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their second defeat of the season. And to find out where the ball that


won the Ryder Cup is being safely kept. That is after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


bringing us tomorrow. With me are Financial Consultant, Louise Cooper,


and Deputy Editor of the Daily Express, Michael Booker. Tomorrow's


front pages starting with: The Independent says the Chancellor's


benefits freeze is a calculated gamble to attract Conservative ` and


Ukip ` supporters, but it will affect many people in work. George


Osborne's warning to big technology companies about their tax is the


lead for the FT. The Express says doctors will be required to work


seven days a week, under Conservative plans. The Telegraph


has the same story: it says the policy will cost hundreds of


millions of pounds. The Metro leads on the plans to pay benefits through


smart cards to ensure the money is not spent on alcohol or cigarettes.


Images from the Hong Kong protests fill the front page of the Guardian


but its main story is the benefits freeze. And the Times focuses on the


plans for GP surgeries to open at the weekend. And the Mirror leads on


the benefit freeze So let's begin. Michael, not entirely surprising. It


is a tribal old thing. This time, they have gone for giving George


Osborne a bit of a beating. As is their right. It talks about the


fresh assault on the poor. They talk about cutting pay`outs, but it is


more of a freeze. It is exactly as you would imagine the Mirror would


treat this. Many of these people, 10 million families, will pick up the


Mirror and agree. Whereas some of us, with the more right`wing papers,


would give it a different treatment. That is what we would read. The


leaders would think it is a good thing. `` the readers. He said it,


and he has had to tackle it. He wants to get Labour talking about


this. It was how would they tackle the deficit? He wants to bring them


out and have a bit of a street fight. An interesting point, the


papers in the left seemed to be giving more prominence to George


Osborne than the papers on the right? The right`wing papers are


moving on to what is expected from the Tory conference tomorrow. The


problem is that the deficit message, the austerity measures, is boring.


It is not what people want to hear. And yet it is still a massive


problem. As I was saying an hour a go, we have had one parliament of


austerity, we are going to have another Parliament give the Tories


are re`elected, even if Labour are really did, it will still be


relatively austere. So it will take at least a decade to get to a


position where we might have a budget surplus, when that means we


can stop playing down the debt. It will be leased ten years before we


get to a state we can pay down these billions of pounds worth of debt


that has been created. `` paying. People do not want to hear it any


more. The other thing that is forgotten, when we say let us just


tax the rich, if you look at income tax, the top 1% of earners in this


country are paying about one third of the income tax, that is the


highest it has been in history. So, it is a brutal message. Of course we


all prefer to live in a society that can pay out more in welfare, but I


am afraid the numbers are important, and the numbers are still


leak. They have been in saying they polling well on the economy. They


want to say we have managed this austerity better than the Labour


Party could, gives a chance again. Letters we want to be guiding, would


continue the theme. They are taking a similar line to the Mirror. `` The


Guardian. I am struck by one line, it gets into the political dilemma,


the candour about the difficult spending choices ahead will gain


Osborne could us `` praise. That is the difficult judgement he has two


phase. `` face. While they have UKIP breathing down their neck, and they


are worried about the traditional conservative voters who would back


this kind of policy, moving away to youth. He has to balance that. As it


goes on, there is worry from them that they are abandoning the


compassionate voters. There is this balancing act. In terms of the


conference, they have got the difficult message out of the way,


and it opens the message for... I think Boris Johnson has a speech.


them smiling at the end. There is a them smiling at the end. There is a


great quote from Angela Merkel, it has been repeated in the past. It


says Europe accounts for just over 7% of the world's population. 25% of


the world's economy, and yet 50% of global social welfare bending.


Osborne love this quote so much he repeated it. `` spending. It goes to


the heart that it is not just a UK problem but that the lack of the UK


competing in the global economist. We have to compete globally and a


part of that is that we cannot just raise taxes, that is not the


solution. There is also mentioned in that piece in reference to what he


said about technology,, he did not name names, but we kind of knew was


talking about Apple and Google. That is the other side. Essentially what


he is saying is that he has cut corporation tax, he wants to attract


companies but we expect you to pay and health benefits. Low tax is


fine, but we expect you to pay tax. Let us move forward to The Times,


they are looking forward in terms of their lead, Cameron tells the GPs to


work weekends. There will be a pledge tomorrow making GPs work


seven days a week, 8am to 8pm. It will top ?4 billion. There is the to


be better access to family doctors. Interestingly, it will also bring


back named GPs for all patients. It was not in the Telegraph story we


looked at Prevacid. This is what people want to know, they want to be


able to go about the same GP, someone they have built up a


relationship with. You can store your secrets to them. `` looked at


in the past. That is what they are trying to achieve that through this.


?400 million due across the whole of the Contra, that is not a lot to


achieve. `` country. It sounds good, it is a great thing to be saying


during a conference just before an election, they have been trialling


it, it has cost ?50 million. Whether it will work across the country, I


do not know. It is a bit of a vote winner. It is a bit slow isn't it?


Sunday trading in supermarkets happened like 30 years ago, so it


has been a bit slow. But no GPs have got this 1950s style of working that


has never changed. It is extraordinary that is happening only


now. It is... I do not know why it has taken so long. They are talking


about the fact that it is Cameron and the Tories talk about the NHS,


something which labour and Miliband world banking everything on. ``


labour. Now the Tories are having a go. Letters they with The Times,


take us to the Hong Kong coverage. `` let us. Hong Kong protesters


challenged Beijing elite. The challenged Beijing elite. The


Guardian has some emotional pictures on the front page of these


protesters, close`ups of faces. But The Times has chosen to go with the


picture of a barely dressed woman in address. Clearly the picture like


the picture of a skinny model. `` in a dress. But those pictures are a


part for and told the story. `` powerful. I prefer the coverage of


The Guardian entirely, actually. There is an interesting quote from


one of the protesters, because the question now is where does it end


up? Did they leave or does China react? Are they going to leave


peacefully or does China bring the tanks in? There is a lovely quote:


We have to be careful not to invite a backlash, any civil disobedience


has to be proportioned. A certain time, we have to stop. These


protesters realise they are in a different position protesting


against raging, than if they were protesting against Westminster. It


is interesting to hear that a limit of realism, from protesters who


would not ordinarily offer that sort of limit. Everyone has the memories


of they know what the Chinese government is capable of when it is


being pushed too far. `` Louise Cooper Square. They just want proper


democracy and they feel it is not being given. `` Tianamen Square.


People were in swimming goggles to protect themselves, but they are


doing it peacefully at the moment. You hope it stays that way and


nothing goes wrong. Hopefully they will get their way. But at the same


time they are being realistic and they say hopefully China gets the


message, and we will see what happens from the. The coverage of


The Guardian, some have adopted the brother `` the umbrellas revolution,


to protect themselves from The Sun. And teargas. And you saw them hold


up their smartphones to create a glittering light. Sort of like a


light when you went to a Tom Jones concert. I am proud to say I have


been to a Tom Jones concert. They would not be as much underwear being


thrown around at this one. I imagine not. They are also singing. It shows


that these things get carried all over the world. Some of the more


strict people in the Chinese government may not see that. They


are watching on, but do they do more than watch it at this point? The


British and governments of America have all said something. But China


is saying back off, this is a problem. There is this geopolitical


tension everywhere in the world, and now it is in Asia as well. We have a


couple of minutes to look at the front pages of the daily toga.


Louise Cooper, we will start with you on this. `` The Daily Telegraph.


How can they look so amazing half the days of partying? I am a massive


fan of George Clooney. You can now admit that you almost put it on your


front page. She looks fantastic, doesn't she? Not so much. She has


finally taken off her sunglasses. Every single day since Friday we


have been digging it will go away, and then you get these pictures that


look as though they have both walked off a film set. She has had the


editor being there all week. It is not a normal wedding. You spend


?3000 a night to stay in a beautiful hotel. They have a great quote, it


says that is that then. No more chance of marrying George Clooney,


said a Belgian woman in her 30s as she dangled her feet in the canal.


Do newspapers make of these quotes up? Because I think that could


secretly be from a daily to about journalist sent over there to cover


at. And did that Belgian woman have a realistic chance? Or had there


been a connection? Bortles also striking is that the actual


ceremony, the formal wedding it self, took 40 minutes. But


everything else has been going on for days. George Clooney has always


been quite reserved, but he has done very well. He has known everyone is


going to be watching any ways and we are going to see some fantastic


pictures in the magazines when that comes up. Then you will get the


kissing pictures as well. As an added value should be grateful for


Clooney for lining up your front page. I had a cheap wedding in


Italy, and it included the honeymoon. It did teach you a on


that generous note, time has beaten us. They queued to both. `` thank


you to you both. Hello, this is Sportsday, live from


the BBC Sport Centre. Stoke piled the pressure on Newcastle. They lose


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