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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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four former Manchester United clubs. -- players. That is all in


Sportsday, in 15 minutes. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are Laura Hughes,


political correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and


Joseph Harker, who's Assistant The Daily Mail claims a British


flight was close to being struck by a missile in Egyptian airspace,


a few months The Telegraph shows


a tired tourist waiting to be flown The fallout from the Russian plane


crashing in Egypt is also The i says that intelligence


about the crash suggests a bomb was The main FT story says


a job surge in the US could pave And the Express claims many over-50s


in Britain are struggling to get We will start with the airline crash


story. The Guardian has said that Russia is suspending all flights to


Egypt. US intelligence suggest a bomb brought the plane down this is


all sorts of chatter that is being listened to, some of which will


amount to nothing, but we seem to be edging closer towards the idea of a


bomb. Today for the first time French officials are reporting that


they have listened to the black box and heard the sound of an explosion.


They say it is not a technical fault, that wouldn't happen with a


technical fault. It is most likely a bomb. The question was that it might


have been a ground to air missile, but that was ruled out early. It was


initially said that it is impossible to launch a missile and hit a plane


flying at 40,000 feet. This is the first time Russians will have felt


that there is some kind of retaliation for response to their


army being sent to Syria. They have been trying to deny that there could


be any connection, but this makes the possibility that there is an


involvement. And we wonder whether the Russian airstrikes we have seen


in Syria will continue, because they were sold at home as a pre-emptive


strike, and here we are edging towards this idea that Russian


holidaymakers were a target. It is middle-class Russians that will


really hit here, and it is interesting to see how they will


respond. As you say, they put it off, denying it was a bomb, and


today they have done a bit of a U-turn. It will be difficult for


him, because there wasn't much backing for Russian troops to be on


the ground, so whether that happens I don't know. This whole debate


about British military intervention in Syria will come up again because


perhaps it sends a message of this is what happens if you intervene.


Maybe this is a message from ISIS. I think when these things happen and


they get a reaction like this, rather than retreat they tend to


step up their efforts. They will possibly say that this is a reason


to do even more. We see this in conflicts everywhere, that once


politicians have gone in one direction they seem to advance,


rather than retreat. Fairly emphatic here in The Times that a bomb has


torn the plane apart. We have been creeping towards this, but it comes


back to the analysis of the black boxes, which were recovered early


and they have now released this bit of information, which mentions the


sound that was heard. Yes, this is the first time we have heard


anything... That has given room for both Cairo and Moscow to deny it,


but this kind of evidence, you can't really argue with it and I think


that is why the papers have taken such a strong line. The


consternation in Egypt that once again their tourist industry, upon


which much of the country does rely, will be affected. This is terrible


for Egypt, and if it is about lax security measures at the airport, in


this time where there has been so many security concerns, you have


Libya next door, where ISIS have a foothold, and the idea that in this


context no one would be taking basic security measures at an airport is


astonishing. The Telegraph talks about the tone that officials in


Egypt are taking. Obviously public concern as well, Britain in


particular but Russia as well, did suspend flights. The Telegraph has


gone in with the line, quoting people who have said that Egypt is


sabotaging Britain's attempts to fly tourists out, and this is an act of


retaliation, because Egypt were not too pleased that Britain flew into


these huge actions. It was actually a Russian plane went down, not a


British one. There are twice as many Russian tourists out there than


their wry British, and yet Cameron came out very soon and said he


thought it was a bomb and we are going to stop flights, and they have


not been happy about that. We don't know what intelligence


hasn't been shared with the Russians that we have access to. It will be


surprising if they say carry on going on holiday after this plan has


gone down. It depends which side of the fence you are sitting on. Look


at the Daily Mail, rocket attack on UK tour jet. This is a missile that


was spotted 1000 feet away from a plane in August that was flying back


from Egypt. It clearly wasn't an attack, it seems to have been some


Egyptian military exercises that seemed to have fired a rocket, but


the interesting thing is that it seems that the Egyptian military


have acknowledged that the missile was theirs, it flew within 1000 feet


of a passenger airline, and they have acknowledged that they were


firing rockets that close. It is an extraordinary admission. If you were


one of the people on board, it would be very disturbing to read that. I


want to know how high the plane was flying and why there was no


communication with the plane and what was going on on the ground.


This happened on August 23, if they knew that these exercises were


taking place how many tourists would have decided not to go anywhere near


the Sinai? The Department for Transport has issued a statement in


the light of this story saying, we investigated this reported incident


at the time had concluded it was not a targeted attack, and was likely to


be connected to routine exercise is being conducted by the military in


the area, and at the time the pilot kept quiet about it. It doesn't


answer the question why it was allowed to happen. Why was the plane


that close to this missile? If a missile can come that close on


August 23, it could potentially have happened last weekend, which is a


scary thing. Unless it is a bomb, which got put in the hold. The


Independent, hedge funds attack threatens care home meltdown. This


is the four seasons group threatening to sell off a lot of


homes. The fear here is that there is a headhunter coming in, hoping to


buy up care homes. And they worry that business people are trying to


make a profit out of elderly people, and the well-being won't be there


primary concern. I think that is what this is getting out. It


highlights an issue we have in this country, with an elderly population


that is growing and we might not have the capacity to how is


everyone. We don't have the sort of culture where we take in our


elderly, our parents, which others do have around the world, just not


here. And the government being urged to step into something where the


free market is supposed to do some of the job for us, because it is


expensive for councils to provide it. It is reported with astonishment


that people might be caring for the elderly for money rather than just


kindness, but we all know that there are many people trying to make money


out of the health service and social care. When we leave things open to


the free market we see things like people in zero hours and underpaid


workers, and we get these routines where people are given 15 minutes of


care from a visitor when everything is pared down to the absolute


minimum. The actual care for people after hospital... It is very


difficult for them to go home, but the national living wage is going


up... If people are working on zero hours they are still facing


difficulty. It is the fact that costs are pared down in other ways


that these companies are still looking to make money out of this.


The Telegraph, the PM is telling us everyone will have the right to fast


broadband. In some parts of the country that is easier than others.


It is, but it is interesting that everyone should have a look and have


a cheque when they go home. The head of Ofcom has said that one in five


households is suffering because of poor internet connection because the


route is placed too close to a lamp, a stereo or a baby monitor. Many


people have this problem, and it is something that they feel is their


right, just like access to water and electricity. How this can actually


be implemented is unclear. We can all move our routers. Please pass


your thanks back on. Let's look at the FT. Pensioners steered towards


cheaper council, it is expensive and difficult to manage this situation


where you can now take money out of your pension. We have a situation


since the last budget where people are able to remove all their money


from their pension pot and spent it in one big splurge or invest it


however they want to, rather than getting it as an annual annuity.


There are obviously huge amounts of money involved in this, and people


who are supposed to advise pensioners are so worried about


getting it wrong that they have priced themselves out of the market,


deliberately. They have then handed it over to this automated


information line. Press one for a Lamborghini, press two for a home in


the south of France, whatever... If only! I think most people would want


that interaction with other people when working out what to do with all


the money they have signed up. -- saver. This is your life savings,


and if you are not comfortable using a computer, you want to use the


telephone, what if you are one of those people? Finally, Amanda who is


editing tonight found the story. I will protect outcasts... This is


mistrust... The environment secretary said she cuts the mouldy


bits of cheese and eats them anyway, but she is telling us that there are


particular foodstuffs particular to this country that should get


detection. She is so right. Stand up to the Bakewell tart and Blackwell


-- Blackpool Rock. There are 54 food items that are protected, 64 in


Britain, but France has 223. She is desperate to catch up with France,


that Britain should have as many protected foods as France, so she is


going out to try to build it up. I think Eccles cakes, Lancashire


hotpot, Yorkshire pudding and Newcastle Brown ale, they should be


protected as well. What else is on the list? I want you to say


Birmingham balti. Jersey potatoes... Devon cider, Welsh


laverbread. She says we need to shout about our food and drink as


much as other countries. We have some very exciting food culture. She


says this is about British branding, great British products. It


is down to Europe, isn't it? What if Britain comes out of Europe, will be


lose the right to protect? Maybe that will swing the whole referendum


campaign! I must mention as a proud Midlander, the pork pie and Stilton.


There are so many! She says she eats mouldy cheese. I love that story.


Thank you both, I hope you have enjoyed it. Coming up next,




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