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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


Joining us from Glasgow this evening is Torcuil Crichton, the Westminster


Editor for the Daily Record, and here with me is Hugh Muir,


The mac congratulations on the new job. We will start with the papers.


``. Women could prove decisive factor, according to the Telegraph


and the Metro has families of two Britons paying tribute to loved ones


killed in the Thai resort. The Financial Times reports two


of the mobile operators that contributed to the demise of Phones


4U are in talks with the administrator to


buy parts of the company. As well as reporting


on the referendum, the Guardian carries a story that US ground


troops could be sent to Iraq. Those are some front pages and we


will start with the Guardian. I will start with you, this is your paper.


The Scottish independence would, NHS leaked fuel campaign clashes. Whose


hands with the NHS be safer in, independent Scotland or with the


union? This is an issue that has come to the forefront again today?


Were getting very much to the endgame and both sides are trying to


focus on what they can see as the critical issues that might get them


over the line. The NHS has been at the heart of this and the feeling


throughout has been that the Labour vote amongst the old no voters will


settle this on the NHS Israeli important to them and both sides are


keen to show that they will be more protective of the NHS and you can


guarantee the NHS will be safe. What the no campaign has got today is


this league that they say they have that shows, that purports to show


there would be heavy cuts in the NHS even with independence and the yes


campaign says we can guarantee the NHS in Scotland, the only way to


guarantee the NHS in Scotland and the no campaign is pouring cold


water on that with this league helping them to do that with a


whistle`blower. In the next 48 hours the SNP will have a much different


interpretation of that and they will make their own claims for the NHS.


This issue shows just how tense and fraught this is getting and will


get. Yes, it will get worse, and Torcuil Crichton, the SNP makes


clear that if the NHS as far as Scotland is concerned stays within


the rebate of Westminster, in terms of funding, then there will always


be the potential for cuts in the future? Or creeping privatisation?


That is a good point? It is one that will infuriated the Labour Party


because of the roof has been any game changer in this long campaign


over two years and with less than two days left to go, it is an alex


Salmond has turned the danger of leaving the United Kingdom into a


story of the danger of staying with the UK. And the Tories `` the story


using this is the claim that the NHS will be privatised if you stay in


the union. And that seems to have had an effect on his Labour voters


at the SNP need to get over the finish line and that infuriates


Labour because Labour knows that the NHS in Scotland is fully devolved,


the only people who can privatise it in Scotland or the Scottish


government. So they have been fighting back hard on that and this


story today in the Guardian picks up on a story that was in the Glasgow


Herald this morning showing that NHS management in Scotland under


devolution and the Scottish government face ?450 million of cuts


over the next two years. They will have to cut back and close wards and


hospitals and reorganise things. And Labour say this is a silver bullet


that shows that it is the SNP themselves cutting back on health


spending and not the UK government. And the SNP have hit back but this


makes the case for independence, but with one click in the box on


Thursday you'll be free from austerity changes. The Daily


Telegraph, women give the no campaign eight boost, according to


The Daily Telegraph poll. And the position of women, which side the


majority will come down on. That has been pretty influential in


determining a lot of opinion polls? I am sure that Alistair Darling will


be delighted by this because right from the outset, he has been helping


that he could, with that very pragmatic approach, appeal to women.


The feeling was... That very approach but lots of women off? It


still does! I think that he has been thinking they would be looking


through this lost and making the decision based on the hard, cold


facts and that has been the criticism of this, there have been


too many cold, hard facts and know the romance of the campaign or the


grand vision. Of staying within the UK. Part of his reasoning for having


a campaign like that is to try to get flat facts about what will


happen to individual households, what will happen to people that hold


the purse strings in the family? It might be old`fashioned but that is


how the policy sees things. He will be pleased that this survey of 150


Scots and within that, the six team % lead for the no vote amongst


women. That is directly contrasted by the figures for men, 47 no and 53


yes. That does look like women could hold the key here. There seems to


be, according to this, and this is just one poll, suggesting that women


are moving a little bit more towards the no campaign but isn't it perhaps


problematic that so late in the day, we're getting this shift for


Alistair Darling and Cameron and Westminster, happening so late? I


will tell you something, Alistair Darling will not be pleased with


this tonight, this is one of three polls in the Telegraph shows 58`42,


the Scotsman has 48`52 and the Daily Mail has 58, 42. That is too close


to call and Alistair darling and want to be 20 points ahead and they


are in the fight of their lives. Darling says this would always go to


the wire and it does look as if it is going to. More women have been


persuaded back into the no camp by this Rauch of economic stories in


the past week and because they are coming around to making their


decision that perhaps a more rational and cautious decision about


finance and the way things go, I am not a sociologist, I cannot explain


why women more than men are less inclined to vote independence but


these are very tight, 52, 48, with just 36 hours left to go. It shows


the result to play for. Before we go, let his move to The Times. MPs


warn of a Dalyan. That goes to the fact that for many people in the


union, it should not be this close? And the stakes have been made, no


question? As a result, we get all of this time are being thrown at the


yes camp, devo max, super Max, some would suggest. And MPs in England


are talking about rebelling. This week has been extraordinary,


the things that the no campaign have had to promise to Scotland. What


will annoy particularly English MPs is the promise they will retain the


Barnett formula, the funding formula Scotland has seen to benefit from


disproportionately. Tory MPs have always hated that formula and they


have talked about getting rid of it. Even Lord Barnett himself thinks


it's an old`fashioned formula. The idea that the Tories have had to say


they will keep the formula will infuriate the backbenches of David


Cameron. Keeping the Barnett formula was something Gordon Brown, Nick


Clegg and Ed Miliband is the way to keep the union. It has been


extraordinary in two senses. In the daily record we got all three party


leaders, to sign a pledge, a promise to keep the Scottish Parliament, to


give it more powers, and to ensure an equal and fair distribution of


funding across the UK and that includes keeping the Barnett


formula. And for very good reason, it gives Scotland because of the


sparsity of its population, a bigger share. It is surprisingly Tory MPs


in Westminster have kept a lid on the rebellion till now. Hopefully


you will both be back for a full ten, 12 minutes in about one hour's


time. Thank you for that. Stay with us on BBC News because it's time for


the sport. Hello and welcome to sports day.


This is what is coming up on the programme. Liverpool begin their


Champions League campaign with a victory but they leave it late to


beat Ludogorets. Defeat for Arsenal in Germany in their opening group


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