I have to say that


over the last couple of nights, I have had to play devils advocate for


the hospital and they were doing the right thing for this child. But why


did the CPS become involved? Why did this become a police matter? And our


NHS, how is it able to exert that much political and judicial


influence? Now, this story, an issue that could be interesting, bearing


in mind that the police were involved in the story with the


Kings. And some other things... The police are telling victims to solve


their own crimes. It is absolutely extraordinary. And the person


running it says that a large number of crimes are being decriminalised


because the police are not dealing with them. That is very worrying. I


would like to think if I called the police, not only would they listen,


they would actually take action to solve the crime that has occurred.


But there are some crimes that have to be without a doubt investigated


by the police but if it is a minor crime, a vehicular crime or


whatever, this is... Again, I'm playing the devil 's advocate...


Perhaps there are some offences that are minor to the point where, you


know, the police cannot get involved completely? Minor


national government and police crackdown. It is interesting. The


turnaround in New York City under the rule of Rudolph Giuliani, it was


a zero tolerance policy. And the EU are trying to steal our kettles.


That is a crime, according to some. The Express. God bless them. We use


kettles to make tea. This is the very fabric of British society. What


is going on? A certain wattage is too strong for some devices and so


they have been outlawed. Will we have maters? The Tetley maters? ``


matyrs? This is a European assault on the very nature of British life


full of the right to a cup of tea without interfering busybodies. It


has to be said that this is not Brussels. We signed up to this. Yes


and these decisions must be made. This is playing devils advocate


but... LAUGHTER. This is a ridiculous headline, it really is.


What is the worst that will happen? An extra 12 seconds to boil your


cattle? Yes! It could ruin a cup of tea! The whole issue is undermining


the whole climate change philosophy or science. Headlines like this make


people think that this is nonsense. That there are things we can do in


our daily lives that can help change the speed of climate change.


Stay with us here on BBC News to


Stay with us here on BBC News because we will have much more on


the government response to the continuing crisis in the Middle


East. Now, it is time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


Nina Warhurst. Captain Rooney seals a 1`0 win for


England in their friendly against Norway at Wembley. But only 40,000


are there to watch it go in. Not quite the World Cup final, but


Argentina take some


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