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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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to take a step closer to the final. And all the other results as well


coming up in 15 minutes, after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are Dawn`Maria France, Editor of Yorkshire Women's


Life Magazine and the broadcaster, Alice Arnold. Tomorrow's front


pages: The Daily Mirror says Britain is set to embark on a lengthy and


costly third Gulf War after MPs gave the green light for RAF raids on


extremists in Iraq. The Independent pictures anti`war


protesters, saying there are already fears of 'mission creep.' Like many


of the papers, The Guardian features a picture of George Clooney and his


fiancee in Venice, as well as reflecting on the Commons vote.


The Times says 'uneasy MPs back bombing raids ` but only in Iraq'.


The Daily Star reports that a huge majority of MPs voted for the air


strikes. The Daily Express follows the pack,


with George Clooney and the Commons vote sharing the front page. The


Daily Mail goes its own way, with no mention at all of today's Iraq vote.


Instead, along with a photo of the paper reports forty`something


first`time buyers are to be offered 20 per cent discounts on a 100


thousand new homes. And the Scotsman features the Ryder


Cup on its front page ` as well as the vote in parliament.


So let's begin. We start on the vote at the Commons today. RAF planes


poised to start. The British public do not have an appetite for war, but


whether we like it not we are in it now. It will be going on for a long


time. IS is a threat not only to the West but for the Middle East as


well. We need to take action, but the thing is we do not seem to have


an X it strategy and we do not have enough information about the tribal


war taking place. `` exit strategy. By crack at you know we don't have


enough information? World in devil is in the detail. `` well the devil


is in the Gita offers a. And we should not expect any different. Six


planes are being sent to bomb right now, but we at talking about a slow


drag right now. We are supposedly expert in Iraq compared to other


countries because we have fought there so many times in the last


century, and we are supposed to know the land quite well. These are


supposed to be targeted campaigns against facilities of ISIS and to


try to give support to the opposition there. But it is


difficult. It is incredibly concentrated. We're in there and I


do not think we probably had a choice. I do not think anybody is


keen for this to happen. Uneasy if the word they use their. Yes and a


lot of people would have been uneasy, felt they did not have an


option. But the difficulty is when you say you have one? Also about


Syria, we have airstrikes in Iraq but, at some point we need to look


at Syria. Will we need to talk to Assad, we need to remove him?


Questions need to be answered and they have not been. Is it true that


in military complex very rarely do go in with all the information. It


is likely to morph. `` conflicts. That is true but you need to have an


X tragic, and we do not seem to have that. `` exit strategy. How does


this affect the nation, what is going to change? The Sun is picking


up a lot of these, a war for a generation they are saying. It will


affect a lot of us. It does say a war for a generation, it never


ending, we had the Iraq war and here we go again. The other thing is the


effect it will have on this country. These are targeted their straits we


are beginning with, what will happen when the first civilians are killed,


which is inevitable as ? Will be Muslim community be divided? It


difficult and commentator but there is no doubt that it probably will.


It makes us more vulnerable to attack, quite senior former military


officials have been saying that. But again I am not sure the MPs felt


they had a choice of. And Dawn`Maria France, it is one of these curious


things isn't it? You get the impression listening to the debate


that lots of MPs did not want to be entangled in this but felt they had


no choice of what to get involved. I thought Iraq would have asked for


military action a long time ago. It was inevitable that they were going


to be recalled, a recall of Parliament for this action. We knew


we could not sit back and offer humanitarian aid, we will have to


support American extracts. But again we would have to look at how we can


work with Muslim communities. `` airstrikes. There must be something


wrong if youngsters are born in England and going to fight with IS.


The government needs to work with those grassroots groups that is


tried to turn those youth away. They need to stop that kind of activity


taking place at the White this is not just about what


conflicts are not won by bombing conflicts are not won by bombing


happens for the our not sure who we are asking to go to a table and


negotiate here. Ban Ki`moon was referenced a number of times today.


History tells us that is true, that is what happened in Northern Ireland


in the end but I am not sure this is that at a I'm not sure what the


endgame is. In the mirror, an interesting headline, back to Iraq


it says. It will cost ?3 billion. We live in times when budgets are being


tightened, but Dawn`Maria France, I wonder how many people reacted that


way? Thinking how much will it cost? That is true, but as I said earlier


really learnt yesterday that there was good to be serious attacks on


New York, Paris and London. They were going to attack the


underground, so it is something we have been dragged into whether we


like it or not. I think the figure will be a lot more to before, and it


will be a long, drawnout war. `` to be fair. The Independent, and the


papers generally, there is a bit of dissent, but by and large the


reporting is a pretty straight rather than critical. The papers are


not taking a side, as you say they are reporting it straight. The


mirror does that, it had a negative comment to say, but as you say, it


is very factual. `` Mirror. They are not having an opinion, they are just


saying this is what is happening. That is probably what the MPs felt


as well. Let us look at some of the other stories Ozil, the NHS will


play for Ashya King's treatment. This is an extra briefs story. `` an


extraordinary story. I cannot believe they used an arrest warrant


for this. Or they wanted is for a boy to be treated properly. It has


been a U`turn by the NHS and we are happy that they are paying for the


treatment. I wish them a quick recovery. We wish him and the King


family well, but the police and the authorities will continue to say


that if confronted with those circumstances they made decisions


which, at the time, were right. But to use the European arrest warrant


to trace the family, when it is used to track down hard on Kabul is, I


thought it was a misuse of Robert money and police for. The papers and


the media in general turned towards teaching family quickly and they?


They did. Initially, to be fair, the hospital were very concerned for the


boy's and safety. That is fair enough. Once they had found the


family, the treatment was very questionable, but I thought once


they had found him, he was a safer. That his medical business was not


our business. We should not have been reporting that after a while,


this was his private medical history. Now this becomes a story


again because this is the NHS, supposedly, painful stop he had


restarted the treatment. `` supposedly paying. And who knows


what the best treatment is? We all this and well, it is a desperate


case. I hope he gets better. But it has been interesting that this


brings it back into the headlines. On the front of the Daily Mail, they


have alone not got any coverage of the Iraq vote on the front page. 20%


off your first home. What are they telling us? It sounds like they are


looking at giving a 20% discount for homes that are about 200,000, they


are aiming at people in their 40s. But it sounds like a soundbite and


the devil is in the detail. Going towards an election it sounds good


but I would light to see more meat on the bone. We are heading towards


an election, on the other hand, Alice Arnold, plenty of people will


say this is fine. I like this policy. I am a first home buyer and


anything that gets you there, I welcome. It depends where these


homes. Where are the brown field sites? Brownfield land is cheaper


than other land. Brownfield sites, which are set, our old sites,


commercial sites. Guess they would not get approval ordinarily. The


housing situation is pretty desperate that nobody would disagree


with the fact that we need more homes for first`time buyers. That is


essential. They have, with a figure of 200,000, but I do not know where


the site are. That may be an awful lot in certain areas of the country


but in other areas it would be considered very little. It depends


where they are. Dawn`Maria France, you are representing a Yorkshire


magazine based in Leeds, how will this be received their? It is quite


hard for a lot of people, not just in Yorkshire but elsewhere as.


Personal wealth is at an all`time low. If it was doable it would be a


vote winner but I would like to see how it would be done before they


actually agreed with it. It goes up to 40, that is interesting that we


now look at first time buyers being up to 40 years of age, it does a lot


about the housing market. It does. If you can get a house, what will


that count, what will that cost? You still have a ?40,000 income, that is


a large income to be paying a mortgage of ?160,000. And finally, a


list is our flying into Venice to see George Clooney get married.


There is a picture of Matt Damon, Cindy Crawford. `` A`lister. And the


nation will be happy that the civil bucket of the Silver Fox has been


locked down. But a lot of women will be heartbroken. I think Monday is


the actual ceremony but they are having a lot of parties on the


weekend. I know he is a keen watcher of the BBC News channel, so we wish


him a lot of luck. That is it from us, coming up next it is sport stay.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday ` I'm Eilidh Barbour. Coming up tonight `


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