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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Gross are searching closer to the bridge in West London where she was


last seen. Welcome to our look at what the


papers will bring us tomorrow. With ours is Susie Boniface, the Fleet


Street Fox, and Tim Stanley, a columnist for the Telegraph. What


are you known as? With my hair, I was compared to Danny La Rue this


evening! The FT says the Prime Minister faces more angry questions


from Tory backbenchers following the promise of more devolution for


Scotland. The Independent says that Labour plans to limit child benefits


to an annual rise of 1% if they win the next General Election. The Metro


has the body of Hannah Witheridge being flown home. The Telegraph says


Ed Miliband has been backed into a corner over his refusal to sign up


for the government plans for home rule in England and the Guardian has


picked cheers of Emma Thomasson, one of the leading ladies at the protest


marches against climate change. The Financial Times, then. Tory anger as


Cameron tracks on the English pledge. `` backtracks. This was


promised in a Roche, wasn't it? This is a problem, massive constitutional


change being talked about but this came from that FrontPage file which


itself came from the back of one opinion poll showing that there was


a possibility of independence and in the vote and that turned out to be


false. They have tied themselves into this timetable which Gordon


Brown has promised will definitely happen no matter what and I am


certain that Gordon Brown is not the Prime Minister and it is not up to


him! I cannot think of any former Prime Minister who is telling want


anyone else what to do. They get to this point where they don't know


what will happen but something must add it does not matter what anybody


does, they will be said to have lost or annoyed somebody, whether it


Scotland or elsewhere or something and it will be a dogs backlist. Yes,


I agree with all of that. It is extraordinary that we have had this


massive vote in which 56% of the Scottish people said they wanted to


stay in the union and they voted for no change and how many days later? I


have lost track. Four days later and were discussing devo max for


Scotland, which in the general panic was something they had to put on the


table, but also English votes for English voters and possibly regional


assemblies and this constitutional convention and the Financial Times


says Tory MPs are angry that the Prime Minister has not committed


himself to devo max and giving English control over English


Parliamentary votes. It is only Sunday! He is having his big


meeting... They promised so much! It is tomorrow at Chequers, about what


he will do, and already Tory MPs are saying, when West make you cannot


make up a constitution overnight, it is the Americans a couple of


decades. We will come back to this in a different guise with a Ed


Miliband being cornered. We stay with the Financial Times, the global


call for climate change action and thousands of people around the world


on the streets calling upon politicians to do something useful


in New York. Isn't much chance of success? This shows how pointless


those marches are because the point of the story is... Stay at home,


don't protest! I believe you should put pressure on government to do


something but the point of this is that China and India are not taking


part in these talks and will not pledge themselves to anything. We


can introduce all these low wattage bulbs that we want and ban all of


the over energetic vacuum cleaners who want to China and India are not


going to do this, what is the point? Doesn't the rest of the world have


to set an example? EU emissions are 10% of the total and China is 28%


but that is because China makes everything, European manufacturing


is that a low because of the recession and the economies are


different and it is quite simple, they will have more manufacturing


and more emissions and fuel rules. I do nothing China really feels that


they need to what Emma Thomasson, with the best will in the world,


thanks. They tend not to follow western examples on things, not on


human rights... George Bush was ignoring the summit and the only


reason they have cut this is because the industry has collapsed. The


Labour plan to freeze child benefit at the conference, we hear all sorts


of pledges and potential policies. There is a suggestion that child


benefit with the rising by only 1% in the first to make financial


years. But does seem contradictory. `` two financial years. When they


wanted to cut child benefit for people over ?43,000, they said


everybody should because universal benefits can be useful? Labour have


definitely gone back, and they are not fixing one of the mistakes in


the coalition cuts, which was it were not going to introduce cuts for


2`parent families when they both worked and earned under ?42,000 and


they still got child benefit, single parents, they got nothing. The


system needs re`form, we spend ?31 billion every year on child benefit


and child tax credit and pain that two people who seem wealthy is


something which a lot of people might have albums with, it needs


reforming but cutting this by 1% sounds like a lot and a lot of


papers are making a big deal out of this that over one year it will make


a difference of ?10. It will save ?400 million. Ten quid per child. If


it was not captured 1% you might get 20 quid extra in your child benefit


but if it was, you would only get ten quid. When you put things


together you see those savings. Politically this is very


significant, the problem is this has been overshadowed by Scotland and he


did not want that to happen. Two different things have changed, the


Tories could always say, what are your reforms going to be? They are


saying this 1% cut. Labour has always been hooked on the idea of


universal at the back they are saying in the mirror, that they will


take away some of the winter fuel benefits from the very wealthy.


Good. I would agree and that something Cameron will not do and he


has been pressured by people and his staff but he is still hooked on


universal concepts. Overnight the position has flipped and Labour has


the potential to look tougher on welfare and public policies. I think


he is hooked on keeping pensioners happy because they vote for him.


That is rather mean`spirited out OK. The Daily Mirror, Balls out... I


just realise what that sounds like! You cannot see this but Ed Balls has


been playing football and he has accidentally cut one of our


newspaper reviewers! Rob Merit from the Northern Echo. He has come off


worse and I have, says Rob. He did not score any goals. The point is


that it will get tough. He says he will cut ministerial pay by 5%,


which will win votes, but at the moment they get 100 and ?43,000 odd


bird year but that will be cut to ?128,000, not the most difficult


thing. It says that a vet and Ed Balls will lose ?13,000 between


them. Does remind us that it is weird... They are married to each


other. It is still not properly form but it will go some way to getting


votes and the people will like it. David Cameron and Gordon Brown took


pay cuts. It is not the same pay cut they would expect nurses and


teachers to take. They also would expect a rise of ?74,000 per year as


a starting salary. They will lose tea and biscuits. They are! The


Telegraph, you will be pleased, Miliband cornered over home rule. He


refused to say whether he backs the plan to ban Scottish MPs from voting


on English laws. This so`called West Lothian problem. I thought he was


clear he wanted to give English MPs greater scrutiny of legislation? But


they would be allowed to vote? He has admitted apparently that that


was unfair. So he has conceded in principal, apparently, that this is


unfair but the problem that he has is the classic Labour won, he is


worried that he could win the next election but because of the spread


between people voting in Parliament, he might not be able to control


English legislation. This could be nothing because I looked this up and


I must write this down, since 1997, out of around 3000 laws, the vote,


the impact of Scottish roads has only mattered in 21 cases. In


Parliament. It is not very important that they'd affect things like


foundation hospitals so they did matter but if they calculate that is


the small number that are affected, having said that, I think that this


grand idea for constitutional convention signs like he had heard


of the idea and was not quite sure what it was. I think they are right.


He has thrown something up, taking it out of the long grass because it


wants to win in 2015. Surely there will be more consultation on at? We


are not constitutional experts and it is like tapestry, it has been


woven over time and you pull one thread because it does not look


right, such as the West Lothian question, and it comes apart because


if you take Scottish MPs out of initials, you say no Scottish MP


could be Prime Minister so the Scots would be one step further to


independence again. And the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.


They would still have issues like foreign policy and defence? They


made a difference over the vote on Syria. The reason Scotland has a


parliament is because there is a case to be made for it, there is no


precedent for a lot of what is proposed, such as regional semis,


where would they be? It has been written, as Ed likes to say, not on


the back of a cigarette packet. That is all we have time for. We have


more to get through so we shall bring you back later. For another


look at the front pages. Stay with us. We will have more on the Labour


Party pledge to raise the minimum wage to a pounds per hour. Coming


up, it is time for click. Where are the extremists hiding? Without


realising it? They have already told the


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