29/09/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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season. And find out where the ball that won the Ryder Cup is being


safely kept. That is all staying in 15 minutes after the newspapers. ``


that is all in sports day, in 15 minutes, after the newspapers.


Welcome to the look ahead to what the newspapers will be bringing us


tomorrow morning. Louise Cooper and Michael Booker


joining us. We will begin with the Independent,


the Chancellor's benefits freeze is a calculator gamble, to attract


conservative and Ukip but it will affect many people in work.


That is a flavour of the front pages, dipping into some of them


now. We will kick off with the Independent, a lot of newspapers


concentrating on the Conservative Party conference. Independent is one


of them. Osborne ultimatum, give us a flavour of the coverage. He spoke


in the morning, a number of the right`wing papers have not put him


on the front pages but it is interesting that both the Guardian


and the Independent, the left`wing newspapers, have done. Both quite


critical pieces, not surprisingly. As the Independent says, Osborne


ultimatum, two`year freeze in working age benefits, saving 3


billion. Critics question whether it is the fairest way to fix the


deficit. What I would say about this, yes, the Coalition Government


has brought down the deficit. That is the difference between spending


and taxation each year. But, debt is still going up. It is going up quite


rapidly. This year, we are expected to create ?100 billion of new UK


Government debt. In fact it is going to take decades before we get to a


surplus where we can begin to pay back that debt. We saw some figures


last week, which showed that in fact, the deficit was worse than


expected. The economic recovery is not benefiting the nation 's


finances as much as many people think. It is brutal and harsh, but


he is... This is the state of the financial affairs of the country...


They are still dire. What about the political risk he is taking?


Independent has hinted at that. They have had problems in the past few


weeks. With Ukip, defections. We are tough on the deficit and good on the


economy, they are pulling very well on the economy, we are told. It is


key that he wants to keep on talking about the deficit. It is a gamble,


as the Independent and the Guardian are still saying. It is gloomy news,


conference is about things in the future, Dodo X `` Dodo eggs and


unicorn tears! Ed Miliband forgot the deficit last week, George


Osborne, he made a joke about that. It is core Conservative voters, as


it says in the Independent. He says the measure will be popular with


natural conservatives thinking of drifting off. He has the Ukip


voters, the conservative voters that he has gone forward this. I work the


express, I think our readers, conservative, this will appeal to


them. He does look like action man! I think, maybe, a thinner


Chancellor, austerity Britain! This haircut, I think that he has had a


preconference haircut, they have taken a little bit too much. You


know when they go to the hairdresser and you just want a good value


haircut that lasts a long time. I think he should have gone to the


hairdresser a couple of weeks ago. Looks like he has left room for


growth. Roman centurion look, Roman emperor, George Clooney had that. I


did not get the impression George Clooney was having an austerity


wedding! LAUGHTER Continuing the theme of the


Chancellor, take us to the front of the Financial Times. They have


decided to focus upon what he has said about big companies and how


much tax they have. Talking about the 3.3 billion which will hit


poorer families. The little guy, but also, careful to have a go at the


big guy as well, Osborne taking on big tech groups over tax avoidance.


It has already been dubbed Google tax. Having a go large


multinationals, some companies have gone to extraordinary lengths to pay


little or no tax. He says, if you abuse the tax system, you abused the


trust of the British people. Stories about the large companies coming


over here, and not paying a great deal of tax. All of the companies


that grow up in this country. Did not mention Google by name but we


know what they are getting at. It is great, it is a great quote, low


taxes but low taxes that are paid. This requires international


cooperation. It is not just happen by yourself. Therefore it is quite


good news that the European Commission is expected to unveil


today details of a case against Ireland, because of their very


favourable tax treatment for Apple. The trouble, when Ireland was going


bust, and required bailing out from the rest of Europe, that would have


been the moment to say to them, look, your local tax rate, the


dealings you have, make it an further the rest of Europe. At that


time, the powers that be decided it should not happen. It is very


difficult to impose that kind of fiscal mandate from centrally


organised Brussels or anywhere else. In a difficult economic environment,


countries compete with each other to attract companies. Without


international cooperation, very difficult to crack down on Google,


Apple, Amazon... Google, Apple, Twitter and Microsoft declined to


comment... All of them looking at their shoes when the phone call came


in! One line in here... Looking ahead to the speech from David


Cameron, halfway down the first column, talking about the freeze on


benefits. Attacked by Labour as unfair, but there was speculation


that the Prime Minister David Cameron would use his speech to


offer a tax cut for the same working families... Take with one hand, give


with the other... Little sweeties, during conference season. Obviously,


he has a speech coming up on Wednesday, he has got to say


something positive, he would like to go out with a bang, particularly


with Ukip hovering around, looking for more defections. It could get


that, could be the thing every B remembers afterwards. Quite a Tory


idea, cutting taxes to give people their personal responsibility,


rather than tax them and give their money back on welfare. Doctors to


open seven days a week, care when it is needed, pledge the Tories.


Another reference to what we are hearing out of Birmingham. This is


what is expected to be said tomorrow. The express looking


forward as a newspaper. Not looking backward, like the Guardian and the


Independent. Must be a brilliant editor, who could that be? Not me!


LAUGHTER Makes a lot of sense, if you work,


how on earth can you go and see a GP without taking time off work?


Especially if you have got to travel a long way and your GP is near your


home... But you commute to work. My husband commutes 90 minutes into


work, and he cannot afford that time to take off work, he cannot afford


the travel time either. This makes a lot of sense but I question the cost


at ?400 million. Difficult kids as well, when we have tried to a son or


daughter into a GP, we are told there is an appointment next week,


that is never good enough. Lots of people then put pressure on accident


and emergency. This is what they are trying to avoid. Pressure on AMD


departments. `` A They will also introduce Skype sessions. It is


known as telecare! LAUGHTER People, older people, they will not


want to speak with a doctor on Skype, while he's watching Downton


Abbey on a Sunday night... They want to go to see their doctor. ?400


million does not sound like an awful lot of money. You would expected to


be more money. I know that GPs get paid good wages, also it is the


out`of`hours care. So many instances in my personal life, friends that I


know, it makes a big difference, that you see the doctor that knows


you. Because the human body is quite a compensated thing. Often... It is


an off chance remark that will get to the right diagnosis. That


requires time in front of a doctor that knows you. I would like to hope


that these will not just be out`of`hours care, provided by


doctors that do not speak English terribly well. The timetable would


be included in the party election manifesto, if that leads to a


Conservative victory, we are talking about money going into the NHS to


ensure all week access by 2020. Hopes and pledges once again. The


Telegraph, the front page, obviously covering that, but on the right`hand


side, extremists will have Facebook and Twitter vetted by police.


Theresa May will have her speech vetted by the Home Secretary, laying


out plans to do various things. We have the terrorist threat level


raised recently. Post on Facebook and Twitter will have to be approved


in advance. That sounds like a good idea because it is a new front in


the war on terrorists, social media, it has been a relatively recent


thing. Obviously we have seen IS and other organisations using it to get


recruits. It will be interesting to see how they can police it, it seems


unpoliced bill at the moment. Judges banning broadcasting and protesting


in certain places... The government does not have a great track record


in IT project! One or two expensive ones have gone wrong. MPs have


barely taken to Twitter and those that have done, have got themselves


in trouble! LAUGHTER I'm sceptical about what they can


actually achieve. Clearly, Theresa May will stand up in her glamorous


shoes and she will aim for the top job in her speech. Staying with the


Telegraph, final minute, world has lost half its animals in 40 years.


Very careless(!) LAUGHTER Deforestation, destruction...


Hunting... Just throw it out there... Slightly controversial


view. I have a 5 `year`old son... I'm always slightly worried when


told it is a controversial view. My son likes is dinosaurs, he has been


to a lot of exhibitions. There has been a handful of mass extinctions


on the planet in the past. We are up to 90% of the Earth 's species have


been worked out entirely. In fact, it was the dinosaur mass extinction


which allowed the rise of the mammal, and for human beings to


evolve and dominate the planet! So I just wonder... Maybe, if this is the


sixth mass extinction, the demise of human beings, perhaps there could be


another super being created in the next 100 million news! LAUGHTER


Shall we politely move on... ? Go back to the story, ignore me


entirely! Super beings knocking about, this could be fantastic! The


WWF are saying it is a serious thing, living planet report. Blaming


humans. Forests cut down, sees overfished. It is what we have been


told over and over again. It is not seem to be an alternative. Perhaps


in one hour 's time we will have more thoughts on that. Maybe not. By


that time I'm going to be a super being!


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