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attempts as Liverpool manager. Sam bogus -- Burgess is expected to make


a decision about switching back his allegiance in rugby. More sport


after the papers. Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers are


bringing us tomorrow. We are joined tonight by the daily Mirror


columnist Susan Boniface and James Martin. Good evening to you both.


That's some of the front pages. The Independent has a story that police


have used powers under the terrorism act to seize the laptop of a BBC


Newsnight journalist who has been investigating Western born


jihadists. The Financial Times leads on a review calling for a third of


board seats at Britain passed my biggest companies to be held by


women by 2020. Job advisers will be based in food banks after the idea


was pioneered in Manchester. The Daily Telegraph was showing Prince


Harry laughing with Michelle Obama. In the Guardian, they said there


were warning signs and these were ignored regarding kids company. The


England World Cup date was secretly doomed because of a deal to award


the tournament to Russia. In the Daily Express, please have run out


of clues as they scale back the search for Madeleine McCann. In the


Guardian, the headline, ministers ignored repeated warnings on Kids


Company. Does this reveal anything new? Yes, and it does not. What is


shocking is the kind of knew that, for many years, repeated government


of various colours had been very keen on Karl Andree and given it


lots of money. This report shows that the Government of David Cameron


and Gordon Brown have repeatedly intervened to keep giving money to


Kids Company when there appears to be problems. More than that, they


have given a total of ?15 million over 15 years without apparently


once ever having involved a competitive process for those


grants, which every of the charity in the country would have had to


have gone through. Why would Kids Company behave like a proper


charity, with cash reserves and an audit trail and transparency, if the


Government who is handing them money does not ever once expect them to do


that? You can almost forgive them for thinking money was falling out


of the sky because it was, effectively. What is really damaging


is, right at the end, in 2013, the Department for Education, under


David Blunkett, I think it was then, no, it was not, it was the Tories,


decided there was a public interest case on the basis government would


suffer reputational damage if it stopped funding them. That is


because they are either being blackmailed to some extent. If you


stop giving us money, we will make you look back. More likely, they are


doing the job the Government should have been doing and funding the


charity. Kids Company does not come out well. Various departments do not


come out well. The people who come out of it worse on the ones who rely


on Kids Company. Sir Mark and we should never forget people who use


the services. -- We should never forget. It does confirm the series


of stories we have been getting about Kids Company having a spell


over various government ministers. The ministers, time and again, we


should not forget that five days before Kids Company was declared


bankrupt, it got another 3 million from the Government. David Cameron


intervenes and said, no, we have to give Camilla some money. It is


unprecedented to open the chequebook. They said they were


doing lots of fantastic stuff. The people they helped said they were


doing a lot of fantastic stuff. There was no audit trail or


paperwork and you could not be sure harmony be but they were helping and


in what way they were helping. All charities do great work. Why was


this charity so special? This is what does not come up in the audit


office report. This charity's chief executive got to go on question Time


quite often, that is why. In the Metro, picking up on the story we


have been talking about today. Duncan Smith says he wants to try


out job advisers being based at food banks. It has broadly been welcomed.


Except that for the past five years, Iain Duncan Smith has insisted there


is no need for food banks, the trust is running the food banks is making


it up and imagining there is a problem. Now he will start to put


government advisers in there. Iain Duncan Smith might be missing the


point about the key users of food banks. A quarter of them have jobs.


Are those job advisers saying you will need another job. That is what


one of the organisations told us tonight on BBC News. A lot of them


already have jobs. Sign it is not an issue of food banks and


unemployment, it is an issue of people not being paid enough to do


the jobs they have. With tax credit cuts, there are small lightly to be


greater numbers using the food banks. Moving onto the times. It


will make many football fans feel quite sick when they read this


tomorrow. Secret Fifa deal ruined England's World Cup bid. This is not


coming from a journalist, this is coming from Sepp Blatter. This is an


amazing interview that Sepp Blatter gave to the Tass news agency in


Russia today. He has essentially dropped that any right in it.


Essentially going he is saying, before it went to vote that Russia,


and then the US were going to get the World Cups. We put up 21 minim


plans to try to get the World Cup. 2 million came direct from taxpayers.


Surely we should be asking for some of that back. The president of the


FA was asked that exact question and he said he would look at that


again. That chance of getting any of that money. They wanted it to be in


Eastern Europe and in America. Sepp Blatter has said, we agreed it was


going to Russia and then America. When it came to the boat, Nicolas


Sarkozy had lunch with a guy from Qatar and then lunch with teeny and


they decided it was going to Qatar. Corruption did not work the way Sepp


Blatter thought it would. It was corrupt in a different way. Votes do


count for something... We spent ?21 million. It is not so much a case of


getting our money back, we should have an audit of how we spent the


money. We should have just gone to lunch with Nicolas Sarkozy. Surely


we must get 1 million of the 21 million back? Do we totally trust


anything that Sepp Blatter is saying? He is being investigated on


two continents. He is head of an organisation eg has been in charge


of for two decades. He has a lot to fight for, to win, and Toulouse. I'm


not sure many of us would trust him. This has become like a bad


carry on film. Eye-macro none of the eight candidates have talked about


Russia not hosting the World Cup or Qatar either. In the Telegraph,


fantastic picture. It shows Prince Charming meeting the First Lady. It


makes you wonder what it is he has them too hard to produce that kind


of smile. I did not say that. What is really good, for the first time


in living history, we have a generation in the Royal family, two


princes, you are doing really good work. They are doing stuff we all


approve of. Prince William is flying helicopters and saving lives and


Prince Harry is trying to raise awareness with the Invicta 's games


and for paralysed people and veterans, people who have lost


limbs. It is fantastic stuff. People who complain about the Royals, they


do not have jobs and so on, Kate Middleton can start working any time


she likes. The fact they are doing this needs to be praised. There is


no secret why this is on many front pages. This is marrying Prince


Harry's passions of the Armed Forces and charity work. It is the perfect


role for him. The Invictus Games was a huge success and is being hosted


in America next time. Eye-macro they are clearly getting on. In the


Financial Times, -- They are clearly getting on. In the Financial Times,


by 2020 women to hold a third of all board suits. They are reporting a


lack of females. When the target was first set a few years back, in 2011,


the target at the time, women held just 12% of positions. Setting a


target does help. They have never hit it before. It needs to be a


voluntary target. Setting a quote of anything, whether gender or race,


makes me want to peak. If you can get more women involved on


billboards and women not see the reason to stop work just because


they have had children and want to keep on going... What about the


Labour short list? If you have a quota system where you must have a


certain type of person to get in, you do not get the best quality


candidates. They should compete on a level playing field. If you have the


problem that people selecting them are biased and prejudiced, you are


not changing it. It is an interesting point. It is the same


time the Davis commission report is coming out. You have a separate


report from an executive hiring firm. We have a real roadblock of


talented, female executives coming through. They are predicting that we


will see less executives in the city. It is a bit more complicated


than just putting in a law. It is not just about who is on the board.


If they are on the board and they are getting half of what men get, it


is not fair, is it? We have a couple of permits to look at the story in


the Independent. Outrage at BBC over seizure of journalist's laptop


following a Judge Posner order. We all know this producer very well. --


a judge's order. From a media and career point of view, he has


something great to put on his CV now. Bravo to him! Is this the right


thing that police should be using terrorism powers for? These guys and


he has been talking to, yes, they are very important and hard to find.


A lot of people also use Twitter, Facebook, snap chat. These guys who


have gone over from Britain to join ices are not exactly in deep hiding.


It feels that this is a bit of a point proving exercise from the


police. It is about seeking a court order for something. There are


hundreds of jihadists, probably, who have been spoken to by jealous and


reported on by newspapers and by TV companies. Some of them are using


pseudonyms and some of them are not. They are so easy to find and they


are happy to talk to people back here. You just need to say you are a


journalist. They should be doing something better than asking the BBC


to do their work for them. He knew he would have to give up this


information. The BBC has pointed out it was not a confidential source on


the laptop, which would be even more worrying. We are going to do it


again at 11:30 p.m.. Thanks to you for watching as well. We'll be back


at 11:30 p.m.. Coming up, on BBC News, at 11 p.m., more on the fatal


stabbing of a schoolboy in Aberdeen. Ahead of that, it is the


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