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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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if anyone knew anything more about Alice is disappearance. `` Alice


putts disappearance. A 51`year`old man arrested this lunch time by


Metropolitan Police officers. `` her disappearance.


Welcome to look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


With us are, the theologian and broadcaster Vicky Beeching. Slightly


further away Martin Bentham, home where is editor of the London


Evening Standard. Scotland's referendum dominates the front


pages. The Telegraph warns there are ten days to save the union and David


Cameron and Gordon Brown to launch a last`ditch effort to stop the fight


for independence. The Guardian says the no campaign has been rattled by


the evening Paul and is accused of panic and bogus bribes. Don't let me


be the last Queen of Scotland says the daily Mirror. Saying the monarch


expressed her concern to the Prime Minister of at Balmoral. The Metro


says Scotland will not be able to keep the pound if they vote to go it


alone. We have a very short paper a few but we will do more at 11pm. The


suggestion they will get more devolved powers is a slightly. The


Alistair Darling says, you would get more but this is a timetable off


when you would get some. It is difficult to get to the bottom of


this. Cameron will speak about this in more detail later in the week so


we can wait to see them. For many people it has been a real shock.


This YouGov poll in The Times, the very first time the yes campaign has


just edged ahead, 51, 49. People are faced for the first time with the


reality this might actually happen. People on social media have been


saying in the last few days there is a disconnect between how it feels in


Scotland and what seems to be going on down here in the south`east of


England, in particular. Almost, when truly aware of the momentum there is


behind this campaign. That is right. The Guardian has a column on its


front page by Martin Kettle in which he talks about in essence what you


have just said. They have woken up to the fact this enormous thing


might actually happen. Previously there has been a debate my own paper


has covered it to a fair degree. In general I think most of the public


have thought it is taking place, it will probably be a no vote. We don't


need to worry. If the last week or two, meeting today with this opinion


poll, it is actually a real prospect and becoming ever more real. I


wonder whether raising the idea of more devolved powers, even powers we


supposedly already knew about, will look like desperation state 's? It


seems too, there are a lot of words linked in these pieces, final 10`day


scramble, crisis talks, that allegedly Cameron and the Queen have


had. There is definitely a sense of panic. We're looking at a situation


where people thought it would be like you say a pretty safe bet.


Suddenly things have changed and before you know it there is all


manner of things being offered and claimed. The issue as well is, the


Telegraph story says senior Conservatives questioned by the


announcement was being made after hundreds of thousands of people had


already cast their postal vote. This is exactly what Alex Salmond has


been saying today. It is unusual to the Conservatives on one hand and


Alex Salmond agreeing about something. It is true, why is it


this, I'm sure it'll happen, but it is very unspecific. George Osborne


says it is given to happen, we can't quite you exactly what it is. If you


want to win people over, you want to be able to come out with a


components of an quite some time before. Even though they're saying


it was always planned. It was very badly planned I think. People need


fun facts, that is part of the problem with voting on this


referendum. Most of the people who have been interviewed on the news


channel said they have not got enough fun facts to make their minds


up. If they are going to offer devolved powers they need to be


specific about what it is. `` firm facts. They need time to research it


and make up their minds. Ten days to save the union in the daily marrow.


Don't let me be last Queen of Scotland. Cameron talks with the


Queen to halt the UK break`up. Aren't those kind of talks


meaningless? Guess it's not down to the Queen and Prime Minister to


decide this. `` it is not. The Guardian has slightly different view


of this. The mirror, Queen held crunch talks with David Cameron


yesterday. Amid growing fears. She was due to see him, she would be


seeing him, I'm sure he came up and she probably doesn't want to happen


for this reason. The palace and the Queen never takes an official stance


in these things. There is a quote here which is lifted from the Sunday


Times story today, a palace source says it is a great concern. I'm sure


it is a concern that she isn't taking a few, and clearly as you say


it is not her who is deciding. `` a view. The Guardian, different


subject and a very big one in a short space of time. Obama to reveal


Isis strategy but pledges no Iraq war. We will hear what he is


prepared to do and what limitations will be on Wednesday. He will speak


on the of 911 on Wednesday saying that he does have a plan. We know


formerly he was derided for saying he didn't have a plan. He wants to


be clear his plan is not the equivalent of war, certainly not


repeatable right. Similar to the kinds of counterterrorism campaign


see has been engaged in before. `` repeat of Iran. The Americans and


ourselves are keen not to have the famous boots on the ground. To


resort to aerial strikes only. I think potentially it can work there


because it is rather like Afghanistan in 2001 they had the


American air strike supporting the Northern Alliance to kick out the


telephone. There are forces on the grounds that with air support can


probably do the job. `` Taliban. It is not ready America spearheading it


in a way that it can be seen without the coalition around them. He will


be making it very plain. That was paid this light, we will have papers


Matt Slater. Thank you for joining us. `` papers. `` the papers Matt


Slater. Now it is time for click. `` 's later.


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