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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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at the China open. The rugby, the Ryder Cup hero and all of that. That


is coming up after the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me are Colleen


Graffy who is a law professor at Pepperdine University, and James


Rampton, a columnist for The Independent. Welcome back to both of


you. Tomorrow's front pages now. First, The Times which leads with


our top story, the strikes by RAF jets on targets in Iraq. The wife of


Alan Henning is pictured on the front of The Guardian with her


appeal for her husband to be released by Islamic State militants.


Hunt for the "brainwashed" 15`year`old who's thought to have


travelled to Syria to join militants is the lead in the Mail. Then in the


Telegraph, it looks ahead to David Cameron's speech tomorrow to the


Tory conference reporting he's expected to promise billions for the


NHS. And finally to The Independent which leads on the ongoing protests


by thousands of pro`democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong.


We start our review with The Times, which carries the headlines, RAAF


jets hit first ISIS targets. `` are a F. They have yoked together


several strains together. They have talked about the heartbreaking


speech that Barbara Henning gave to the BBC today. A very moving speech.


I hope it will make an impact, who knows who will see it. We know one


thing, IS are very savvy about using social media and a very


technologically savvy. We can hope they see it. They have also tied it


in with the speech from to Reza May. `` James Rampton. She explained why


we have to fight IS. Our history tells us that when our enemies want


to attack us, they mean it. We must act while we have the chance. I


implore those sentiments. I picked up a story on the good news that is


turning some of the campaign. These two strikes, along with 19 different


targets that the US led coalition had, that has allowed the Kurdish


troops to have one of the most successful ground efforts of the


campaign so far. There was concern that even though there were striking


various targets, that ISIS continued to advance. So now we are seeing the


results of that, and it is not only that but it is cutting off their


funds. Their oil targets. Some were getting money. So there were not


really committed to jihad is but they were getting paid money. ``


jihadist is. Although it is perhaps little early to be that confident.


Yesterday we heard how close they are to, Baghdad, for example. Yes.


But that has changed now. Another interpretation of that, the gum


ringtone from some commentators that the RAF was not getting involved,


you could see that as a success. `` grumbling tone. ISIS are now hiding


away because they are terrified of being bombed, that is a success.


Also they are being cautious to ensure they run a civilian deaths.


Not having civilian casualties is an important aspect of this, and in


Iraq there are fewer targets and they are more mobile. It will we


difficult. Let us move to The Guardian, you mentioned Barbara


Henning, there is a photograph of her on the front page from the BBC


interview. A further acknowledgement of the desperate plight stopper that


it is a very strong photo, it draws your eyes towards it. As you


mentioned earlier, Pauline, she made a clever appeal to IS by saying that


the Sharia court had found Allen Henning innocent. `` Alan Henning.


`` Colleen. Also last week we saw some hardline imams go online saying


that this is against the Sharia law to execute him. Hopefully they act


on that. Her bravery and courage, at a time when she is distraught and to


go on global media at this time, it is important not only for her to


express that but also to point out what a fraud ISIS is. It is nothing


to do with the religion of Islam, when they have imams and Islamic


leaders saying this is an innocent man who has done nothing. If ISIS


does something to Allen at this point, that would be absolutely


unacceptable. `` Alan Henning. He is an innocent man who had gone there


to give aid. Hopefully it will turn others off to join the fight,


because they realise it has nothing to do with Islam. He has gone back


four times proving his bravery and commitment to help those people in


distress. If they execute him now, that would be outrageous! . Let us


stay with The Guardian. . This is a reference to what David Cameron may


be telling the Conservative party faithful. He is cleverly grasping


the NHS, which labour considered to be under their remit. `` Labour.


They are saying that we are going to ring`fence the NHS as we have


provided a strong economy, we have got the money to be able to provide


for the NHS and I am sure this is annoying and Miliband. `` Ed


Miliband. The language is very interesting,


talking about planting a flag. I am interested by the word tried. Yes,


as though he is not going to succeed. Are they planting a flag in


the Tories' midriff. He has been talking about closing tax loopholes


and so forth. But they also point out that this promise may well still


leave the NHS woefully short of funds because everyone is living


longer. I like the headline here. It is a lot stronger. It makes the


emphasis on the strong economy, hint hint, labour has not been so strong


in providing for the economy. `` Labour. What it is an interesting


contrast, the Telegraph says they will do it, The Guardian says they


will try to do it. There you have it. It is a difference between those


two papers. There is a very interesting line in the Telegraph


that Cameron is go to mention his son, Ivan, who sadly died in 2009.


He is pointing out that the NHS was invaluable in helping the family in


carrying for the boy. That gives him an incredible power as he makes his


alleged to support the NHS, who is go to argue with that? And the UKIP


story on the front of the Telegraph. You must treat this with health


warnings, this is the result of a private dinner party conversation


that was picked up. But the pollster is suggesting that UKIP may pick up


four seats, that must be worrying for the Tories. The whole week has


been overshadowed by the recent defections. You could almost see the


steam coming out of David Cameron's years as he was talking about that.


`` his ears. If I were the Tories, I would be very frightened about the


surge in UKIP support. This is only four seats but it indicates that for


the first time they may have a Parliamentary presents. We thought


this would wrongfoot the conservative party conference but it


really has not. Anyone who saw Boris Johnson, he was S. He was lamenting


the fact that there was a suggestion from any of the other parties to


entice him over. He took the issue on head on. Saying that UKIP will


not make it. It was a good powerplay. We do not know what the


next few days will bring. When they do so strongly in the European


election, they were the protest fight. So you cannot vote LibDem to


make a statement about the status quo. People never do protest voting


in general elections. It also looks like reckless voting may not be able


to win. The Daily Mail, the hunt for the British G Hardy. G this girl is


gone when her parents come to pick up in the afternoon. She is


allegedly wanting to join jihad, going through Turkey into Syria. She


was with an older girl so we have to speculate how did she get


radicalised, on the Internet? Was in a one aware and watching this? How


was she able to pay for a plane to? Was the credit card? And what sort


of recruitment was this 17`year`old girl doing to bring her over? What


we all know, of course, is the despicable way in which ISIS is


treating women. So she may well be bamboozled. It is a sadness that is


striking. I have three teenage girls. And you would hope that they


would be aware of this, the parents. It speaks to the dangers of


radicalising online. If young, impressionable people can be


affected by this stuff pouring out of the Internet, can we control of?


We want to control the? If it is people under 18, I would say you try


to control it. Like they do online pornography. Maybe we should try and


do the same thing with this. Also, a social media campaign from mosques.


I have seen a video from anti` mum saying do not join this fight, it is


kind Islamic. `` imams. `` not Islamic. I want to squeeze this


end, the front of The Guardian. Unexpected items... They have told


us this. Their slogan is live well, for less. When customers are not


looking, place a few extra items into their baskets. That is what


supermarket staff should be doing. However I would say it is a PR


disaster. They are going to announce new figures showing a drop in sales.


To be doing this sort of campaign behind people's backs, that is not


look good doublet can play a counterpoint? They are a


supermarket. They sell things. It seems like it would be natural to


encourage sales staff to want to sell. Just because someone found out


this, why do we not assume this? Everytime they go and give me a


copy, they offer an upsell. That is what people do. When you go into


news agencies and they try to sell you bars of chocolate... Of course.


(CROSSTALK) I am going to say good for them for


in spy ring their staff to sell more. Thank you very much.


Hello there, I'm Olly Foster, welcome to the BBC Sport Centre.


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