30/09/2014 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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union Autumn internationals. And we'll hear from Ryder Cup hero Jamie


Donaldson. That's all in Sportsday with me, Olly Foster, in 15 minutes,


straight after the papers. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are James Rampton,


a columnist for The Independent and Colleen Graffy who is a law


professor at Pepperdine University Welcome to both of you. Tomorrow's


front pages, The times leads with our top story, strikes by RAF jets


on targets in Iraq. The wife of Alan Henning is pictured on the front of


the Guardian, with her appeal for her husband to be released by


Islamic State militants. And for the brainwashed 15`year`old who is


thought to have travelled to Syria to join militants is the lead on the


Daily Mail. In the Telegraph, David Cameron's speech tomorrow to the


Conservative Party conference, reporting he is expected to promised


billions for the NHS. Finally this hour, the independent leaves with


the ongoing protest by thousands of pro`democracy demonstrators in Hong


Kong. `` leads. Let's start with the front page of the Guardian, the


appeal by Barbara Henning for the release of her husband, still being


held by Islamic State militants. A very moving account of a white's


desperate way for husband was rock relief? `` a white's desperate plea


for her husband's relief. She must be so distraught, she has the


composure to go on television and do these interviews, appealing directly


to ISIL. I like the way she is so intelligent about it saying, look,


the sharia court has found he is not a spy. So what is your reason for


holding him? She's also been able to get the support of Muslim Imams, who


have all said this is wrong, it is against Islam to be holding this


innocent man who was there to try and help people bringing aid to the


area in Syria. The headline links not just the appeal, but also the


events over Iraq from the RAF jets? The timing is that this video has


time that the Foreign Office and the time that the Foreign Office and the


Minister of defence announced that the RAF made its first two air


strikes on IS. The timing may be perceived as unfortunate. But I


absolutely echo what you say. Her bravery is to be applauded, in the


most difficult time of her life, she had the courage to stand in front of


the cameras and make these good points. The sharia court was brought


because they thought that his passport had a chip which meant he


was a spy. And all of the showed their passports and they


said, we all have them. Showed it was ludicrous. She's courageous to


do that and wrote to point out there is an outcry across the world. Some


of these Imams are very conservative and even they said it was against


Sharia law to execute this man who has been in Syria four times on


mercy missions. Chose them for what they are, it is not about religion.


That shows them. They are both leading with the same story, these


two papers. James, looking ahead to the Prime Minister speech to the


Conservative Party conference, it will be interesting if he goes big


on the NHS? The Guardian headline to do some textual analysis, it is


quite interesting. They have said he is planting a Tory flag on the NHS,


implying that he is colonising something that is not his. The


perception among many voters is that it is a Labour creation, and any


Tories that try to claim it somehow being in authentic. However, as both


of these pieces underline, he's making very big promises here that


he will carry on absolute real terms increases and that he will ring


fence the budget. That will annoy many on the backbenches. Liam Fox is


already grumbling about that. Also, I think quite legitimately, he's


bringing in his own experiences of his son, who tragically died in


2009, and saying, I know what the NHS can bring to people, I know the


progress that can be made in DNA testing and what it could bring to


families. I know some things could be cured. I think that is a


legitimate thing to do and it gives him a personal force in this adamant


that many other politicians would lack. What do you make of it? I


think it's a clever him say that this should not be just a Labour


tactic. It is something the Conservative Party can plant a flag


on. The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt today echoed that, saying, we are


going to complete the vision of Nye Bevan. So clearly saying that this


was something that Labour was maybe involved in the initially, but we


are going to make it happen, specifically because they have been


so good on the economy. Therefore, the strong economy holds a strong


NHS, making that a very clear connection. You're never going to


have a strong NHS unless you have the economy that is going to be able


to afford it. To quote Bill Clinton, he always said, it's the economy,


stupid. That is what Cameron has been saying all week. We have a


plan, we have already sorted the recovery to a plan, we have a plan


of how we are going to do it over the next five years. He's


contrasting the perception that Labour's plans are perhaps not so


coherent. I think it is very canny politics to make that contrast and


tidy NHS, a sacred thing for everybody in this country,


particularly for Labour voters, to tie that into the economy is very


canny. I love the fact that he mentioned there should be doctors


over the weekends for Saturday and Sunday. It makes so much sense. We


have 24`7 grocery stores, and how much more important is our health?


As I say, with this voice! You need to see your GP! I couldn't see one


for three days. Let's contrast the headlines, the Guardian headline


uses the word tries, the Telegraph is more robust? Yes, a pledge. It


brings up the fact that they are going to finish the job and also


making the very strong connection between the economy and the NHS,


bringing in Jeremy Hunt. There is this quote here, completing Nye


Bevan's vision for the NHS, that treats every patient with dignity


and respect. Jeremy Hunt foreshadows the speech that will be given


tomorrow by the Prime Minister. The other observation to make, it


appeared in the Guardian piece, the idea that the NHS needs a lot more


money than real terms increases, as is argued by quite a lot of people,


because of the ageing population. Perhaps neither party is offering


enough? That's a good point. Even as Jeremy Hunt and others have been


seen to steal what would be seen as Labour's clothes, the Guardian makes


the point that this promise by David Cameron might not even be enough to


underwrite the massive increase that is going to be needed as we all live


longer. Men in this country are now living 86 years, an average. In the


past 30 years, that has gone up by five years. If that increases


exponentially, the NHS will have a massive crisis on its hands and it


will need even more than the increases that Karen is promising.


We are also moving into an age where technology is changing everything


and there is a different approach. It is no longer let you go to your


doctor and they take care of your health, there is now personal


responsibility, people are more aware, they can have digital things


to be aware of their health, their cholesterol, their heart. Doesn't


work for make, but it is a good idea. `` for me. Another story you


picked out with reference to the air strikes over Iraq by British


military planes. The first time they have actually dropped bombs on Iraqi


targets. The RAF have been out there, flying sorties. There has


been a little but criticism that they cannot find a target, because


Parliament only voted for going into Iraq and not Syria, that they are


unable to find targets. They are also doing reconnaissance missions.


It's a lot more difficult in Iraq because the bases and the command


and control are in Syria. So in Iraq, they are often finding moving


targets, they can be trucks, it can be civilian areas. We have to be


extremely careful on civilian deaths. The last thing we want to do


is to make this into a West war against Islam. Right now, with five


very strong Arab Sunni nations supporting the effort, it has been


terrific. The efforts of the UK, I say make sure you have the targets,


as they are doing. I don't think we should rush to say that they are not


doing it. There was also the argument that because they can't


find targets, the air strikes are working. The US has already degraded


the major targets and ISIS is scared of sticking its head above the


parapet because it knows it will be bombed from the air. You can spin it


that way so, we are not finding targets because they are scared to


come out their capacity is being diminished. They are being pinned


down. Let's go to the front of the Independent. I know that you have


been following events in Hong Kong closely. Dramatic photographs of the


protesters that have been out on the streets of Hong Kong for a number of


days. The headline, Britain weighs into the Hong Kong dispute because


the Chinese ambassador is to be told of the UK's dismay? Rightly so. It's


a very exciting moment. Somebody said, who is the leader? Someone


responded, Hong Kong itself. They are calling it the umbrella


revolution, because they have been using umbrellas to prevent the


pepper spray. It's partly the police's own doing, by using tear


gas and strong arm tactics. It is bringing more and more people out in


the street. It started initially as a very peaceful demonstration. The


next 24 hours RK because we have a national day when more people are


coming out? It could explode in this huge devastation. One hopes it does


not turn violent. I'm old enough to remember Tiananmen Square, the great


surge of hope we had in the West. God forbid it should turn out like


that. There is a real sense of optimism that the people are


speaking, we are listening and expressing our dismay. Hopefully it


will lead to something very positive in Hong Kong. I will have to call


matters to a close for this hour. Thank you both very much. That is it


for the papers. You will both be back with me at 11:34 another look


at the front pages. Ahead of the sport, some breaking


news from Dallas being reported by Associated Press that a patient


being treated at a Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola. It is


the first case of the disease to be diagnosed


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