27/09/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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new Hollywood satire, maps to the stars, starring Robert Pattinson and


Julianne Moore. Plus, the rest of the week 's top releases with Mark


Kermode. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


Let's have a sneak preview at the front pages before we look at them


in more detail. The Sunday Mirror has created its own headlines


tonight, leading with allegations that led to Conservative MP Brooks


Newmark to leave his job. The Observer says the Conservative party


is in chaos, following the defection of Mark Reckless and resignation of


Brooks Newmark. David Cameron 's policy on Europe is now in turmoil


according to the Sunday Times, a picture of the Amal Alamuddin, who


has married George Clooney in Venice. There she is again on the


front page of the Sunday Telegraph. The Daily Express has the same


story, Tory chaos. I suppose we should begin with the


Sunday Mirror. The most dramatic paper at the moment. Yes, this is


the paper that discovered the background to the Mark Reckless


story, a sex scandal involving him, they are making a big thing out of


the Tory minister quitting over the six photos. Yes, it is the Sunday


Mirror story. `` sex photos. He has not accepted the allegations but has


resigned. We don't know the details to it. It is an important


distinction to make. What in fact happened was that the allegations


were put to him today, and very quickly he resigned. What we do know


is that he took it seriously enough, and the story that was about to


appear seriously enough and decided to quit. David Cameron replaced him


immediately, there were no niceties about it, it seems that everyone


accepted that he had to go. Let's move on to the Telegraph, so many


newspapers have reported on that resignation, and the defection as


well from the Sunday Telegraph, which does both. A picture on one


side saying the minister to civil society quits over a sex scandal,


Brooks Newmark, and then Mark Reckless. The headlines that David


Cameron would love to have as he begins the Tory conference this


week! Mark Reckless, the MP for Rochester and Strood, he has


announced publicly at the UKIP conference he is joining them,


leaving the Conservative party. The Telegraph has got quite a lot of


detail, apparently this dates back to a furious row that Mr reckless


had with the Prime Minister at Chequers last year, `` Mr Reckless.


They played tennis and wore casual clothes. Reckless is quoted as


saying that the Prime Minister was talking about how it was important


for the party to be united, and then he inadvertently... He dropped Sarah


Williston, a Conservative MP, into it. They said she interrupted, she


said my people vote for me because they like and independently minded


person, there was a spat, and Mr Reckless was extremely cross. He has


been brooding and threatening on this for a year. He has decided to


resign. It gives you an indication to the kind of man he is. I am sure


you are among the journalists who have been phoning all of the


Eurosceptic Conservative MPs to see if they are the next ones to go. He


has been denying he would go? This is where it gets difficult for us,


when we do fine. They say, it is not me. There was an interview at the


end of last month where he said he would stay with the Conservative


party, he said he thought it was the conservatives who had the best


chance through the referendum giving independence to Britain, not UKIP. I


always thought that the ones who were thinking of defecting would


hang onto this, we saw how Douglas Carswell did in Clacton. That is one


and a half weeks time. They are friends? Yes. You can see how cars


welded, increasing his majority, and then they would think about


defecting. Obviously Farage got them on board early, to coincide with the


Doncaster conference. How much damage has been done? A lot,


according to the papers. How much has been done? A minister has


resigned, is that it? End of story, bad judgement... You have a second


defection but it is a man who has been played down as a maverick in


the past. Someone who cannot be trusted, according to Grant Shapps.


It is not what you need right now. When you start the party


conference, but you never have a Conservative party conference


without one of these scandals on the eve! The reality is David Cameron


has probably got a bit more. With the battle against Isis, and the


decision to get involved with airstrikes there. There's no doubt


that UKIP is a huge threat. In one of the papers, Michael Ashcroft


polling shows that a lot of conservatives have left the Tory


party, and will go with UKIP. It also attracts Labour voters


though... As you said, David Cameron has a lot on his mind, particularly


now we are involved in the US airstrikes over Iraq. Staying with


the Telegraph, Hague warns... William Hague warns of Islamist


terrorist plots as they fly this mission. What is he saying? As far


as he can see, the threat to this country, which is important, that is


the greatest it has been since he has been around, certainly since the


government has been there. He's probably right. He says the military


action was necessary, because the threat to us. We have to see where


it goes next. We have generals in the paper saying that the air war


will not be enough to deal with this. Of course they are right.


David Cameron said the same thing. If we have a three`year war ahead,


they have made a promise that we will not put combat troops on the


ground, it could be a brash promise. At the UN this week, they


were backing for a resolution to control the flow of British and


American and other nationals, going into Syria and Iraq unbecoming


Jihadis, it is a war with many fronts? That is what makes it


difficult. David Cameron would not have secured the boat in the


Commons... Had he left it open... `` of the vote. It will be required on


a Commons vote. The mail on Sunday, like many papers, is focusing on the


defection and resignation of the ministers, but a sad exclusive story


in the front`page? Lynda Bellingham, the actress, best


known... Although she has had a long and illustrious career as an actor,


she is known as the oxo mum. She's been diagnosed with terminal cancer.


It is a serialisation of her memoirs, incredibly moving. `` they


are incredibly moving. She has said she has decided to die. When he read


these pages, she has decided to the point of which she does not want any


more chemotherapy. It is an interesting and touching story. It


is important, I think. We have now moved away from shying away from


talking about terminal diseases and cancer, to have grown`up


conversations about death and the end of life. Chemotherapy, really,


anyone, myself included, chemotherapy takes a lot out of you.


There's only so much damage you can take. What is so moving about this,


she is writing a book and is saying I would like to see another


Christmas, but I am going to stop chemotherapy in November because it


is beginning to destroy me and I want to die hole and I hope that


will happen in January. She is very matter of fact, and when she said


she'd made the decision and told the doctors and the family, it was a


weight off her mind. `` whole. It is a brilliant read. Very moving, very


sad. The Sunday Times, Trojan horse two in London. We had a number of


schools in Birmingham which led to an investigation into the influence


of Islamic fundamentalism within schools. The Sunday Times has


suggested it is happening in London. They say Tower Hamlets. It's a


bizarre story, it is one of those government sources... Officials at


the Department for education, they are concerned that the situation in


Tower Hamlets could be even worse than in Birmingham. We do not know


any more than that. There is great concern about Islamic


fundamentalists, attempting to infiltrate schools. And in Tower


Hamlets, for obvious reasons, that is a place you would look at. I can


imagine that Ofsted, and school governors and head teachers and


local authorities, everybody involved in this will be far more


were and more praise of the risks involved, because of Birmingham.


People have felt there was nowhere to go, that is the problem in


Birmingham. People who were worried did not have anywhere to go to


express their concerns. I thought Michael Gove made a number of


announcements about how they would tackle this in future? Saying there


would be more transparency? Labour have an interesting policy on this.


They would employ school standards directors, a new tier that goes into


the education system. That will give parents and teachers somewhere they


can go and say, we are worried about our child, or this school. And


something can be done about it. That does not help the free schools? No.


That is the problem. There are so many different systems. I think we


have to thank George Clooney for some light relief! Absolutely! A bit


of romance. What a picture of a mall alarm


what a picture of Amal Alamuddin, looking radiant in red, and what a


delight after all of this misery. It was the wedding to beat all


weddings. I don't mean you can get a gondola in Venice for love nor


money! It would take a lot of money! I wonder how tourists felt in


Venice. They cordoned off an entire area of the grand Canal to stop


paparazzi from going near! If I was there this weekend, I wouldn't be


happy! We need a Liz Taylor Richard Burton thing, I am not suggesting


they are as dysfunctional, but you need that quality. George Clooney


has got that. He is, or was up until a few hours ago, the most eligible


bachelor in the world. Great. It seems like a long marriage, going


over two days! But there is a lot of drinking! Fascinating, Sandra


Bullock, they are best friends, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.


Because of the film Gravity. I wish them well, no doubt we will be


seeing those pictures and an exclusive deal. There is one with


Vogue, the fee is going to George Clooney' charity in da four. Good to


hear. Thank you for taking us through the papers. We will have the


latest at midnight, on Mark Reckless becoming the second MP to defect to


UKIP in the last month. Coming up, Sportsday.


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