26/09/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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each other as the aim is to take a step closer to the super league


final. And there pictures in Pro 12. All the news in the sport in 15


minutes. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are Dawn`Maria France,


Editor of Yorkshire Women's Life Magazine


and the broadcaster Alice Arnold. The Daily Mirror starts with,


Britain set to embark on a lengthy and costly third Gulf War after MPs


gave the Green light. The Independent pictures anti`war


protesters saying there are fears of mission creep. Many of The Papers,


including The Guardian, have pictures of George Clooney and his


fiancee in Venice. The Times says, and easy MPs back


bombing raids but only in Iraq. The daily Star reporting that the


huge majority of MPs voted for the air strikes.


The Express follows the pack with the George Clooney.


The same combination many are going for. The Daily Telegraph goals for a


simple headline, Britain goes to war.


The Daily Mail backs the change. You have got George Clooney, but no


mention of the war, instead of airport on first`time buyers being


offered a 20% discount on 100,000 new homes.


Plenty to get through. One story dominating lots of these front


pages. We will start with the Daily Telegraph. Britain goes to war.


Asked back headline. My concern is that they will need to look at air


strikes in the Syria. I also want to know Willie needs to do a deal with


President Assad. Bat will they have two do a deal with President Assad.


It is a topic that was in the debates today. First things first.


Lots of the newspapers putting this on the front page. Start reporting.


It is just round the corner. Here we go. We have now entered the conflict


officially. It will be very hard to extract ourselves from that. It is a


fairly complicated conflict. It is not a simple targets. It is not a


case of bombing a particular time. It is difficult to bomb an ideology.


The groups that are fighting each other are not necessarily our


enemies. Some are our enemies and some are not. There is a complex


situation amongst all the different Muslim sections. It is difficult for


us to get this right. But I agree we had no choice. We had to go in. We


could not stand back and do nothing. There are all sorts of dangers. The


Daily Telegraph talks about the possible dangers of what effect that


might have in this country, whether that will make things more divided


in England or not. It will probably not make any difference on whether


or not they will kill our hostages. But it will be interesting to see if


this affects things in this country. Notable also that in this conflict


there are a lot of countries getting involved. It is not just Britain and


the United States. Denmark and Belgium both joined in today. The


French have joined. That changes the dynamic. Ten Middle East countries


have now joined President `` have now joined President Obama. The


Australian Government are looking to support President Obama as well.


They are getting involved. It makes a difference. People realise it is


not just the West that group Mac are affecting. It is broader than that.


It could engulf the Middle East as well. `` it is not just the West


that IS are affecting. There are 500 British battles that


we know of that are fighting with IS. `` 500 British people. You are


looking at home`grown jihad. Interesting front page on The Daily


Mirror. It mentions the cost of ?3 billion. The only newspaper that


puts the cost on the front. It is the only negative twist. The others


are very much in favour. This is a negative spin on it when we are


talking about reductions in the economy. That figure of ?3 billion


is supposedly based on ?1 billion per year. You could grab that out of


anywhere. We have no idea what it is going to cost. These things are


always expensive. Going to war cost a lot of money. Very often more than


you had anticipated. The Independent has fears of mission


creep as MPs fought for a war in Iraq. You go then, perhaps of the


best of intentions, and usually so you are still bear. David Cameron


has been clear today. He has said it will be years and not months.


Yesterday we learned that there were plans to attack the UK, Paris and


New York. It is something that will go on and on. They are a real


threat. They will not go away. We do need to get involved. We need to


destroy them. They are an evil and nasty group of people that must be


destroyed. The figure of 3 billion might be exaggerated. It might cost


more than that. Now we have this story on the WAG tax. This comes


from Nigel Farage. Has tax has been described as the WAG tax. I don't


know who has dubbed that. It's been not be UKIP. Sometimes it is a


journalistic device. Anyway, because he is going to reduce taxes on


everything else, it will leave a massive haul, and he will fill that


with a tax on shoes and handbags. And a considerable reduction in


overseas aid as well. You run a lifestyle magazine. I am


sure that is not going to be welcomed by your readers? I think it


is quite sexist and he would use such terminology. For somebody like


Nigel Farage, who is usually media savvy, I cannot believe he got


caught up in that. It is offensive to say wag tax. It is not just


women, is it? Yes, men buy shoes and briefcases. It is just surprising he


would use such terminology. Astounding, really. Right, neither


of you are supporting that. Let's take a look at the Daily Mail for a


few minutes. 20% off your first time. Home ownership and first`time


buyers are hugely newsworthy at the moment. And presumably vote winning.


Under this scheme they are going to build 100,000 homes. The cost of


these islands, on the market, would be to have found `` ?200,000 each.


They are going to have a 20% reduction for first`time buyers who


are under the age of 40. So you have to be young. They get


?160,000. Because these are going to be on brown field


are going to be cheaper, and the builders will make all the savings


buyers. That is the idea. What they don't say is where these brown field


to do nearby. I do not know where these sites are,


that out. What if you are 41, and you are a first`time buyer? The


brown sites going to be? And with personal debt being at a


is doable. We couldn't wrap this up without mention


in Venice tomorrow. I you invited? No. This must have


invades Venice for George Clooney's wedding.


important that a man is getting married to a woman.


back later on. Now it is time for sports day.


Hello, and welcome to Sportsday. Coming up tonight, Europe


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