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Cup captain, on how he will get even with Europe. And, Michael Schumacher


leaves hospital. That is in Sportsday in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are Pensions Consultant, Ros Altmann and Evening


Standard Columnist, Mihir Bose. All of the front pages are in. Let's


have a look at them. The Telegraph says the Prime Minister, David


Cameron, has warned that independence is a leap in the dark


that would punish future generations.


'Party leaders take the high road,' says the Guardian, reflecting on the


decision of the three main party leaders to travel to Scotland


tomorrow in pursuit of 'No' votes. The Independent says Britain faces a


constitutional crisis after a poll for the paper suggests Labour MPs in


Scotland would help clinch a victory at the next general election even if


Scotland votes to become an independent country.


The Metro leads with the story that Shaun Wright, the Police and Crime


Commissioner responsible for Rotherham, has been warned special


powers will be called for to force powers will be called for to force


him out of his job if he carries on refusing to quit.


The Times leads on the response from Buckingham Palace over any question


that the Queen could be brought into the debate on Scottish independence.


The Scotsman has a picture of Alex Salmond who claims the campaign to


keep Scotland within the UK has fallen apart.


The Sun also leads on the story that the three main party leaders are in


Scotland tomorrow to rally votes. And the Daily Mail says David


Cameron will give the people of Scotland a simple message during his


trip there that the rest of the UK desperately wants them to stay.


In that vein, the Sun's FrontPage asked the audience, it is 50`50, now


comes call to phone a friend `` front page. This is a call from


David Blunkett saying, make sure Scotland stays. Interesting piece.


It is a great contrast with how the Scottish Sun is showing it. The


Scottish Sun seems to be heading towards Scotland going independent.


What the Scottish Sun shows is the saltire, listed above number ten, it


seemed the first time around it didn't work because the rope got


stuck and the headline here is, No campaign is flagging `` Number Ten.


There is a difference between the Sun in the south and the Sun in


Scotland in how the story is represented. That is interesting.


First of all, there is the Scottish Sun that everyone can see. Another


poll disaster. Going to the Sun in England and the rest of the UK, this


is an interesting tactic, getting those people in Wales, Northern


Ireland, to phone up friends in Scotland and convince them not to


vote yes. That is trying to tap into the emotions, we want you as part of


our family, we are your friends, don't break away from us. Its


politicians saying, we haven't been able to connect with people, let's


try and see if ordinary people can connect with people in Scotland.


Most Britons want Scotland to stay. Most of us in England want Scotland


to say. We can't quite understand why they are feeling this desperate


need to break away. The Sun is almost saying, we think we might


have lost. They always want to be on the winning side. There are these


attempts to say, let's try and do something. Why leave it so late? We


should not underestimate a feeling in the rest of the UK. I have met


people who have said, if they want to go, let them go. Most people I


know Carden match in Scotland would break away and don't want it to


happen. If we go back to the Scottish Sun, the Scottish saltire


which they couldn't get above Number Ten. We saw the situation in


clawback with two weeks to go `` Quebec. The Prime Minister panicked


and said, we have got to do something about this, we could lose


the whole of Quebec. They put out an offensive to convince those in


Quebec to stay by saying, we don't want to lose you, they talked about


nationhood and a united country, all of the language that the Yes


campaign is using in Scotland, they used it for the No campaign. Is that


what we are finally seeing now? Yes, and hopefully it will work for


the No campaign. The impression is, it has come about not as any planned


strategy. Not as though someone has sat down and said, this is what we


need to do. It is a response to events. If you are responding and


reacting rather than guiding you are unlikely to reach the conclusion you


want. That's the worry. That work in Canada. The Canadian situation isn't


similar. There was the fact of the US with a different view and things


like that. Whereas Scotland has played this card, we are part of the


EU and think like that. It's quite a different proposition. One hopes for


the sake of the UK that it works. At, the political leadership so far


has been wrongfooted by Alex Salmond `` butter. Maybe, Alex Salmond is


trying to make the most of it, having been so far behind in the


polls `` but. Plenty in Scotland hope it doesn't work. You would hope


that we would have learned from what happened in Canada and taken some of


those messages on board because this is a bit of a rerun. We knew it was


a possibility. Somehow, the campaign didn't take into account. Don't drag


me into this, says the Queen. The palace response rebukes politicians


over calls for the monarch to intervene. Suggestions he has spoken


to David Cameron about the possibility that Scotland could go


`` Monarch. The the Palace says... The Queen is right to stay at this


and I think she is angry that politicians, who were supposed to be


sorting this out and dealing with this, I coming to her and saying,


please help us. Can you intervene `` are. That's not David Cameron. No,


no, no, it is a general message from Parliament. She is right to stay


above this and say, this is not my role or position. I am sure she


would very much like this to succeed. I was going to say, do you


think that she is fuming behind the scenes? I am certain that she would


want the UK to stay intact and stay united. If there is a yes vote,


which is possible, if Scotland says at the moment, they would accept the


Queen, but there is a factor in the SNP, which is Republican, who knows,


after the Queen, Scotland might decide that it doesn't want a


monarchy. There are consequences for the monarchy that has to be


considered. And consequences for the UK. John Major highlighted them.


What would happen to the UK's Security Council seat? The Queen


looks furious in the photo. A day after announcing she is going to


have a new great grandchild, she looks furious. Let's stay with the


front page of the Times. UK forces won three bases to fight ISIS. ``


want. There is a call for three bases, one in the UAE, one in Omagh


on and one in Bahrain to have engagement in the Middle East for UK


troops `` Oman. We have seen politicians in the UK who did not


anticipate something going wrong and they are now scrambling and saying,


we have got to do something differently. Whether or not it


works, I don't know, this is so frightening. We are getting a speech


from President Obama tomorrow, outlining his strategy to tackle


Islamist militants in Syria and Iraq. We get a sense with this front


page, if of course it is true, that there is a momentum building towards


some kind of concerted military strategy to deal with these


extremists. Obama took a long time. Initially, about ten days ago, he


said he had no strategy. We must go back to what Western policy has been


in the Middle East, and ask the question, did Western leaders think


that going into Iraq, and other initiatives, out of the time, hoping


Kadhafi would leave, did they think out the consequences of who they


were supporting and encouraging `` Gaddafi. One raises questions about


policy in the Middle East. Time now. You can't have a military solution


to this. In the name of religion, doing things that are outrageous.


You cannot just have military reaction. It has got to be beyond


the military to deal with it, politically if you like, you know,


at a philosophical level as we make sure that we don't have jihadis from


this country going there. That is precisely why the speech from


President Obama is coming tomorrow, two days after a unity that has been


formed in Baghdad so the sense if they are as a framework in which the


West can operate. Let's go to the Metro. If you won't go, we will make


you, this is Shaun Wright of the current Police and Crime


Commissioner for South Yorkshire, who was of course the head of


children's services during the dreadful scandal in Rotherham. 1400


children were abused. What the MPs are saying is, if you don't


voluntarily resign, and he has come under tremendous pressure to resign


and he has refused, clinging to his job, the home affairs committee


said, we will pass emergency messes to force Iraq. `` emergency measures


to force you out. The public is outraged at what happened and so


concerned, there is this feeling that there should be some


accountability. Surely. After all the pain and suffering that was


caused. We don't want this ever to happen again. We don't want anyone


in charge to think it is right to turn a blind eye. The point about


the Police and Crime Commissioner is that they were voted by the public


and only the public could get rid of them unless there is gross criminal


offence that was carried out. That hasn't happened. That hasn't


happened, but you have the question of accountability. We believe in


this country that if on your watch, it has happened, you take


responsibility. If you don't take responsibility, it raises questions


about why you are a public official. If you cannot say, I may not have


been responsible as an individual, but because I managed the whole


affair, I therefore must fall on my sword otherwise the whole basis of


public life in this country is being violated and changed. OK. Stating


with the Metro, Apple unveils a smartwatch. They have had a day of


unveiling new things `` staying. The new iPhone six has come out. Bigger


and faster. Unfortunately, they have some technical problems. It is in


the business section as well. That is slightly embarrassing. After they


couldn't get the technology to work, they had to hand out pictures to the


journalists waiting to see this great new technology. They have had


problems, haven't they? Their balance sheet is rather healthy, it


has to be said. But after the death of Steve Jobs, the founder and the


icon of the company, that they have not been able to find their feet in


the marketplace and new watch is the first new product they have brought


out for years. Other companies have already made this kind of thing,


brought this kind of thing out. To call it a smartwatch. Looking at the


picture... Smart is not the first word that springs to mind. It looks


like a load of old nonsense. It does. This sort of watch that I


would want to work. The whole question is... You have an iconic


figure departing, the man who made the company and went beyond the


company, the symbol of technology, and I think that Apple is struggling


still to find its feet, to find it strategy. These are, if you like,


other years when they bring out a number of products, none of which


will work, and hopefully in five or six years, they might finally become


an Apple which we say, they have found a successor to Steve Jobs. We


have the end it there. It has been great having you with us. Many


thanks for that. Stay with us now on BBC News because it is time for


Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm


Katie Gornall. Our headlines this evening: Baled Out ` Wales need the


world's most expensive footballer to avoid a massive upset against


Andorra in their European qualifier. Michael Schumacher leaves hospital


nearly ten months after his skiing accident ` but his family say he


faces a long and difficult road


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