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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers


The government has been dealt a major blow after the House of Lords


I am determined to deliver that lower welfare higher wage economy


that we were elected to deliver and the British people want to see.


A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in Northern Ireland


in connection with last week's cyber attack on TalkTalk.


Five Britons have died after a whale watching boat sank


Processed meats, such as bacon, sausages and ham, do cause cancer,


according to the World Health Organisation.


In Sportsday, England lose the second Test against Pakistan. We


will hear from two men who say they are humbled, one is Lewis Hamilton


after winning his third Formula 1 title and the other is Welsh referee


Nigel Owens who is taking charge of the rugby World Cup final at


Twickenham. And Jose Mourinho is in trouble with the football


authorities again. This is all in Sportsday in 15 minutes after the


Papers. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are the former


Sunday Express editor Eve Pollard Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with... Many papers,


including the Telegraph, lead on the government's defeat on


tax credits in the House of Lords. The Times says the Chancellor George


Osborne has vowed to rein in the power of the Lords after what the


paper calls a "humiliating defeat". The Guardian says the Prime Minister


is launching a "rapid review" into the Upper House


with David Cameron accusing peers of George Osborne was furious about


the revolt according to the Metro. And it's the Mirror's lead as well,


which along with many papers pictures the Duchess of Cambridge


and Daniel Craig at the James Bond A different lead in the Mail,


which says servicemen have been banned from joining a rally


for a Royal Marine who was jailed "Banger out of order" is the Sun's


verdict on the World Health Organization's finding


that processed meats such And the Financial Times covers the


arrest of a 15-year-old boy Let's begin. We can't get away from


the tax credit story. It doesn't matter where you start. The


Guardian, EM's morning to peers as the Commons goes to loggerheads --


PM's warning. The Lord's do not usually overturn what has been


posted on by elected MPs in the House of Commons, so they have


broken this in relation to the house -- tax credit. The people who really


matter are the people who are going to be worse off and this is sort of


bipartisan, the way this story is betrayed. Interestingly, at the


education minister on Wednesday said that she expected George Osborne to


ameliorate or to slow down some of these tax cuts. He obviously didn't


want to make himself unpopular, and the party unpopular by doing it. He


hadn't got around to it. These come in next April. The tax credits.


Yes. And you can tell that obviously David Cameron and the Tories have


not bothered with the House of Lords reform which is probably one of the


dumbest subjects in the world. People who belong save has already


become a very overcrowded place. There are 100 Lib Dem peers. It is


extraordinary situation that the Tories do have a majority in the


Commons and yet were outgunned in the Lords and it has come back to


bite them. It has. I am normally more sympathetic to politicians and


how difficult it is to run this country than many people but for me,


this government has not done, has done absolutely nothing despite


encouragement from the Lib Dems in the last Parliament about House of


Lords reform and here they are now, in this mess. Except most of us,


frankly, don't care about House of Lords reform. What we care about is


getting our finances in order, we are more interested in the steel


industry being in trouble than House of Lords reform but now they're


going to have to tackle it up he they have no option because this


could happen again and again. In this instance, it will be sorted but


it might be something rather more complex in the future. The mantra of


this government has been working good. Going out to work is good.


Don't you believe it? I absolutely agree with it, at your own news


channel, around 7:00 PM, I heard from one of your course ponds that


the real sufferers from these proposals as they have been, are


working mothers. Now, Bash is at the root -- of that is at the root of


the issue. -- one of your correspondents. Schools should be


open until seven o'clock, allow other people to go in after the


teachers go into ticket other things and allow a woman to have a chance


at her career. I was a working mother my entire life. The basis of


the problem, everyone talks about cuts but the reality is that we


haven't had many of them yet and whatever you do is going to hit


somebody and you rightly admired the politicians for struggling to do it


well. You are always going to upset somebody. I have been debating this


weekend about, is this government obsessed with the elderly, at the


expense of a younger generation who don't necessarily vote for them? And


I now have a conscience about that. I do think that the younger


generation, if I can use that old cliche, are getting a hard deal


relative to us older people. I voted from the minute I could. I did, as a


woman, because women died so women could vote. I tell women they have


to vote. I'm not sure it is that simple, but I do think what happens


in life now is people get stuffed into these brackets and we shouldn't


do this. We're a country trying to ourselves out. Let's move on to a


place where awful things happen so often, usually connected with


violence and war but now an awful earthquake. The Independent has a


front-page picture and the story inside about an earthquake in a very


difficult part of the world to get any help to, as well. This picture


is in Pakistan. The line above it says hundreds dead after huge


earthquake hits north-east Afghanistan. I was lucky enough to


go to Afghanistan soon after the Taliban were thrown out of that


country and I have never been... I have been to a few difficult places


in my life, but I had never been anywhere that had, even at that


stage, 2003 - 2004, 25 years of relentless war of one sort or


another, be Civil War or the Russians or the Taliban, and now on


top of all that which has of course gone on, now you have something like


an earthquake. It is unbelievable. So many people give money to these


places. Where is it going? What is interesting come of this poor


injured boy has been taken to the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar.


That goes back to the old colonial days, doesn't it? Moving on. You


waved in my direction when you talked about old people, I


remember. This is about a daily drug that could keep the elderly out of


care. There is a drug, and I have heard of it, because I'm going


towards that direction, but actually it means, it costs six PM day, and


it means that those who have dementia and are getting


successively worse, if they take this drug, they can cook and get


dressed and shop for themselves and live an independent life -- six


pence. They don't have to go into care homes. Can you imagine how much


that would save the NHS? The University College of London


estimates that 26,000 people a year could stay in their own homes. The


drug costs ?21 50 per year. Any good news about Alzheimer's is just


that, but there is no care as of yet. They're working very hard


because this is becoming a bigger and bigger problem is we live longer


and longer. Also, it is not just the cost of the care home. It is the


whole lack of your confidence, that you are not living in your own


home. If you could put that off for a year, I think it is well worth the


money and it is a very interesting study. Let's go one. The Times --


on, this is about TalkTalk. Many people were affected by the cyber


attack and now we see a boy of 15 has been arrested. We can't go into


any more details. If you have any problems with your tax system, you


go to anybody under the age of 18 -- technology. They understand how this


stuff works and they're fascinated by it. If this boy did actually get


into TalkTalk... We don't know. It is alleged, as the phrase goes, that


would be extraordinary but it would not surprise me. They are so bright.


The company has taken a battering over this. Shares are down 12% today


alone and the poor old chief executive, who has suddenly found


herself... Mind you, she came onto the news and answered questions. But


she has said that any business in Britain could be vulnerable. My mind


went back to Downing Street in roughly 1999 or 2000, and a senior


government official saying to me, we don't do e-mails. Because they would


be hacked, etc. . That was about the time that eBay game became a thing


and I thought this was absolutely heading for the rocks -- e-banking.


I hope it makes every other company, and the banks in particular, more


cautious because everyone has to use Internet banking L and I hope it has


made them all look at the way they run their books -- now. The Sun with


a reputation for good headlines. This is not about one. They have


caught it in along with everyone else. For the poor old bangers,


eating just one and a half sausage is or two rashers of bacon today


could increase your risk of cancer by up to 18%. I mean... I listen to


this and I'm sorry, I'm one of those people who listens to this stuff,


I'm affected today, I didn't have my sausage sandwich on the chain from


Manchester -- train. I thought, do I really need this or am I killing


myself? And I could see one or two other people doing that. Thinking


about it. It does have an impact. It is interesting, as I said earlier.


Follow the Mediterranean diet which is full of ham and salami, everyone


says. Red wine. There is an enormous difference, I imagine there is a


vast discrepancy in what is in different sausages. There has to be


some sort of qualification. And we have always preserved to meet, that


is how it lasted before we had fridges -- preserved meat. About


once a fortnight or so, it is hard to believe that would do


once a fortnight or so, it is hard to believe that would you any harm.


Also won a lovely picture of Daniel Craig and his wife. Can we see


that? Been on the picture and made it is because I


would like to see it. It is an unusual picture. On to being


attacked from behind. She's putting her around him and having a laugh --


Bond. The premiere of the new James Bond movie was tonight at the Royal


Albert Hall, showing what a big event it was. Are you going to go


and see it? I eventually will. I'm one of those people who hates


violence in the cinema. I can't watch it. I want entertainment and I


like romance and comedy but I don't necessarily want violence and I'm


worried about these stories, there is question of violence in this


film. The Daily Mail has the Duchess of Cambridge herself. People are so


interested in what she is wearing and how she looks, and she looks


immaculate as always. However beautiful you are, when you're


having to compete with film stars comment is tough. Thank you.


Coming up next it's time for Sportsday:


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