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Mercedes F1 team, and we will find out if St Helens sealed the league


leaders' shield when they play against Warrington tonight. That is


all in 15 minutes. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are the


broadcaster and journalist Henry Bonsu and the former minister for


trade and investment Lord Digby Jones. Another familiar face. Good


evening. This is how the front pages look. The Telegraph says that the UK


is getting ready for war with Islamic State militants and that


Cameron could launch air strikes in Iraq and Syria within weeks.


The Guardian says the Prime Minister has pleaded with other world leaders


not to give in to Islamic State's demands for ransoms.The Metro leads


on the killing of an 82`year`old woman in Edmonton.


The Mirror has a photo of the 82`year`old woman decapitated. The


Express describes how illegal immigrants tried to storm ferries


bound for Britain last night. The paper claims our border security is


a shambles. The Mail has the same story. It says riot squads were sent


into Calais after UK`bound migrants turned the port into a warzone.


The FT says the president of the European Central Bank has caused


jitters in the markets yesterday after cutting eurozone interest


rates to a record low. The Scotsman has a photo of Joan Rivers, who died


earlier today. Starting with the Guardian. Unlike other papers it is


focusing more on the Prime Minister's protest over ransoms


being paid for hostages, as well as looking at other things. He is very


upset with other world leaders. He didn't mention France, Spain and


Italy but it is widely believed that they have paid to get their people


out of Iraq, Syria and other trouble spots. David Cameron is basically


saying this is counter`productive. There is a quote. He says, what


matters is not your signature on a declaration, world leaders need to


agree they did not pay ransoms. He says not letting money be paid to


terrorists, because that money goes into more kidnaps. He draws a very


tough line. He admits it's a tough line, which could put people in


greater danger, if they are being held now, but it is in the long run


it's better for all of us. A lot of people would be surprised that


ransoms would ever be paid. A lot of people would believe that line, we


don't negotiate with terrorists. I think Britain and America don't.


Margaret Thatcher, in 87, 88 or 89, do you remember in Beirut these guys


were kidnapped? There were others. For that reason they remained


kidnapped for a long time. And a couple were killed. She stood firm


on this. This isn't new. This has gone on for years and European


governments have paid out of ransoms when America and Britain happened.


Somalia, with all the piracy and ships, that his ransom. It's right


that he is doing something about it and using the current crisis to talk


about it but please don't think this is new, this has gone on for 30


years. Terrorism has been funded by kidnap ransoms for a long time.


Interesting the penny has dropped with people who are taking people


hostage. But there is an alternative purpose behind taking an American or


Brit hostage. Global property. It tomorrow morning Ashman local


publicity. If not a single terrorist act was put on the news tomorrow,


maybe there wouldn't be terrorists. `` it is global public city. What


they would love is for America and Britain to be drawn into this and


The talk of war as well. A lot of get boots on the ground.


talk about war. In fact pulling talk about war. In fact pulling


troops out of. But Barack Obama is getting a lot of heat from


Republicans and some Democrats, including Hillary Clinton. She will


go for the presidency in a couple of years. For appearing to be on the


back foot. People say Islamic State and Putin seemed to be taking the


upperhand and David Cameron is trying to step in. He says he thinks


we need to do more. We are prepared to go alongside the US, even though


the US has asked for Britain to join in. You do have a war weary


democratic capitalist. They have all come out of this enormous financial


crisis. We have had in Iraq and Afghanistan being so debilitating on


our national psyche. If you are Australia, France, Denmark, Holland,


written, America, it has sapped the national will. And when you look at


those countries, are they in a better position? For a


democratically elected leader to go to the people and say, now is the


time to come back on the front foot, it's a big start. The Times


takes another angle. I found this amazing. Let us come home, say young


British jihadists. A lot of people want to see more being done on the


home front. This is astonishing. Extremely. Of course we have become


used to hearing British voices in those horrific beheading videos and


we hear that the British contingent among the jihadis of IS are


overrepresented. But, according to the Times, there are a significant


amount of British jihadis, about 20 `50, who want to come home. They are


fighting fellow rebel groups and they have said this to study, but


they say they are frightened of law and sentences. If this is true, it


is interesting and new. I find this surprising. I saw one paragraph, and


I allowed an ironic smile? `` am I. If they died fighting the rebels, or


jihadist groups, they might not qualify for martyrdom and its


benefits in paradise. I think getting public sympathy for that


case will be difficult. But it shows a degree of brainwashing. But


sympathy will be hard to get. North Sea franking will earn 300 Ilium


pounds for Scotland. `` fracking. If you are Alex Salmond and Cameron


says, "let's frack", for some reason it is awful. If he wants to do it


for the benefit of Scotland its OK. It is called politics. In war, truth


is the first casualty, right? Well, there is a war going on for the


hearts and minds of the Scottish people. The truth is going straight


through the floor. Interestingly, this report claims North Sea


fracking could earn ?300 billion for Scotland. That's been produced by a


business group. You should be supporting this. You are business.


So every business group is right, is it? All wrong. `` or wrong? Get that


chip off your shoulder! Every chip is on your shoulder. I Adam Peaty


Manchester City in the premiership at the moment! `` am beating. It's a


big concern. How an independent Scotland funds itself. This is a


battle of minds and pockets. In the last few days, it isn't a matter of


minds any more, this is all about heart. This is all about Braveheart


playing the wallet. This is about the heart. For the last few days, it


is... Isn't it about both? I would like to think so. I would like to


think that people of Scotland will decide on the economic ability to


pay for the Scotland they want. I think they will vote with their


hard. In the end, when in the privacy of the voting booth, they


will be thinking about who they are as a Scot, who are as a bridge, and


where they see the country going. You don't think they will be


thinking about taxing and funding? We are sitting here in London as


Norman Scots but we don't have a vote. `` non`Scots. They are


breaking up our country without letting us having a say in the


matter. But at the end of the day it is arrogant for us to say, this is


what they are going to do. They will vote with their hearts. Moving on.


The Daily Mail. Calais is besieged by gangs of migrants. Obviously


reporting of the huge number of men who try to get onboard vessels


heading for Dover. Riot squads were sent in. We are talking about 250 or


so people. They are giving this the full treatment on the front page.


This is because a significant amount of network desperate. Some of them


take weeks and months to get across, to go to Dover, going through


several different EU states. They say, go through, go to Britain. The


last stage is Calais. The mayor has accused Britain of being a soft


touch and has asked David Cameron to say Britain isn't all milk and


honey, the streets paved with gold. Interestingly, I don't think we have


seen this, Wezzoo many people get sick of waiting and they stormed


through. `` where so many people. I did that, I did the path of the way


through Greece, France. By the time they get to France, they are very


wary. They tell border guards they want to get to Britain. In my


experience they were given deportation cards, which essentially


moves them onto the next country. As long as they go towards Britain.


Something The Daily Mail has been reporting on for a while is a review


of the tyre asylum seeking system. So instead of telling David Cameron


to get his cheque`book out, why doesn't Calais ask Italy or Turkey


why they moved them on? Isn't who knows? That's the EU. And we should


look at the sheer numbers of people crossing the borders. The UN has


only just looked at this, the huge number of people crossing Europe.


Moving on to the Scotsman. It has a wonderful picture of Joan Rivers,


who of course died last night. The headline, and acid tongue silence. I


wonder what she would make of that? She would probably think it was


rather good and see it as a cop lament. `` continent. Social media


has been going off since then. She reportedly said something about the


Palestinians in Gaza deserve to die for not getting out of the way, and


people were very angry about that. When she fell into a coma, people


said it is karma. But people said not to be so cruel because her life


is so much more than these horrible comments. I thought it was


interesting way different papers looked at this. There was one


headline who called the Queen of comedy. That was in the Express.


Queen of bad taste in The Daily Mail. Acid tongue in the Scotsman.


It is interesting. Was she the Queen of comedy? For a long time she was.


She paved the way for so many comics. In some common `` quarters


that makes you popular. She got a star on the walk of Fame about 30


years ago. She has been around a very long time. `` Walk of Fame. She


did make history. But there are many people who will be coming to her


fresh in recent weeks and months and would be morning in the same way. I


found her very funny at times. She was brilliant with 1`liners but she


could be very hot tempered. Would you have bought a ticket to see


her? No, not my kind of thing. I would. I remember her having an


awful argument that people were shocked and silenced because she was


apparently uncomfortable with the term black. She thought he was


calling her a racist and she was very angry and swore at him. Perhaps


she was a nice person, I didn't see that side of her. I saw the acid


tongue comedian and the blowouts on air. There are many people who will


be saying, there you go. We had two comedians inspired by her in the


studio earlier. They said one of the reasons why she got away with such


controversial 1`liners is because she also delivered 1`liners about


herself. I saw that. When it was about the journey through grief can


be lessened and prepared for by humour, that was clear when she used


typical Jewish humour. Sometimes when you are a Jewish


Because people think you have suffered. You are bullet`proof and


you can say what you like. And she had an ability to take it out on


herself. Which people admire. Would Did I find her funny? I did at


times. `` probably not. And she wasn't trying to be funny, her


comment about the Palestinians. was her opinion. Given what we


thought we knew about the story, that seemed to be going too far. It


would be death, like she did. In 2010 she


He could I told you wasn't feeling recognise


He could I told you wasn't feeling very well, absolutely marvellous.


Thank you for joining us to discuss the papers. And it ended with a


laugh. Joan Rivers would have liked it. Thank you for watching.


Sportsday is next. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


Nina Warhurst. The collision in Belgium could cost Lewis Hamilton or


Nico Rosberg their place on the team ` the warning tonight from Mercedes'


Executive Director. Work permit granted and ready to play `


Manchester United


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