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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Coming up in sports Day: Bad news for Jose Mourinho, is a -- Eva


Carniero is taking legal action. All that ahead. -- Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Dan Bilefsky of the New York Times and Tim Montogmerie,


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with the FT, which leads with


reports that senior European Central Bank officials held meetings with


senior figures from the financial service industry in the run-up to


making important policy decisions like setting interest rates.


It is technology at its best? That isn't working -- British technology.


Two papers looking at the same story. David Cameron backs down over


plans to bomb Syria. Number 10 are apparently denying on Twitter that


these stories are accurate. Perhaps we should leave that for tomorrow.


What we do know is that David Cameron has, for a long time, been


determined to revisit this issue of military intervention in Syria. He


lost that vote a couple of years ago in Parliament, we do now have a


majority conservative government and he could potentially get it through


the House of Commons. The number of Tory MPs who are very against a


military intervention have been saying for a little while, he


doesn't have the votes. These stories would appear to confirm


that, you doesn't want to put this to the vote in the House of Commons


unless he is sure he can win. He can't afford to lose twice. He is


being portrayed as a sort of Jeremy Corbyn associate among Conservative.


It is not splitting along party lines, people from all parties have


differing opinions I do if I had to list the issues which divide the


Conservative Party... -- opinions? If I had to. After the Iraq War and


Syria, the question of what role Britain plays in intervening in


other countries, that probably splits the Conservatives as well as


Labour. President Obama has sent advisers. Only advisers at this


stage? But, they are there. Not Brits on the ground, but giving


strategic advice. There is a perception in this country that


Britain is no longer a global player, this plays into that tripe.


Not that anyone would wish the issues of Syria on anyone. -- trope.


It is true that there is a lot of focus on Britain and its role at the


moment. The Syrian crisis, foreign aid, says the Daily Mail, the


damning truth. Money for refugees squandered by the UN? It sounds like


the million that written donated -- Britain has been squandered on


admin? I don't see much evidence in this story showing that the UN has


squandered this money. It is very hard to assess it, frankly. It seems


like a screaming headlines. -- headline. It says that a lot of the


cash is not accounted for, we don't know if it has been spent wisely.


The UN and lots of multinational organisations do have a bad


reputation of overseeing money. When you have won government, one set of


people, it is easier to keep track. When it becomes part of those more


remote bodies, such as the UN or the EU, you have trouble with


accounting. The Daily Mail has been spouting stories about migrants


invading this country, juxtaposed with positive stories such as Cecil


the line. Forgive me if I am sceptical. I agree, I think the


Daily Mail does have an agenda. It is often covering stories in a


negative fashion. I worry about the UN's accountability, we do have to


do something to help the people in Syria. The Daily Mail is reluctant


thrust to let them into our own countries, or we can try and have


them in these refugee camps. Saying we are not going to do anything, not


on Syria, not give aid to the camps, not let them come into Europe...


That is the epitome of selfishness. The Daily Mirror's headline, and


exclusive. It is very early to say about what has really gone on with


this plane that came down in the sin eye Peninsula. -- Sinai. They said


it was not a result of human error before they even discovered the


black box. It is possible that a bomb could have been snuck onto the


plane, at this point it is completely speculation. One has to


be very, very careful to make hypotheses. The claims that Islamic


State is responsible... They said they were, but we have not heard


much more about that. Is past history is to go by, these Hollywood


style videos of documenting their attacks, or we have here is a Green


image of an alleged missile being launched. One needs to be very


sceptical. So many vested interests when a plane crashes. The airline


operator, the plane company, the country in which it came down. The


other question, it is interesting hearing in the Egyptian news,


Egyptian authorities immediately said not to assume it is a bomb.


They are worried, as many developing countries are, that their security


will be seen as weak. The largest number of people who visit Egypt are


Russians. They help their tourism. I think there? -- the question at the


end of the Mirror's story reveals everything. My opening gambit is


never to trust in the opening headline. -- and opening. Changes to


the police forces, some of them will take a massive hit and don't feel


they will be able to properly police? Last week we were talking


about the tax credit, the big cut that the government tried to make


which caused all the trouble. We are at the beginning, only half of the


deficit has come and another half still have to be made. Police are


just one of the cuts. It is a potential stream of headaches for


the government. When you have made the cuts, you make the easy cuts


first. All the ones yet to be made are difficult. We know there are


cuts to be made to police, crime has still fallen. In New York, in 2011,


there were some famously significant cuts to the NYPD. At the same time,


the murder rate decreased. We are living at a we are seeing cuts


across the board. We saw the Weetabix chap who was in hiding, he


no longer has a police guard -- Wikileaks. The Times, the Times in


London. Not to be confused with any other kind of times. We need to have


an arm-wrestle. Family dogs reduce risk of asthma in children. I am


pleased to read it, but how is blue it is an amazing story, who doesn't


love a cuddly dog -- but how? It is an amazing story. It is


counterintuitive, you would expect having a dog would actually cause


asthma. This story shows that having a dog activates the immune system


against asthma. It is a good news story. It is a global story,


everyone can relate to it. You have the headline, are you filthy and of?


We need to stop washing our hands and we can have a dog in our home.


There is a story in the Telegraph talking about eating... Eating food


past its sell by date. It is so difficult to know, but good to know


you can have a dog in the house without worrying about the


cleanliness. It is bad for children not to be exposed to things that


don't allow them to build up a resistance. And this was explored in


Sweden, which makes you want to trust it. We mustn't succumb to


national stereotypes. The Sun, soft drink alert. Diet Coke heart risk,


two dei? It is not difficult to avoid drinking two a day, is it? 25%


in danger, soon there will be a story about how it to as


Alzheimer's. Die -- Diet Coke, surely there are other brands


available. I need to see a study. There is very little detail here at


as to the degree, what kind of trial took place to come to this


conclusion. It will resonate with a lot of people, because a lot of


people drink Diet Coke. Robert, the sceptic in my ear, points out that a


25% increase could just be a couple of people. It's something else that


you feel like you can't have, isn't it? Everything in moderation is what


my mother taught me, which I think is true. The problem is, there is a


lot of talk about sugar and soft drink. People think, if they have


the diet version, they are not having the calories. Now there is


something else wrong. Line you can actually gain weight, it affects


your insulin levels. Every day there is a different study coming out,


contradicting information. --. You can actually gain weight. This is


going to put some people off. The Telegraph, a picture of Margaret


Thatcher on the front page. Turning down the Thatcher collection,


clothes, jewellery and other items offered at turned down. They are


going to be put up for sale. One of the Twitter users is they made the


right decision, she said she was not stylish or iconic. Only men would


think otherwise. Who is that? Ideology or gender aside, Margaret


thatcher was an icon. It is debatable whether she was a fashion


icon, but whether you like didn't like her she was an icon particular


like her she was an iconparticular particular. Towards the end of her


time in office, she wore a lot of the great British fashion brands. Do


all politicians deserve an exhibition? I think it is a


juxtaposition to go from Alexander McQueen to Margaret Thatcher, I


think people would be interested. It was the woman who put prices on the


map, wasn't she? She did. What goes inside the handbag, you might call


it a pocketbook. -- she was. Would you go to see it? Of course. When it


goes to auction, we will put you down for a headscarf and a string of


pearls. That is it for the paper review. I hope you come back. Coming


up next, it's time for Sportsday. Coming up:


"Things can only get worse" if


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