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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hamilton, the other is Welsh referee Nigel Owens taking charge of the


rugby World Cup final. And Jose Mourinho is in


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the former Sunday Express editor Eve Pollard


Many leading on the defeat on tax credits in the House of Lords. The


Times calls it a humiliating defeat. The Guardian say that a rapid review


of the House of Lords is being launched. The daily Mirror along


with many papers pictures the Duchess of Cambridge and Daniel


Craig at the premiere of the latest James Bond movie. In the Daily Mail


it says service men have been banned from joining a rally over a Royal


Marine jailed for a battlefield murder. The daily express has the


processed meat-macro story. And the Financial Times covers the story


about a 15-year-old arrested over the TalkTalk cyber attack. The big


story, drama in the House of Lords. That in itself would be a headline!


Often you are watching and nodding off but in the mother of all


Parliaments it is the mother and father of an argument. In the


Guardian, PM's warning to peers after tax rebellion. It has become


interesting. The House of Lords thing has become interesting. They


fired half the hereditary is and it was going so well and in the last


few months since the election, various people have gone to the


House of Lords people are wondering what they are doing. I don't


understand why there are so many more. 100 Lib Dem peers, which seems


crazy where there are only eight MPs. The important people are those


who are going to suffer. To be fair what George Osborne has said is, I


have listened, I am listening, and I intend to help through a transition


period. He has more or less been forced with the result of one of the


votes tonight. Nicky Morgan said yesterday... The Education


Secretary. Nothing could be worse than worrying about... You are not


well paid and losing more than ?1000. I would be more concerned


about this government and George Osborne's Fiori if this government


has lifted a finger to reform the House of Lords. Went over the past


six years they have. -- they have not done anything. If there were a


Coalition Government still, would we be having this debate this evening?


This is where you land up. He says, I'm listening, and I can still


achieve what I want to achieve. My question is, why were you not


achieving it before all this? We can look at the Guardian newspaper. PM


warning to peers. It is two stories, the tax credit and the policy that


affects people, but the constitutional issue. They are not


elected. Often they have been people the voters have said no thank you,


we don't want you, and they are sent up to the House of Lords. It is


quite funny, really. It does seem a mess and if you know anybody in the


House of Lords, they say there is no room for them. There seems to be


thousands of them. It has not really interested David Cameron and George


Osborne. House of Lords reform is a dull subject until something like


this happens and the world explodes. They were not supposed to


adjudicate on something about money. Since 1911. He is in a situation, I


mean they have only just created a whole new raft of peers. And now he


is saying we have to do have constitutionally a reconsideration


of this matter. Will he put in a lot more. Or throw some out?


Defenestration would be fun to watch! The House of Lords has been a


mess since they got rid of the hereditary peers, who were slightly


barking but some were great experts. Indeed. I take it you are not


looking for places on those red benches. I would like the Ermine.


Very flattering! The Financial Times, a lot of people will say,


what?! We can only do the basic facts of the rest in the TalkTalk


case, but it is extraordinary. These are torrid and now embarrassing


times for TalkTalk. Yes, this 15-year-old and goodness knows what


that is all about. The share price of TalkTalk, people are talking


about the future of this company at all. He is a 15-year-old arrested in


Northern Ireland with a joint operation between police on both


sides of the water. But 15-year-olds are geniuses at computers. There was


another boy we gladly did not send to America who got into the CIA or


American army or something. They are geniuses at this. TalkTalk's


reputation. They sent up the warnings and said things are


terrible and then they say they are being blackmailed. And the poor old


chief executive said no system is free from vulnerabilities. It is


worrying. We do so much stuff online, I hope this makes everybody


check their security. There has been an excuse to do that. We are


rattling on. We might have more time at 11:30pm. The daily express, your


old newspaper group. They love stories about house prices, weather


and food. I did not use to do many of those. 75 years ago! Circulation


of over 3 billion. Interesting. We are told to follow a Mediterranean


diet. As far as I know the Mediterranean diet is full of ham,


salami, and yet we are told -- circulation of 3 million. And now we


are told these will kill us. But used to be like that. They are not


saying it directly causes cancer, it can add to the risk. The daily


express says foods like hotdogs bacon will be placed in the same


category as plutonium and smoking as things that definitely cause cancer.


I guess as all things it is moderation. I suppose if you have


bacon this week it will not affect you, but if you have it every day...


I was offered a sausage baguette. BBC canteen? No. On a Virgin train.


I said no. I have read the daily express and I will not have it! He


looked at me askance. I had always had it in the past. I was talking in


an interview with a chap from America who has done a lot of work


on it and he said that that being a vegetarian is not good. What is


left. Red wine! People will look at this and say hang on. People eat a


vast amount of this, no matter what the warnings. A bit of it probably


does not hurt you and there is probably an enormous difference in


the quality between some sausages and others and some bacon and


others. People have been curing meat ever since time began and that is


how it lasted through the winter and how you survived. There are GPs, my


former GP now retired, said to me, what you need, David, is a good full


English breakfast to cheer you up. I always remember that advice. He has


retired, he is in good health? Very good health, I think. Let's get to


serious matters. The Telegraph. A lovely picture of the Duchess of


Cambridge looking fabulous. She is at the premiere at the Albert Hall,


an interesting place to have it. You can squash a lot of people in there.


Likewise on the front of The Daily Record, Monica Baluchi, 51. --


Belluci. I am surprised you are not there. I am occasionally lucky to go


to premiers. But it is much nicer to be wearing an old pair of jeans in


the back-seat with your old People tell me there is too much


violence in this film. It has been given five stars by everybody. And


Sam Mendez, the last James Bond was a one. -- Mendes. He is a good


director. He definitely is. I can tell you the ones I have seen every


Christmas. Goldfinger, how many Christmas is running? I will stick


with Daniel Craig. He does not look like a man who eats too many bacon


sandwiches. Thank you very much. That is it from the papers this


hour. We will take another look at them at 11:30pm. Next, sport.


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