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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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will travel from Malaga Airport in a private plane for Prague. Detectives


looking for missing schoolgirl Alice Gross arrest a second man on


suspicion of murder. The 14`year`old was last seen on a canal towpath in


Hanwell in West London ten days ago. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are the


theologian and writer Vicky Beeching and Martin Bentham, home affairs


editor of the Evening Standard. Tomorrow's front pages, now.


Scotland's referendum dominates the front pages. The Telegraph warns


there are ten days to save the Union. The Times says David Cameron


and Ed Miliband will unite this week in a last`ditch attempt to stave off


an independence vote. The Herald reports that a three`party timetable


for more autonomy will be published to try and win over undecided


voters. Don't let me be the last Queen of Scotland, says the Mirror,


reporting that the monarch expressed her concern to the Prime Minister at


Balmoral. The Mail says the Queen will still be in Scotland on


September 18th, the day that Scots could decide to leave the Union. And


on a different subject, the Guardian reports President Obama will


announce a new game plan for tacking the Islamic State, saying it won't


be another Gulf War. The Daily Telegraph is one of


another papers using this similar headline, ten days to save the


union. Cameron and Brown launch a last ditch effort to stave Scottish


independence. It was mentioned earlier in the day that these


measures which would have automatically have been offered to


Scotland at some point. But this is devolution with a timetable. Yes. We


have been hearing all along about devo max and this promise of devo


max is. This morning, George Osborne said they would spell it all out. It


seems in this story... Senior Conservatives have questioned why


this announcement is being made now when hundreds of thousands of people


have already cast their vote. It seems a bit late. And it is


frustrating, sitting here, because he still cannot say exactly what it


is which is going to be proposed. It is not convincing to have no details


at this late stage, when postal votes have already been cast.


Speculation a document could be published tomorrow. Someone is


probably frantically typing it out now. This whole thing has been about


devo max. It sounds like a boy band. Or a fizzy drink. It may have been


planned but I think if it has been planned in this way, there will be


recriminations flying around on the anti` independence site. People will


say they have made a mess of this campaign. It has been a long time


that the better together campaign has been lacklustre. And this


illustrates that, really. This comes very late in the day. You have got


to be specific. Why wait until you have shocking opinion polls? There


seems to be panic that has set in at the realisation that this could


actually happen. Everyone is suddenly worried. We were talking


about that earlier. And people on Twitter have agreed. In Scotland,


they say they are consumed by this. But in England, we are hundreds of


miles away and ideological way a long way away, it would seem, as


well. One of our correspondents said that it is a very broad coalition


that is trying to say we should keep the Union together. That in itself


is potentially problematic. The suggestion that parties are coming


together to speak with one voice... One person on Twitter says, all the


parties? I don't think so. The SNP, for example. I like how you are


bringing in Twitter, by the way. This comes a conversation. There is


a lot of talk on my timeline about this. Very passionate views. Very


strongly held. And people very keen to let them know directly to us.


Young people as well. There is a sense of frustration that not


everybody understands the momentum that has grown around this. The


effort that we will see over the next few days... Could it be


counter`productive if they are trying to throw things out at this


last page? Could it be enough to swing the undecided voters? They


cannot sit on their hands and do nothing. And the Times is making the


point that Labour in particular... Gordon Brown is going to make


numerous visits and numerous campaigning messages during the next


ten days. For Labour, this is very important, as well as it is for the


Tories, but in different ways. Labour would lose 41 MPs in the


national parliament in Scotland became independent. And one of the


things that has been happening is that Labour support in the opinion


polls, Labour supporters in general, apart from the older ones, are going


over to the independence side. Clearly from the Labour Party point


of view, they first had this potential impact if there is a


remnant of the United Kingdom left, that they will be hugely


disadvantaged in any future election, also, they have to fight


to maintain some of their own supporters for saving the Union. If


the Scottish people see this scramble and wonder... Maybe we


really do have this moment to take our power back and we have really


worried Westminster by this shift in the polls, it could in some


instances look like a scramble, and it could add power to the Yes


campaign. Parties unite in last`ditch bid to save the Union.


One on social media says that there has never been any suggestion about


devo max on any of the Unionist parties full of it has been


mentioned but as part of... Not as part of the Better Together campaign


until now, right? It has been talked about but it has been quite


unspecific. Very vague. That is why people would say they have not heard


about it. It was all about increased taxation raising powers, control of


the benefits and so on, different welfare policies, for example, but


spelling out exactly what those additional powers will be has not


yet happened and that is where the problem lies. Now, it is too little


too late, isn't it? It feels like it. That is what the Nationalists


are saying, isn't it? The Mirror. Ten days to save the Union. Don't


let me be the last Queen of Scotland. The Queen, outwardly,


maintains a neutral stance. She does not express preference one way or


another, but according to one source, she is apparently a


unionist. And this is of great concern. Slightly lightheartedly, of


course, one on Twitter suggests that descendants must be considered from


the weather was the last monarch of Scotland. That person would have to


be traced. `` from whoever was the last monarch of Scotland. Someone


with an interest in genealogy can be shopping at a supermarket and get a


tap on the shoulder. Someone in some corner of Scotland or even somewhere


else in the world. But a constitutional issue that somebody


somewhere will have to work out. She could remain the Queen of Scotland,


of course. Clearly, there was an act of union that was originally a King


of Scotland who became our king, and therefore the two grounds united 100


years after that happened. `` two crowns. The other question is if the


Scots became independent, if they would go to a republic. And that is


what they are raising in this story. There are all sorts of issues there.


Perhaps the most important ones are not relating to the future of the


Microsoft but the future of the monarchy and so on, but the economic


matters and the people in each country. Whichever way `` not


relating to the future of the Queen herself or the future of the


monarchy and so on, but economic matters and the people in each


country. Whichever way it goes, the outcome will be fascinating. Many


people have been treating it as a distant thing but with ten days to


go and this shift in the opinion polls, it is quite exciting. And the


ramifications down here with what happens, should this occur, there is


talk that the pound could fall... Although, it has gone off in recent


months, so it would just returned to its normal level. `` gone up.


Ministers could resign, producing a crisis of leadership for David


Cameron. Ed Miliband would have his own crisis of leadership. All of the


leaders of different parties here would be seen as having somehow


failed to prevent this cataclysmic change. Let's move away from the


Scottish referendum if we can tear ourselves away. I have not been


gripped until really this week. It would be great to be up there. It


would be great to feel that momentum. Now, Obama to reveal ISIS


strategy but pledges no Iraq War. This is a strategy we are expecting


to hear on Wednesday. A strategy that Barack Obama has been rather


slow in coming forward with. Rather like the story we have been talking


about. Indeed. He admitted a week or so ago that he had no strategy for


dealing with ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, whatever you want to call it.


He has announced that there will be won but he is emphatic that there


will not be troops on the ground. I think that will probably work, air


strikes, because there are already forces on the ground. The Iraqi


army, the Kurdish fighters with American support. There is the


possibility of using those with air support to drive back the Islamic


State. It will not be easy and clearly, he hopes to set out exactly


how he can do that. And he hopes to set out whether he has tangible


support from some of the neighbouring countries. Tangible


support, not just local support. That is the difference. The Arab


League say they will make all the necessary efforts to get rid of


Islamic State. And that seems to be critical, according to commentators,


that it is not seen as a Western imposed effort led by the US. It is


the common threat that everybody is scared by and everybody is


disowning. It is so good to hear continually in this nation be Muslim


leaders talking against this ideology is a real threat. Within my


religious commentary work, I have heard people make snide comments


about Islam and it is so not true. What they're doing is not in any way


a representation of the Islamic faith and it is so good to see the


leaders speaking out against doubt. But a warning from the military here


that they must not overextend themselves. `` see the leaders are


speaking out against that. But there is a warning from the military


leaders here that we must not overextend ourselves. Yes. If we get


involved, the have to be very clear what the objective is and if our


troops get involved, we must be fully equipped. They were not fully


equipped when they went into Iraq last time. There is time to think


about this and we should do it properly if we are going to do


something. That's it for The Papers this hour. Stay with us here on BBC


News. We will be back tomorrow night. Coming up next, it's time for


the Film Review. Hello, and welcome to Shetland, and


a special edition of The Film


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