17/09/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


In a minute we will be discussing everything that is in the morning 's


newspapers. With me are Richard Walker,


editor of the Sunday Herald and of Alex Massie, journalist


and blogger for the Spectator. Many


of the front pages are already in. And tomorrow's referendum dominates,


the Financial Times talks about a moment of truth as a divided


nation heads to the polls. A special edition of the Scottish


express. It says that Scots are being urged to reject narrow


nationalism and save the union. The Union


and Saltire flags occupy the Independent which calls the whole


campaign, a carnival of democracy The message from the Daily Mirror is


clear, don't let the sun set The map


of Scotland dominates the Guardian Finally, the daily record lets the


younger generation reflect both sides of the campaign and the paper


quotes a poem from our greatest son, Robert Burns.


Let us turn to our guests. Good evening to you. We should start with


the Financial Times, and yours is the paper that has said yes,


formerly. We have. That will help people understand where the


conversations might go. What are your thoughts about the Financial


Times this morning? We have been hearing more and more about this


nonsense about a divided country and families torn apart and it is


nonsense. It is a country engaged in a hugely important debate that is


electric at the moment and the population is incredibly politicised


and it has been following and turns of the debate and everyone


is talking about it. We are grown up and we can disagree and still be


friends in the morning. A divided nation is what the FT calls it, is


that fair? It is because the nation will vote one way or the other by


the narrowest of margins tomorrow. They talk about beauty and terror


which is a reference to the lines by W 8 Yate `` Dudley B Yeats on the


Easter rising and no one can complain `` claim it is anything


like as divisive and violent as Irish history. Scotland and Ireland


a very different places and their journeys about whatever


constitutional settlement they end up with have been very different and


although it is a lovely line to quote him it is not applicable in


this circumstance. I love the reference to the fog of


into nationalist is obvious. It is incredible. Although the fog


descended over Edinburgh disabling. Indeed! We had a splendid backdrop


with Edinburgh Castle. It has well and truly descended. The Independent


has a beautiful image on the front page. The 307 year itch. Who knew


that Marilyn Munro was appearing in this referendum as well! The


Independent is perhaps not the most significant newspaper in Scotland in


terms of readership but just like Richard's paper it is beautifully


designed. In some ways it gets to the heart of the matter here and in


Samways this is a risk `` an argument that has been going on in


hearts if not mine is for 300 years. Something was lost in 1707, even if


much was gained and even if Scotland votes yes tomorrow it is quite


plausible that something will be gained even if correspondingly


something would also be lost. A carnival of democracy is


interesting. That is exactly what it has been. I was in George Square


earlier and it was a party atmosphere. It'll weekend the


streets were full of people on the stalls and there were bands


discussing the referendum and all sorts of aspects to it. It has been


an absolute joy. It has been a fantastic campaign. The Scottish


Daily Express talks about the Sun setting on our union with beautiful


pictures of flags. The express make it very clear what its thoughts are.


The great crusader, as it has always wanted to characterise itself as. I


think it is pretty much a front page that people would express from ``


expect from the Sunday express. It is a nice image but I do not think


it is particularly spectacular or a front page that stirs the emotions


either way. It is not a classic front page. This one refers in the


story to narrow nationalism and a complete misunderstanding of the


debate here but it suits their agenda. Next I think we will go to


the mirror if I can find it. Don't leave us this way. Just one flag


this time. Yes, the blue has all been taken out. That is clearly a


good message to take away tonight. It is not so advisable to take the


blue out of the flag and if you are going to do with photo shop you


might do it a little bit better! I cannot really disagree with that.


This front page seems to be a photo shop of the same chap holding up the


flag that is on the Daily Express front page which suggests a degree


of, well, a lack of creative thinking on the part of these art


directors. This has the union flag with the blue of Scotland taken out


of it and it is a union flag with no room for Wales which is a little


unfair. Presumably the fact the blue was taken out is supposed to terrify


us so we know that it mustn't look like that so we must vote no.


The Guardian has a very simple front page, pictorially, talking about


Scotland's 4.2 million voters with 15 hours to decide. A helpful


reminder of what Scotland looks like. Indeed. That is a front page


which says, we don't know what to say. Here is a map of Scotland. Day


of destiny. I am not saying that you couldn't get more cliched and


stereotypical, but he would have to work quite hard to do so. Perhaps


there is a bit more inside. You would hope so. From their own point


of view, if nobody else's. Right. Well, we will go through the front


pages and the interiors in somewhat more depth later on. Thank you for


now. We will have much more on that in the next hour, and also, I should


say that we will be talking to YouGov later on as well about the


latest opinion polls. Now, let's head to Sportsday.


Good evening. Let's start with football. Manchester City faced the


tougher of the two matches involving the two English teams competing in


the Champions League tonight. They are playing the German champions,


Bayern Munich, in the opening match of the group stages. The English


champions at


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