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Yorkshire moving in on the County Championship title and Bradley


Wiggins reveals his chances of retaining the two Britain


championship have gone `` the Tour of Britain.


Joining me from Inverness is broadcaster and journalist, Nicky


Marr, and with me in the studio is Professor of Law at Pepperdine


Let's get straight down to it, we will start with the Daily Telegraph.


The front page, economic fears that stop to the Salmond bandwagon. Nikki


in Inverness, this is coming on the same evening, in the last few


minutes, that RBS has suggested it is likely to announce it will shift


its centre operations from Edinburgh down to London. That is a real


shock. The Daily Telegraph and most front pages have gone to print too


early to get the story. It is a worry, RBS, taxpayer owned bank, we


know the story of Fred the shred and this is not the time to rehash that


but it is a worry for jobs in Scotland. The story is that this


opinion poll shows 53% for no and 47% for yes, but still ten


undecided, 10% of Scots undecided and I think that is the key to wear


this referendum is going to be decided. Indeed, the 10% undecided,


do you think that the emotional push made by Cameron, Clegg and Miliband


will have an effect? I was what side of the political


referendum people were sitting on, yes, no, on the fence, there was a


bit of ridicule from all sides at the fact that these three leaders


have realised something is happening in Scotland, they have put up the


saltire and Russian to Scotland to make an emotional plea `` rushed to


Scotland. I little bit condescending and patronising as it "the Scots


will never vote for independence" and quite a view our thinking that


they might. It is a heart and head matter and that is why so many of us


are undecided. I count myself among them. It is a case of what we want


to happen against whether we believe what Salmond is calling the


scaremongering of quite a few big guns. Unfortunately we will have to


lose you in Inverness but we are going to be back. Gutted! Questions


will be asked. Hopefully we can talk to you in an hour. I will be here.


Thank you. Colleen, you are flying solo. I have time to tell Nicky to


vote no because the scaremongering is actually a reality check and I


thought that Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, did


an excellent job. His is the key story in the Daily Telegraph where


he mentions that this is the day that the economic case the


separation died. It is clear that the reality of Independence is that


it will cost jobs, investment and growth. That was always a


possibility, that Lloyds and RBS may shift. They might, but now we are


seeing it. Those who are leaning towards voted yes say that they have


factored it in an David Cameron has made it clear that he believes


Scotland could survive on its own. We are also seeing the big guns,


Mark Carney, BP, and others, and we have a mortgage story coming up,


indicating the reality, money saying `` many saying that there has not


been enough concrete information about what will happening


financially. When you have what we are seeing, property prices dropping


and individuals selling their property saying that they are


putting a clause, only if there is a no vote, that is serious. People who


make economic decisions are saying that they need a no vote. The


Financial Times, the big guns wading in as a new poll backs the no camp,


a reference to the opinion poll this evening putting the no camp ahead by


six points. You are saying that the economic tyres are hitting the road


now and this is going to be waking people up in Scotland to the full


ramifications potentially of a yes vote. I think that the big guns


didn't want to wade into early because they thought it might be


scaremongering. Although there has been a lot of talk about no


sterling, not being in the EU. There was no reality that this could


actually happen but now when you have Mark Carney, the governor of


the Bank of England, coming out with a strong statement, and you have Bob


Dudley, that BP Chief Executive, saying clearly that the North Sea


oil does not have a future and that the best is to have the integrity of


the UK for there to be oil resources and for Scotland to count on having


a Norway moment when they will have a surplus of oil, none of the


experts are predicting that. There are experts on big oil in Scotland


who would say that there is plenty. The debate about whether or not


North Sea oil is going to run out over the next 30 years has been


running for a long time. They know the economic ratification is of


independence and yet so many people are still leaning towards it. One of


the big guns, Sir Ian Woods, an industry veteran, saying


specifically that the energy industry is going to be hurt if


Scotland votes yes. Let's go to the daily record. Alex's Black


Wednesday. Exclusive poll gives the yes camp a 6`point mountain to climb


in the last week. Some are saying that the yes campaign peaked too


early, but Alex Salmond says that isn't the case. Perhaps that's


exactly what happened, the yes campaign gained such momentum. If


that had happened closer to the vote maybe it would take off but at this


stage, I think it was Danny Alexander who put the Black


Wednesday figure in our minds. He alluded to this being similar to


when Britain fell out of the exchange rate mechanism in 1990, and


that this is Alex Salmond's Black Wednesday. The trend for the yes


camp since mid August has been that it has been increasing its support


and that has continued. You are saying that has come to an end with


this poll? We'll see. It looked like the campaign was gaining momentum.


So this poll is very important. Is there enough time for them to regain


momentum when you have a show of force with all three leaders coming


to Scotland? It may have stopped it. Sure. You are a former State


Department official and we have heard various people in the no


campaign talking about what it would mean for the UK on the international


stage if Scotland split from the union. What do you think? I think


looking at Scotland's position globally, within the United


Kingdom, the UK is number three in the population of the U, after


Germany and France. If Scotland is separate, their population is about


5,300,000, putting them behind Slovakia and slightly ahead of


Croatia. AI independent countries. Alex Salmond believes that the


would`be part of the EU. You want to have an impact as a nation and one


of the things that would happen for Scotland to break away, the UK,


instead of being number three in population and in force, it would be


like Croatia without the sunshine. That is number one. Number two, is


Scotland thinking through the ramifications, how many hundreds of


thousands of Scots are in England and Wales who would become


foreigners? They have thought about that and they are still thinking


about yes. Will they have eight Embassy in every country? Many


don't, they are deferring to the EU. But it would not have the nuclear


deterrent it does not want. But what will they had to defend themselves?


They would not have NATO. There are a number of countries in NATO that


don't... Scotland would not be able to be part of NATO with their


current adversity to nuclear deterrence. I suspect Alex Salmond


will disagree with that. At the bottom we have Obama prepares to


step up US role. A big speech tonight. 2am. I'm sure you will be


up for it. I'll just be getting home. He has got a lot to cover in


this speech because he has been saved quite some time that we don't


want to get in Syria, but it looks like that is what is going to


happen. He's also likely to say he does not need Congressional


approval. Unlike the big chemical weapons in Syria, he will say I'm


going to take the action on this without turning to Congress. We need


to hear from him that he is going to defeat ISIS and ISIL and there has


to be some sort of land for a post Assad Syria. Some would argue he


made the wrong call on that one, in Syria. Once bitten, twice shy. He's


going to make it clear he doesn't need Congressional support, but does


have public backing after the beheading of those two American


journalists. Strong backing. It was a misstep when he said they did not


have a strategy. There has been a scramble to make up for that and


tomorrow is a symbolic day, 9/11. It will have that impact as well. Very


nice to see you. We'll be back in an hour. Stay with us here now on BBC


news because at the top of that hour while we will have much more on the


campaign Trail in Scotland. What effect has the visit of the Prime


Minister and other with things the party leaders had? Time now for


Midlands Today. `` Time now for sports day.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday, I'm Katie Gornall.


Spurs face a season away from White Hart Lane due to a delay


Manchester United announce record revenues but admit missing out


on Europe under David Moyes will hit them hard in the pocket.


And Yorkshire are closing in on the county championship


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