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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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will have more on that and reaction to the Premier League action is


like, cricket, tennis, and boxing, that is all coming up after the


papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Dan Bilefsky from the


New York Times and Tim Montgomerie, The FT leads with reports that


senior European Central Bank officials held meetings with senior


figures from the financial service industry in the run-up to making


important policy decisions like The I says some police and crime


commissioners are threatening to sue the Home Office over planned funding


changes which they claim are "unfair The Metro has more woe for Chelsea


manager Jose Mourinho - he's now being taken to court by the football


club's former head physio Eva Carneiro over the dispute which saw


her banished from the team bench. The Telegraph says some of Baroness


Thatcher's clothes, jewellery and political mementoes are to be


auctioned off after the Victoria and Albert Museum turned down an offer


to put them on display. The Daily Star carries a picture of


London's Docklands enshrouded in fog and warns that it may last for more


than a week. The Guardian says the Prime Minister


has abandoned plans for British airstrikes


on Islamic State targets in Syria. And The Times also leads on that


story - alongside a picture the widow and daughter of PC Phillips,


the police officer killed while trying to stop a truck -


thousands of colleagues attended We will begin with the Times, our


times, can I call it that? You made. It is owned by Rupert Murdoch, I


properly shouldn't... And now to the story, David Cameron backs down over


plan to bomb Syria. The Conservatives and the Lib Dems tried


this in 2013 and they lost the vote. They thought maybe with a change of


government, they might get it through. Absolutely. That is what


the Prime Minister would like to do, he would like to be leading and


helping to lead the international fight against what we are seeing in


Syria, many of the problems of immigration that we have been


worrying about, people feel unrooted in the searing crisis and if we


don't tackle these problems at source, and you can disagree about


the way of tackling it, but the Prime Minister thinks this is the


kind of intervention we need, but he would not bring another vote to the


House of Commons, after losing it once, a couple of years ago. He


would not do that if he could not be sure of getting it through, and he


fears there are so many Tory MPs who have misgivings about getting


involved in another foreign war that he did not get this past the House


of Commons, and because there's a risk that would be defeated, he


cannot be defeated twice. How does this look like the UK -- how does


this make the UK look? Is it a major power? Defensive spending has been


cut, and this is another example, we have France trying to exert itself


in Syria, they have sent some advisers to Syria, but we have got


Britain retrenching, that plays into the notion that Britain is no longer


aspires to be a global player. When they have those allies who think


that David Cameron cannot get the vote through, so he cannot carry on


with the strikes? I'm wondering to the extent that Jeremy Corbyn is


planning a part in this decision. There was hope, that there would be


Labour rebels against Jeremy Corbyn's position, but it does not


seem there will be enough Labour rebels to outweigh the number of


Tory rebels. These are issues which have split the parties within, as


much as between. You have noninterventionist and


interventionists in both parties and you need them to cobble together a


cross-party coalition, to get this through, and David Cameron has


concluded that he cannot get this through the House of Commons. It is


a very complicated picture. And now to another story, police chiefs


threatened to sue the Home Office because of changes to funding. Some


forces will lose out on funding and they are threatening the Home


Secretary with a judicial review. Some forces feel they cannot bear


any more cuts. At the time of austerity we are seeing these cuts


on across-the-board, and in New York in 2011, they tried similar cuts,


with a $400 million deficit, and the murder rate went down, not long


after, and so the histrionic reaction might just be that. And the


other hand, it was an interesting counterpoint with the tragic killing


of this British police officer, that these are cuts which are happening


almost within a 24-hour period. Interesting counterpoint. Some


forces are facing cuts between 25 and 40% and they say they cannot


attend crimes like burglaries. That will alarm the public, the overall


picture is that we are seeing a global reduction in crime, even


though we have seen big cuts already in place budget, crime is continuing


to fall, but the question is, are we going to get to the point where the


public start to see services like proper police attendance at various


forms of crime withdrawn or delayed? The police have a vested interest in


this, they might not be the most independent people to be judging


this, but they now say that the cuts have gone far enough and if they go


any further, core services will be imperilled. The Financial Times.


EPA, the Environment Protection Agency in the United States, alleges


that VW cheated on prestige Porsche and Audi models. It is not just the


cars that I like driving, but something that you might, as well.


The New York Times type of car. We would aspire to drive Porsches.


Course. It goes further than those top-level cars which until now we


were not aware they might have the software, as well. Volkswagen were


reeling from the initial allegations, and now the more


prestige cars are recused of potentially having these cheating


devices in them and that is another blow to the prestige of this


company, but also to Germany. -- are recused. Germany's reputation is


built on its manufacturing. -- are accused. I cannot help asking, are


people going to buy less Porsches and Mercedes, because of the


emissions rating? You buy these cars because you trust them for a


liability, and if you pay extra for these cars, will you pay extra if


they are damaged in this way? You won't buy any more Porsches Quest


For More they will have to pay big fines -- you won't buy any more


Porsches? We have a statement from VW, they say that they wish to


emphasise that no software has been installed in the three litre diesel


power units to alter emission characteristics in a forbidden


manner. They said they will cooperate in this matter. Forbidden


manner, what does that mean? That is the worst kind of corporate tour,


maybe it was better in German. Yes, something lost in translation. This


is Liz Truss saying that she cuts the bad bits off food which is


passed the best before date. I'm squeamish North American, we just


had a story about mouldy bread, and Americans, we have a perception of


being very healthy and very squeamish, when it comes to mould


them but you Brits are made of tougher things. We are, it's the


climate. Maybe so, it is foggy and rainy and may be you like mouldy


bread. I'm not sure I would want to eat mouldy bread. I'm with Liz


Truss, she says that she is of the school, if the cheese has got mould


on it, just cut the end off and eat the rest. I was in France, and all


of my French colleagues would begrudge me if I did not eat mouldy


cheese. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been looking at the War of


waste, third food in this country does not get eaten, so maybe this


trust will have a look at that. The fee and a Thamesdown be Margaret


Thatcher collection. -- Victoria and Albert Museum turns down the


Margaret Thatcher collection. This is outrageous. Something we agree


on. We are agreed, Margaret Thatcher is a global I come, she changed 21st


century history, and it's hard to imagine that they would not attract


people, she was a political Queen. -- global icon. She did not wear a


high-end fashion, she was no Princess Diana. She did where


produce brands, especially in her more majestic years. -- she did


where close I do not think she would approve of


your colours tonight. I doubt she would, but maybe that is all to the


good. If it is going to be auctioned, you can buy yourself and


so. Moving swiftly on. -- buy yourself a memento. And now, the


former Chelsea doctor, Eva Carneiro, who rather ceremoniously was ousted


from Chelsea. You know a bit about this? Such a sad story, to see


Chelsea's fall and fall, it gets worse, they had a terrible result at


the weekend, losing against Liverpool, Jose Mourinho behaving


like a child in his press conferences and now one of the


instances which was the early warning that the season was growing


bullseye going wrong, -- that the season was going wrong, when Jose


Mourinho had the falling out with Eva Carneiro, and he is being sued


personally. This is endlessly fascinating. Nothing to do with the


fact that she looks very sexy and attractive. You support Manchester


United? Yes. Would you turn down Jose Mourinho? Not a couple of years


ago, but now I think he has really damaged himself, not just the


performance, which is a great collapse, but how he has behaved


afterwards, trying to blame everyone else but himself for what is a


terrible but formance. He called her naive, is that terrible? That is a


bit rude, when she is an expert physio. It is soccer, you have got


to choose a team. Right, I can't possibly, I need to retain my


objectivity. I would try to persuade him, but it does not seem like it is


likely. Maybe not. That is it for the first review, but my guests will


be back at 1130. Stay with us, at 11 we have more on the possible causes


of the Russian jet crash in the Sinai Peninsula at the weekend. The


airline has ruled out pilot error, but the Egyptian authorities have


said it is too early to say.


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