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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Kurdish refugees. Scotland Yard detectives are now


looking for the missing schoolgirl, Alice Gross closer to the bridge


where she was last seen in West London.


Just too much to get through tonight, but we will try. Hello and


welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With me are the journalist and blogger, Susie Boniface, known


as the Fleet Street Fox, and Tim Stanley who's a columnist and


blogger for the Telegraph. Tomorrow's front pages, starting


with the FT. The headlines say the Prime Minister faces more missions


from Tory backbenchers following the Scotland referendum. The Independent


says labour as to limit child benefits. The Metro featured the


news that the body of one of the two British tourists killed in Thailand


has been returned home. The Telegraph's main headline says Ed


Miliband has been backed into eight corner `` a corner. The Guardian


pictures a vocal Emma Thompson on its front page ` she was one of the


many taking part in protests calling for more climate change across the


world today. The Mirror has an interview with a policeman in


Latvia, it is about a man wanted in response to a disappear and of a


London teenager. `` disappearance. The mail says Ed Miliband has


repeatedly refused to back the plans of the PM following the Scotland


referendum. If you are paying close attention you will notice the coffee


cup has disappeared from under the desk. I am only being honest.


Cameron wants a vote on English home rule. The idea of having a vote


before the next election to try to stave off accusations. Home rule? I


am not sure the term is accurate. I am going to do something unusual, I


will read it off my phone because I could not memorise the tact. A lot


of people do not know what English votes by English MPs means, but in


2010 ten Clarke came up with a blueprint. This is not particularly


impressive. `` Ken Clarke. Under the proposal, all MPs, Scottish and


English, will participate in the first and second readings of the


bills but only English MPs would participate in the committee stage


considerations. All MPs would vote on the final bill at report stage,


but they would be an understanding that Scottish MPs would not overturn


amendments agreed by English and peace. I cracked isn't that similar


to what Ed Miliband has with a? `` English MPs. Isn't that similar ``


is and that's a lot. Everything has been promised in a huge hurry,


though one has thought it through. It has come through following a


poll. Now they have promised and committed to a set timetable but


they only have a few months, but they have realised they will be


tearing up to much of the Constitution `` too much of the


Constitution. David Cameron has started linking it to English


devolution, probably too so it down. Consequently we have Alex Salmond


saying we have people going back on their promises. The question is,


what we do not know is everyone who voted no in the referendum, whether


they voted no because they wanted devolution and believe the promises,


or whether they wanted the status quo? The politicians have decided


they all want devolution and therefore that is what we will get.


Is that obvious? They will get more power. My point is we are only four


days after the vote and nobody knows what they want yet anyway. There are


stories in the papers' tomorrow. Some MPs are saying that not enough


has been promised. There will be meetings tomorrow so maybe the


package will be radical. But if it is anything like what I just read


out, the big winner of this whole thing is Nigel Farr writes. `` Tim


Stanley. Because of the success of the campaign, lots of promises will


made. `` Nigel Farage. This is probably the exact a debate we would


be having if there was a yes vote. Nothing has... This is not radically


different to what we would be saying otherwise. It is shocking we are


having the same debate. All of this was kickstarted by Gordon Brown, a


former prime minister. I cannot think, postwar, of a British Prime


Minister who has affected policy in such a way for years after having


lost an election so dramatically. And insisting that it must happen.


We will come back to what kind of support home rule will get. Now this


photograph from The Times. Mr balls needed stitches in his cheek because


of a football incident. `` Balls. Let us go back to what this will


mean for English devolution. The Daily Mail... This is the non`


Scottish headline. This is when Ed Miliband has been


asked and he has declined to agree on the English vote. We already rule


ourselves, the Scottish MPs have affected our laws. It implies that


Scotland are running the show. A few months ago we got a lot of trouble


saying that Ed Miliband's father has different views. What we have to


understand is that Ed Miliband is a poor performer in live interviews.


You need to crack a joke or think of a different way of answering the


same question that has been asked over and over again. You need to


have spontaneity. Ed does not have that. An honest answer will be nice.


How about saying we need some time to think about? This is messing up


David Cameron's head and now Ed Miliband's head. This is so Ed


Miliband. There is the issue of constitutional reform and he is also


worrying that he may become prime minister and not get anything


through Parliament in future. Joe Joyce has said that we need better


government but fiddling with the Constitution will not likely help.


Susie Boniface is so passionate she has thrown a pen over her shoulders.


He is in favour of regional assemblies. The left is very excited


about the idea because treats the possibility of in perpetuity. That


is what this is all about. The issue of having lots of politicians, you


have low turnouts at people trying to disengage from Westminster. Let


us look at the Scottish Daily Mail. The independents is inevitable, says


the first Minister. `` independence. If we go inside we


hear his personal view. The man has theoretically resigned and he is


setting us the terms of what will happen next. He has also said that


if we get full devolution, it is like we have gained independence


anyway. It sounds apparently that the Yes campaign one. In another


paper he described it as threatening unilateral independence. He is now


not quite Braveheart but he is Ian Smith. But this will resonate with a


lot of people. Are the losers. Alex Salmond says that the devolution is


the same as independence. He cannot have it both ways. What he is trying


to say in a clumsy way is that because lots of young people quoted


yes, it will happen eventually anyway. He is not allowing those


young people to change their minds as they grow older. He is also


ignoring all the people under 55 who voted no. But he says the


destination is pretty certain. At the last election when the Tories


won, they are saying we've would not want to alienate that a small group


of people. We feel so bad about the guys they lost and we will give them


actively what they want. The Daily Mirror talks about Pat in paid. ``


cuts in pay. It is talking about capping child benefits, a 1%


increase for the first couple of years and ministers' pay would also


be cut. It will be a vote winner to say we will all take a pay cut,


currently they are getting over ?134,000, and cut that down to a


mere hundred and ?38,000. What is interesting is that although the


idea of capping by 1%, there will be people saying they are taking money


away from children. `` 128 thousand pounds. This cap would mean you only


get a ?10 increase, you are still getting more. In terms of polity


differentiation it is significant. `` policy. The Tories have come out


with a plan on childcare. Also Winter fuel allowance is being taken


away from the wealthy. So Labour has decided that we have to be fiscally


disciplined to win the next election. That is what the next


conference will be used for. What all of the parties be trying to do


that now the referendum is over? What kind of election is this when


each party is trying to appear less horrible? You could do a hundred 80


degrees and come out in favour of giving everyone the pound. `` 180


degrees. The best preconference staff labour can leak to excite


people after the independence vote. That will not convince enough of


us. I have to say, tonight, your hair


has had a lot of comment on social media. One man says, I would be


throwing my pen if I was sat next to team with his hair, the bouffant is


back. I have to say to people, stop looking up there, I am down here!


Lovely to have you here. Now, it is time for The Film Review.


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