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their run without goals at Moscow? Cricket, racing and news for


American football fans coming up after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Caroline Frost, Entertainment Editor


at the Huffington Post, and the Parliamentary journalist Tony Grew.


The FT has a story we've been covering here


on BBC News this evening, saying Amazon is to open a High Street book


shop in a move the paper describes as "Poacher turns


shopkeeper". TheExpress says walking just 30 minutes a day is the best


way to shed the pounds and keep them off.


The Daily Telegraph says town hall officials who abuse phone


and email snooping powers will face up to two years in prison.


The Guardian leads with the news that junior doctors are to


be offered an 11% pay rise as part of a package of concessions to stop


The Metro has the same top story, saying the British Medical


Association is sceptical and is demanding more information.


Details about the death of Robin Williams lead the Mirror -


with the actor's wife saying he killed himself because he was


The Guardian first. Jeremy Hunt is offering 11% to junior doctors. This


is a last chance saloon. To reach a compromise and to head off strike


action as we are going to the crucial period of the winter and


Christmas period when services absolutely will be at a premium.


Tony, it sounds like a large pay rise, is there a catch? The BMA say


they are sceptical. We do not know the full details, the Department of


Health will release them tomorrow. Headline figure is 11%. The dispute


is about a complicated top-up system to the basic pay. Around 40%, 50% of


money junior doctors get is based on things like the hours they have been


on call and responsibilities, Jeremy Hunt wants to get rid of the banding


system. So an 11% pay rise is 10% more than any other public sector


worker is being offered. And you wonder what the reaction the others


would be. Exactly. I am not sure this will work. What the Health


Secretary wants to avoid is a strike and junior. Is bringing the NHS to


get sneeze. As winter is looming. Or I see on my own social media feed is


enormous amounts of sympathetic postings to the doctors. We have


seen this thing with Tube drivers in London which is very metro centric.


But with something like doctors, everybody reaches out. We have also


had the doctors and nurses do not get rewarded sufficiently so when


something like this happens, it does reach everybody. It is a golden rule


of politics, do not pick fights with doctors and nurses because


politicians will not win. We will see what happens. I quit three, when


they thought it could not get worse, it just has. We had diesel emissions


six months ago and is now they have come forward and they are trying to


handle the PR desperately and they say it does look as though they


could also have been shifting the figures on the CO2 emissions and


fuel consumption. And petrol engines for the first time. Diesel engines


and now petrol. It is an interesting story. Thinking about the massive


damage to the reputation and according to this report, the people


in charge of VW said between ten and 20 employees have caused this level


of reputational damage. It is about the nature of reputation and if we


think about VW before the scandal, German engineering, efficient. Now


that has been blown out of the water. But much more importantly is


pollution. If these tests have been pollution. If these tests have been


fixed so cars that do not meet efficiency standards have been


driving around on the roads belching out fumes we have been breathing


again, it is a serious public health issue. To be fair to VW, the Chief


Executive has said this is their own digging. From the start, you says, I


have pushed hard for the relentless and comprehensive clarification of


events, we will. At nothing and nobody. It sounds like a mission to


unveil wrongdoing. Is that a PR exercise? This is the new boss who


has been handed a bag of spanners literally. This is probably the only


thing on his desk. All projects at VW I guess have been at least


part... They have to get to the bottom of it. It makes people think


twice about dyeing what they would think is traditionally a VW, like a


golf. And suddenly... Clearing out the stables. Train to restore the


reputation will not protect them from the series of lawsuits it could


face from consumers and people breathing in the air so the story is


not going to get better. Not a great story for the Inland Revenue. Half


of calls to the taxman go without being responded. Reputational


damage. Why do they not answer the phone? Nobody will be falling over


with sympathy for anything to do with the taxman. But this feels very


familiar. We know that if we are the taxman 50p, they will be on the


phone and they have our attention and vice versa. It is to hear that


if there is other modelling, this is about filling in the form correctly


so you might get benefits once a year, and that will become a bit of


a model. This is a report from the Public Accounts Committee that has


used vicious language but it points out the difference between the


private and public sector. The private sector is much better,


relatively, adds doing with large volumes of calls and customers


concerned. But seriously, the Telegraph says millions could have


filled in tax reforms incorrectly because HMRC fails to answer calls.


But the Chancellor, this could be toxic. At a time when you impose


significant cuts on working families, the fact your own


department does not appear to efficiently be able to raise taxes


is also a serious political issue. The Financial Times Read on that. We


will talk about this interesting story about Amazon. Of all things,


they have opened a good old-fashioned book shop. Reinventing


the wheel. It does make me chuckle. They are opening it in Seattle


weather is already a significant number of millionaires and


billionaires. This was covered in a magazine about ten years ago. People


are retiring at 35, 40 at -- with millions in the bank and starting


wonderful community projects around this North West corner. And they get


the benefit of these lovely communities. I worry about the rest


of the world where Independent book-sellers have died a quick death


and we have only looked at one place to thank for that. It is an


indication people still love physical books and they do not just


want to get books online. It reminds me of video killed the radio star.


Books clearly not been killed. This is just Amazon putting their toe in


the water and they may open more. It is also about the difference between


online and High Street. That is one of the things Amazon is interested


in, how do people behave differently in a shop? It is a very different


browsing experience. It will be interesting what Amazon found out. I


love the quote at the end that same is -- that says, a man from


Waterstones says he hopes it falls flat on its face! So no love lost.


Candy Crush Saga in a six billion dollars deal. Who are any of these


people? It is astonishing. I see in my social media feed and anybody who


invites me to play a game, I see that as a reason to block them, if


not permanently. 474 million users feel differently, hence the huge


numbers mentioned. That is why you are not Li Na. It must be. It is a


huge sale. When I saw the front page of the Financial Times, it struck me


these are companies that did not exist ten years ago, never mind


being on the front page to talk about these huge deals. It is


another example of the way the internet has transformed areas of


this is such as online retailing that did not exist. For now! Amazon


might bring us all back to old village squares, hopefully!


Finally, a sad story about Robin Williams, a great actor who many


millions of fans adored. The story of his suicide, a tragedy. The


Mirror suggesting it was not depression, it was dementia. He had


been suffering from depression for many years, it was well-documented.


His widow has given her first extended interview about the sad


circumstances of his death last year and she has revealed he had been


previously diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and he was


undergoing neurocognitive testing and was due to visit a presidential


faculty to be tested and she said that he was looking at another three


years of life and they would be difficult and he must have felt his


options were getting more limited. It does not make the story better


but it sheds light on the tragic circumstances. And it rings the bell


that mental health is very important. We will talk again in one


hour. Thank you. Back at half eleven for another


look at the stories making the news tomorrow.


Stay with us here on BBC News: More on proposals to drive up


standards in schools. But coming up next it's time


for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday -


I'm Hugh Woozencroft.


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