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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Butler will return to one day international cricket against


Pakistan tomorrow. More sports in around 15 minutes.


A warm welcome to our look ahead at what is going to be in The Papers.


Good evening to you both. Let us kicked off by showing you


tomorrow's front pages as we have them. The Financial Times leads with


David Cameron's plans for changing Britain's relationship with the EU.


The inquest into the death of Nick Cave's sun is on the front page of


the Metro. John Major says the lack of equality in Britain is shocking.


The express leads with illegal migration to written. The Guardian


says that the Chancellor has been dealt a blow by a committee of


Conservative MPs regarding cutting tax credits. The tough begin. Lance,


let us kicked off with the Daily Telegraph. Is that a surprising


story? A former Prime Minister criticising the lack of equality in


Britain. It is fascinating on all levels. All power to him for raising


the issue of inequality and also eating a bit of humble pie. He was


Prime Minister for seven years and during that time he says he failed


in his attempts to deal with powerful forces that were increasing


inequality. I was a political correspondence in that time and I


don't remember inequality being one of the guiding lights of his


administration. It does raise the question whether David Cameron, who


is the first Conservative Prime Minister since John Major, will be


more successful dinner with ink -- dealing with inequality. We also


have the whole EU David Cameron situation regarding renegotiation.


David Cameron says he is open to different ways of dealing with the


questions of taking away -- with the issues of taking benefits away from


migrants. People on both sides were saying it was vague what Cameron


said. Part of it is about legacy. Cameron does not want to be defined


as the Prime Minister who was in power if we vote to leave. It is not


just the legacy, it is game over for him then. How can he stay in if he


is on the side of staying and the vote comes. Today he sort of said he


has these four things. Three are vague and one he is willing to phage


on. It doesn't feel like a strong message to be sending out. Some of


his Eurosceptic backbenchers summed it up all. One of them said, is that


it? In a way that is the most important thing, the reaction of


those in his own party. In a sense you think he made his own bed, he


should lie in it. It was his policy to have a referendum and others


countered against it. Now we are going to have a referendum. I


wishing well. He has two persuade a very Eurosceptic party and the


British public who are Euro ambivalent to say Billy is to stay


in the European Union. I am sure he wants us to stay, but he did not get


off to a good start today. I was talking to a senior figure in the


city today and they were saying they really have no clue which way this


is going to go. Also they said they don't and Europe cares as much as we


have from the other side. You could say that they need us more than we


need them. We will stop to see whether that is the case more and


more. Angela Merkel wants Britain to stay in and she wants to go as far


as she can to accommodate any changes. The FT, on that fourth


demand about EU migrants and welfare barriers, Cameron giving way they


say. It is based on that quote where he said he was open to different


ways of dealing with it. It sounds as if he is open to compromise.


People have been pressing him for the detail on this and when he has,


he already says he is willing to compromise on the most difficult one


of them. The line is they will compromise as long as the outcome is


the same. It does show that it is pretty much all up for grabs. That


is fanning the flames of the Eurosceptics. If it is a red line


there, he has fudged it. On the Daily Express their are talking


about illegal migrants. This is a major issue, quite rightly. I


wouldn't take the Daily Express's line on it, personally, but they


will be campaigning on it. The Guardian leaves on tax credits,


which is a story that has been rumbling on. This is an interesting


one. It is from a select committee that has a Tory majority.


Unanimously it has come up with a warning that at the very least the


proposals on tax credits have to be slowed down in order to soft in the


blow. Which they already have effectively been because of the vote


in the House of Lords. This pile the pressure on him even more, but the


select committee raises the difficult issue by comparing the


situation of the working poor with spending on pension benefits which


are rising sharply and are unsustainable. Pension benefits are


something they won't go anywhere near. The Russian athletics


corruption story still dominating. They are talking about other


countries, not just Russia. This is the whistle-blower who has spoken to


the Guardian. They say it is not just Russia. They have named Kenya


and Ethiopian lee-macro Ethiopian. Who have produced some of the best


long-distance runners. There is talk of a Cold War style boycotts if


Russia are at the Rio Olympics. What about that fantastic cartoon? Yes.


One bears says that the other, I would not eat a Russian athlete.


They are pumped with chemicals. The way you last and your sense of


humour can be an early sign of dementia. -- the way you laugh. This


was research done by a neurologist called Camilla Clark. You get very


early warning signs, which is that your sense of humour starts to


shift, they say, nine years before people get to the level of


diagnosis. It is not just looking out for memory loss, it is looking


out for personality changes very early, and those should prompt the


early signs. Very good research. Very good, but you wonder if


everybody is going to have a look at how people laugh. People will ask


their partner, wide you find that funny? We should not be laughing


about it, but there you are. Good to talk to both of you. You will be


back at 11:30pm. At 11 we will be having a look at some of the other


stories hitting the news. We will be getting reaction to David Cameron's


wish list for a reformed Europe, including a curb on some migrant


benefits. But coming up next it's time


for Sportsday.


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