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Frontieres says it will force the infected underground.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will feature


tomorrow. For the second time in a day we have Yasmin and also


journalist Eve Pollard. You make me feel like the office junior! Let us


have a look at the front pages. The Observer says Scots will be offered


a radical new deal for people to vote no in the referendum. A new


poll suggests support for the yes vote is growing stronger and the


Sunday Times claims Scotland is on course to vote for independence


later this month. The Mail on Sunday carries a warning from Ed Miliband


that manned border posts could be introduced Scotland boasts for


independence. The Sunday Telegraph carries a picture of JK rolling who


famously donated to the better together campaign and her main story


is that MPs are likely to get a 10% pay rise next year. Katherine


Jenkins is pictured on front of Scotland's Sunday post with the


slightly confusing tag line, I'm so proud to be Scots. We will find out


more about that a little later. We will start with the Observer. Scots


to be offered a radical new bid it `` deal in a bid to save the union.


I new opinion poll will shock Britain. This is the poll that we


have been expecting. We are just 11 days until the historic vote and for


the first time, very symbolically, it looks as though the Yes campaign


have nudged ahead. Yes, everything is up for grabs. No


one side can be seriously overconfident but I think it has not


played... I have been to Scotland twice in the last six weeks, wants


to Edinburgh and once in the Borders, and what was clear when I


spoke to people there is that they did not like the bullying way the


big voices of the No campaign were going on. They felt they were being


put under and you pressure and they felt they were grown`ups and they


could think about it and some of them really did not know which way


they would go. A lot of people still do not. A lot say it will depend how


they feel when they go with. I think whatever happens Alex Salmon has


actually won. Even if it is a no vote they will get so many more


concessions and that is the Observer story. There have already been hints


that they will have a new convention and all kinds of new arrangements


will be offered. Just stay with us and we can come to an agreement. I


might be rather cynical about that. Government policy `` promised these


things in the civil servants get hold of it and it does not really


happen. If you think about it you have got separatists or people who


want to be Independent all over the world, it is part of a zeitgeist at


the moment, and I have expected that in the end it might turn out just to


be a vote for independence because there has been so much negativity


from this side and also there has been so much to frighten you. The


very first thing, if someone says they will frighten you into it, it


makes you think you will show them what `` who is boss and that is my


take in the ballot box. They have been talking about all of these


things they are going to give the Scots just to persuade them but they


have had a long time. This is exactly what we're going to give you


and here we are in of days before and it is almost like dealing with a


boyfriend. You now have two 0 accepted it. Should it have been


more carrot than stick all? There are really serious reasons why the


Scots are thinking about this. They need to be thought about as well. It


is quite clear to me that the way the Scots imagine their society is


very different from the way our bigger British imagination is going


in that they are very socialist minded, their nearest kind of ideals


are the Scandinavian countries where as, whether we like it or not, I


think our British government, successive governments, have veered


towards the Anglo`Saxon, much more ruthlessly capitalistic model. At


Times. I think ever since Margaret Thatcher until now there has been a


number of, through Blair and Brown. I do not think it is necessary that


we want to be like Americans, we live in bigger cities and we want a


different life. When you go to Scotland as I have two do bits of


work and to have holidays it is just a small group of people. London, let


us be very honest, perhaps the problem in the British Isles is


London runs everything. I fit we should become a city state and that


is the next bit of devolution. Can I be Queen of London? Not the real


Queen, she can be queen that I could run London. You need to speak about


Boris `` to Boris about that. Every Scottish person I met while I was


there, yes or no, is very pro`European. Let us move on to the


Sunday Times. That is a big difference as well. They have this


poll saying that the uni screen fears the break`up of the UK. David


Cameron is due to breakfast with the Queen tomorrow. That will be an


interesting conversation, went to? Publicly she does not express an


opinion but in the Sunday Times Royal sources said to say that the


Queen is a Unionist and we would expect that she is, she is the Queen


of Scotland as well. So is David Cameron and so most of us in our


hearts, we are part of Great Britain but you know you just have to have


some imagination to think that the Queen will still be the Queen of


Scotland. There is talk of a constitutional issue. They are in


uncharted territory. It is not beyond human wit to try and sort


something out. None of it is! Actually Her Majesty has been


brilliant all the way through and she will find a way through and it


will work fine if they do vote to leave. I notice that child has got


to kill time. Is tickets? It is the Braemar Games so you would have to


wear a kilt! The Scottish people are not going to get an elected head of


government. You do not think they will become a Republican same time?


I wish that they would! They did say that they actually won the Queen to


remain head of state. Let us look at the Mail on Sunday. Ed Miliband will


put up guards on the Scottish border and there is talk of a new Hadrian


's Wall. Can we get duty`free as we go across? If anything would want to


make you want to go and vote for independence this is a crazy idea.


You can almost see a sitcom being written about the men who man of


these guards with people passing by with too much mulled whiskey. Which


way will it flow? I am getting very old and will I moved to Scotland


because old people get a better deal? A nice little retirement


village! You have that warmer sea. Free care. All of us could move up


there. Who will it stop? Ed Miliband must be very worried because a lot


of his MPs come from Scotland. This is just insane. The idea that you


are going to have to go through customs, which you do not do now in


most of Europe so the idea that you are now leaving Scotland, have done


a think and what will you have to do, check how many shortbread


biscuits you have got? It is just insanity. Let us move on to the


Daily Telegraph and we can move away for a moment from the Scottish


referendum. MPs to get a temper sent pay rise. They say this is an


exclusive. They will defy the high minister and increase the salary to


?74,000 a year. David Cameron said he wanted the body that looks at


this to think again and he has even talked about scrapping the authority


if they do not do the right thing. On so many levels this is a very bad


idea, particularly in the election less `` election year. First of all


there are far too many MPs and if anybody and you know MPs and I know


MPs, they have far more time than you or I have. I thought they were


rushed off their feet? I think most of them! I would not say they do not


work but there are too many of them. I feel sympathy for some, the idea


of the London Place and the country a state, Mike suggestion is there


should be a house for the MP in every constituency, like the White


House. When you become the MP there is none of this changing fixings and


buy one with one mortgage and it is not your main house, you move into


that house and a few the big family might be a squash and if there are


two of you you might matter `` might rattle around but that is the house,


while house prices are risen outside London, we should buy it and we


should watch their expenses but then if they get far fewer expenses, and


there are far fewer of them, then they could get a rise. I do not


think they should get a rise. Not more than nurses or doctors. If they


want take 10% rise in then or other public services workers should get


the same, you cannot split the public service workforce. I think


most of them do a good job, most of them do the kind of stuff I could


never do, even getting elected must be so tough in today's very cynical


world. Yasmin, you could get elected tomorrow! Oh, I could not. But you


cannot claim that ?74,000 is not enough for you when so many other


public service staff, it is just not. It is not enough if you have to


have two homes but I do love that you should have two have two homes.


For the responsibilities they have, ?74,000 is not a huge amount of


money by modern standards. If the old days MPs had made some money and


then they went into politics. Now they get involved with politics at


university and they go straight into politics so they have never had a


job, which is a bad thing for what they have got to do, and they have


never had any money to fall back on, which is also possibly bad. The


whole thing needs a rethink. I am sorry, I think it is possible to


live in London for ?74,000. But not if you need to have a house


somewhere us. But I agree, subsidised housing for all MPs in


London or that wider area around Parliament but I do not think a 10%


rise is necessary. Maybe they should all have a council house in their


constituency. That would cause a lot of arguments, surely, you cannot be


suggesting that? I am not saying horrible council house but there are


some very nice ones. Lee leave council houses for the ones that


really need them. I am saying that there should be a constituency home


so there is no flipping and making money out of selling one and all the


rest of it and that, when you get elected, is where you go and live. I


do not think people become MPs for the money. They do not. They do it


for other reasons and I think those are good reasons. I just want to


quickly look at the Sunday Times again. Porridge gets a Tory flavour.


This is a comedy series about someone who is not habitual criminal


but the man who was a former Tory cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken, he


is colluding, co`writing with the man who co`wrote the thick of it, to


look at his time inside, the older Tony. It could be very funny because


they make a joke because if you have been to eat and you know what prison


will be like. This could be very funny and since we have got all of


these great actors now who have been to public schools we won't have to


look very far to look to get them to behave so I think it will be very


funny indeed. I am quite intrigued by powerful people when they go to


prison, how, when they come out, they make a career out of what


happened to them in a prison, it is just extraordinary. Ordinary people


do not do that, do they? They do not say, my life for 41 days in prison.


What is interesting is that I thought Jonathan Aitken wrote some


very good pieces, advice to Andy Coulson, about how to make the best


of it. He has learnt a lot. He also seems to have had some sort of


amoral rethink. That is what prison is all about, isn't it? It does not


always happen. But it seems to have done.


have. That is it for The Papers for today but we will have another look


at the stories on the front pages in an hour. Stay with us on BBC News.


We will have the latest on the crisis in Ukraine weather have been


reports on the shelling during the cease`fire.


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