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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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sporting action at Saint Helen 's take on Castleford in super


league's play`off. That is in 15 minutes, after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are James Miller of the Sunday Post and Kevin McKenna


Let's take a quick look first of all at tomorrow's front pages.


The Independent says the cross`party consensus over devolution has


The Daily Mail leads on David Cameron's promise of "English votes


The Express focuses on the Queen's call for reconciliation.


Alex Salmond and his wife are on the front of the Daily Record,


The FT says the vote will change the UK's political landscape


The Queen's portrait dominates the front of the Telegraph, it also


The Guardian says the political battle has now shifted to England.


And the Times says political deadlock could mean new powers for


Well, let's take a look through all of those. Plenty of reading awaits


us for our Saturday. James, you could only put one story on the


front pages? It is quite unusual that there is only one story in


town. Slightly different ways of covering it, depending on the


title. Is almost two halves of the same story, the English powers and


Salmond resigning. It is how you balance it and the rest of it.


The Independent has gone with a strange FrontPage, the picture


of... Ed Miliband, Cameron and Alex Salmond. As you said, it could have


come from any day in the last six months, almost. If you looked at


that page on the newsstand, that could have come from last week.


Three middle aged men. This United Kingdom.


People were writing that for the last four weeks, that has featured


in their headings, not very good front`page. The story itself is


accurate enough. It is the way it has been laid out with those three


pictures. Is that Westminster centric? Part of the whole debate.


It is talking about the continued... Salmond is one of the three, but the


continued fight. This is probably what we will be talking about.


Normally on their front pages, they are elegant and well constructive. I


don't think the novels of thought has gone into that. Even though that


the debate has moved a bit more towards England, a very nice


photograph of salmon `` I don't think even though the debate has


happened, much thought has gone into that. Looking as if he is coming to


his... The end of his 20 year Tanya.


That sense of the end of an era you want to see reflected? Having said


that, there hasn't been an obvious iconic image of the day. A massive,


historic day. When you think about it, at the front pages show, no


obvious image of no celebrating or indeed Salmond leaving. The union


strikes back, the baby version, if you like, of the independent.


Political consensus to give new powers to Scotland collapses within


hours of the referendum verdict, says he I. Lots of people picking up


on that. We talked about no visual image, that quote on a lot of


papers, the dream shall never die. `` the i. Bat was from Alex Salmond,


the news conference this afternoon. Interesting choice of quote. Given


we have just had a referendum, which were supposed to kill the issue for


at least a generation, and if it had been a yes vote, they would say it


was the life. Salmond, today, has suggested it is maybe not for life.


The dream will never die. In his speech this morning, he said, when


he conceded, that Scotland had rejected I forget the exact


words... Didn't he tell Andrew Marr on Sunday that it would be yet,


there would not be another vote, if it went the way it has indeed gone.


Yet he is saying the dream will never die. He is saying that knowing


he will not be around for ever. He was only around another few days.


Their `` therefore somebody else in the party, Nicola Sturgeon is, may


think differently. Somebody people in the SNP may think they have a


mandate, things go according to plan, over the next two years to


bring back the referendum. The narrative of these front pages is


the First Minister's resignation as leader of the party is how the


promise that the three party leaders signed up to in the daily record on


Wednesday, not only was it not worth the paper it was written on, it only


lasted about four days. As we are seeing now. The i says it fell apart


within hours, but it was minutes. Cameron was out, saying... Trying to


take politics, if you like, get one over the Labour Party. The United


front fell apart literally within an hour of the result. You say


depending who replaces Alex Salmond, it is striking. Robbie deliberately


visual, the i has a photo of Alex Salmond right next to a photo of


Nicola Sturgeon. Some of the Scottish papers, we move on, the


Accord. A photograph of Alex Salmond with his wife leaving. A lot of them


come in small letters saying Nicola Sturgeon tipped to be the next


leader. Is that a given? Supposing there are others who would the job.


She is the only candidate in town. I don't know how you phrase it, when


she is tipped to, or how you work it, but she will be the next leader


of the SNP. A good choice? Bringing fresh people and ideas to the party?


I think Nicola Sturgeon has grown in stature over the last few years as a


politician. She is very, very well thought of and is held in a great


deal of affection in the SNP. People remember her bounding onto the stage


as a law student, more than 20 odd years ago, and if that embarrasses


you, sorry, Nicola. The front page of the daily record, that is the


best front page I have seen. Really well constructed. He looks genuinely


happy. Not surprisingly. Over the course of the day, and lots of


people have, it is quite striking photograph. It's a different side,


the personal side. But that is him, and you rarely see his wife. Like


all of the best because it gives you an insight into something else now


then, home rule for England, and on! `` an exclamation mark. We were


having a chat about this earlier, and you see the headlines, and you


wonder, Scotland, having had its referendum, will somebody now call


for a referendum on English independence from the rest of the


UK. I wouldn't put it past them. It's always been raised, but the


prediction, if you like, that UKIP, after this, it would start to become


more of an English party and push the English agenda, and the Daily


Mail might be playing into their hands a bit. The Daily Express


picking up on the statement we heard from the Queen at Balmoral, reunite


Britain, pleads the Queen. I don't know if Balmoral would say there was


any pleading in it, that is not quite the way of Her Majesty, that


that is their take on it. The Queen very rarely says the wrong thing and


she would say something dignified and elegant and this is one of those


moments, where she said the rest of the UK will abide and respect the


decision of the Scottish people and that was entirely the respect ``


correct line to take. What have you made of the mood and atmosphere


around here today. 55/45, maybe a slightly bigger percentage gap than


predicted, and I can only speak in Edinburgh, where we have been today,


but it's been a bit more subdued than I thought. It's been kind of


strange, because it was so obvious, so early on or likely that the no


campaign would win, and it rather petered out over night. I was at the


Better Together event and there was a lot of excitement because they


knew they would win, but halfway through they knew they would, and


they were waiting for results, but it was rubber`stamping what they


knew would happen. It was not quite the big celebration that you might


have expected. Similarly, the mood, and I was in glass go this morning,


I'm in Edinburgh this afternoon, I'm not saying it that they are down, it


sort of empty `` I was in Glasgow. If the sun had come out it might


have been a different atmosphere. But it's sort of debt. In Edinburgh


nobody knows if it is subdued or not, this is the default position


because they only come out on the street of somebody's offered to buy


a round of drinks. I was in Glasgow and that was the scene of quite a


lot of the more colourful and dramatic outpourings of nationalist


fervour `` further. But today it was eerily quiet. Of course, the divide


between Glasgow and Edinburgh, that was before the local authorities who


voted yes, and Edinburgh was the biggest margin on the night.


Certainly one of. That emphasising the age old and fabled division


between the cities. We will be talking more and talking about some


of the other papers at 1130. Thank you for now. As I say, more coming


up in the next hour. Coming up next, it's time for


Sportsday. Hello and welcome, I'm Lizzie


Greenwood`Hughes, the headlines this evening. Wembley wins the right to


host the euro Twenty20 final and semifinals. Glasgow is given for


games, but Cardiff misses out. Saint


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