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lead to one of them having to leave the F1 team.


Sportsday is in 15 minutes after The Papers.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the newspapers will bring us


tomorrow. With me is the broadcaster and journalist Henry Bonsu. And we


also joined by the former Minister for trade and investment, Lord Digby


Jones. Good evening. The Telegraph says the UK is getting ready for war


with Islamic State militants and David Cameron could launch air with


Iraq and Syria within weeks. The Guardian says the Prime Minister has


pleaded with world leaders not to give in to Islamic State's demands


for ransoms. The Metro leads with the killing of an 82`year`old woman


in Edmonton. The Daily Express describes how illegal immigrants


tried to storm ferries bound for Britain. The paper claims our border


security is a shambles. The Daily Mail has the same story. It says


riot squads were sent into Calais. The Financial Times reports on how


the European Central Bank president caused jitters in the market after


cutting interest rates to a record low.


I real mix of stories. Let's start with what everybody is talking about


with the debate over what to do with Islamic State. Britain gears up for


war, is how the Daily Telegraph reports on it. This seems to have


moved on from what Mr Cameron was saying in the early days. There was


very little talk of military action. Of course will stop here


summit taking place in Celtic Manor. David Cameron is looking very nice


with these children but there is a fire breathing Welsh dragon in the


background and Mr Cameron is breathing fire saying he will always


act in the British national interest. He seems to be doing a bit


of a Tony Blair with Bill Clinton, trying to persuade President Obama


to go further than he has already done, when it comes to bombing known


positions of Islamic State in Iraq and possibly go on to Syria. He made


it clear that there is no legal impediment to the UK launching these


strikes. It will give a lot of MPs who voted against action in Syria


last year, the jitters. That is one reason why I think Tory whips were


canvassing backbench opinion last night and finding out that Tory


resolvers hardening and people are getting more hawkish. Do you not


think that both leaders have a lot in common? In the same way Blair and


Bush wanted war and very much brought us into war with Iraq and


Afghanistan, these two gentlemen are reluctant. They both came in on that


we will bring the troops home ticket. The concept of we are not


going off on adventurism again. Particularly President Obama. The


public seem to like that. Yesterday I talked to the graduate entry of a


big multinational country in Britain. These people are 21 or 22


years old. I said, help me, you have a Prime Minister who in the next two


weeks, God forbid this happens but it probably will, we are going to


watch a Brit beheaded. And he knows this. And the British public, to a


man and woman, are going to say, something should be done. So he has


got to respond to public opinion that says, this is disgusting, this


is awful, something has to be done. We do not know what special services


are doing and he is hardly likely to tell us. At the same time, something


that is done, at least the British public `` half the British public


are saying, I do not want you to do that. I do not want boots on the


ground, I do not want you to kill innocent people, I do not want you


to get involved but by the way, something must be done. Anyway, it


ended and I said what would you do? One of them said, I just would not


be Prime Minister! There is a lot in that, you know. This is one of the


reasons why people who get the top job age grow quickly. The thing is


what is your line, what is non`negotiable? David Cameron was


saying yesterday, I'm like by implication, the French and other


European Union countries, Britain does not do deals with terrorists,


Britain does not pay to get its people out. There is a lot of


speculation in The Papers tomorrow that Islamic State, that is what


they want. They want Britain and America to launch war. It helps them


recruit. It is a political position. It is a recruiting sergeant. The


moment you do that, use only have people saying, I did not mean this.


But when you have to respond to an obscenity happening in front of


everybody's eyes, democratically elected politicians have to do


something. We must move on. It is a huge debate about whether we should


go back into war or not. Also on the front page of the Daily Telegraph,


UKIP woos Tory and Labour MPs who claims that defecting will boost


votes. Henry, this is with poles as well? I'm not sure who did these


polls. It shows they have got a lot of money. Commissioning these


independent private polls do cost a lot of money. A number of MPs have


admitted that people have been canvassed. They themselves have


been. People like the Conservative MP Adam Holloway says he has been


approached for times in the last week alone by a UKIP MEP. Gordon


Henderson and MP as well. And it is also claimed in this story that


Douglas Carswell, the former Tory MP, or is shown evidence that he


would retain his seat more easily if he became a UKIP MP. This is about


an anti`Tory issue. It is always promoted as anti`Tory. Vote Yes in


Scotland, anti`Tory. UKIP, anti`Tory. And yet, the party which


is probably sleepwalking to perform a decline in both environments is


probably the Labour Party. In Scotland, they are the people who


suffer in England if they lose their Labour majority in Scotland. And


secondly, in a lot of working`class Labour seats in northern England,


UKIP are making enormous strides. So they tell us. All I would say,


cautioning equanimity here, everybody is a dissenting UKIP's


progress on a Tory issue. It is actually Labour. There are two


issues at the centre of the next general election, one is immigration


and one is money. On page two of the Daily Express, millions the home


loans rate rise. It did not go up this time but the signs are there.


No they have been saying that for the past four years! Two people put


their hand up last time. We at the moment have the most successful


economy in the Western world. Our growth is four times stronger than


France and stronger than Germany. The problem we have got is when you


have successful economies, if you do get this surge of need for both


goods and wages, you get inflation. The way to choke off inflation is


not to put stonking great rises up, it is early on a little bit. Are we


into the sixth year of the same interest rate? Problem you have got


is people have made purchase decisions on house is, indeed, they


have probably moved twice in the time and they are an Apex trait.


When a fixed rate comes to an end next year, they will be hit with


twice the interest rate `` they are on a fixed rate. And there will be a


financial crisis? Spot on. The markets were very startled by the


moves by the European Central Bank president. Why were they startled?


This headline is only of interest to Britain in one Y. They did not


expect him to do it. Look at Norman Lamont 1992 and George Soros, there


would only be one winner. This is no different. They thought, he cannot


mean this because this means we will go to a 0`sum game. The only reason


it matters to people this tonight is although we increasingly export more


goods and services to the rest of the world, it is still sort of about


45% of our home market is the euro zone. The problem with the eurozone


is it is in big trouble. They do not buy our goods and services. We have


ever got a few minutes and I know you are very keen to talk about the


other headline on the Financial Times, negligence ruling sets up BP


for an $18 billion fine. The devil is in the detail, isn't it? BP acted


with gross negligence. And they will be fined $18 billion that they can


appeal. They are saying that they will pay a penalty of up to $4300


per barrel spilt and that is a colossal fine. The big question is


whether or not they will have to pay it and whether this is a political


decision. Does this not affect our pensions as well? Barack Obama


starts call it `` calling it British Petroleum when it has not been so


for a long time. Every single person on both sides of the pond, if they


have a pension scheme, tend to have shares in BP. If you look at the


last paragraph of this article, it says, American companies, two other


groups, were companies doing stuff on the rig that were contracted from


BP, so BP deserved to be blamed that these two were actually there at the


coal face. These two companies facing legal action were found


negligent but not reckless and they will face smaller penalties. I would


just like to know if that would be the same conclusion if they were


American. It does worry me that this smacks of protectionism. I would


love is this judge was in charge because what some of these companies


get away with in Nigeria's unbelievable. Two American countries


get away with less than a British company.


The collision in Belgium COULD cost Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg


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