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And a six wicket defeat against Pakistan in the first one-day


international in Abu Dhabi. That is all in Sportsday in 15 minutes,


after the papers. Hello, and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are


the financial commentator Louise Cooper, and Michael Booker, deputy


editor of the Daily Express . Tomorrow's front pages starting


with: The i's front page is dominated by the guilty verdicts


for Becky Watts' killers. In fact,


the teenager's image stares out from The father of the murdered teenager


says her stepbrother, Nathan A vaccine may be the way forward


in the fight against cholesterol. That is according to the


Daily Express. The US Secretary of State John Kerry


appears to have poured cold water on the chances of a legally binding


treaty at the forthcoming climate That is the lead in the


Financial Times. The Daily Telegraph reports


on the NICE findings that hormone replacement therapy should be given


to double the number of women going through the menopause


than currently receive it. Finally, the Times says the


Chancellor George Osborne wants to wrestle control of Trident funding


away from the Ministry of Defence, creating instead a new funding body


that reports to the Treasury. Let's have a look at some of those,


and this out we are going to start with the Mayor. Take us there this


time. This one word headline sums up the court case. The killers of Becky


Watts on the front page of the Mayor. Nathan Matthews found guilty


of murder and Shauna Hoare of manslaughter. Going back to the clip


earlier of their father and mother, they are together and him saying


your son, my daughter, right? And you can see in that interview what


effect it has had on that family. You know, we have seen over the last


few weeks some of the evidence that has come out and it has been quite


shocking. The fact that he pleaded guilty to manslaughter but not


guilty of murder and put them through this whole court case just


adds to it and the fact that they are very much depraved, these two.


She has been in thrall to him since she was 14 and he was 21. It didn't


excuse her at all in going along with what happened. The jury clearly


didn't take anything that he said particularly seriously, and it took


3.5 hours to find them both guilty. And what they are talking about, we


talked earlier about what comes out of this, and what the talking points


will be is that the fact that he is a porn addict and he had been


watching this rape video before he went out and did this. Also the


suggestion that they had planned to do this before and plan to do it


again as well. Clearly it will open a debate about porn and the


availability online and various other places and how it is people.


And I think it is right that we should have that debate. And the


family, you can see this as something that the family are really


never going to get over. And for the time being, the father of Becky and


the mother of Nathan Matthews, the murderer, are together but one


wonders how can they get over this? And both of them, it is an utter


tragedy to discover your daughter has been brutally murdered is one of


the worst things that can happen to you, but also to discover that your


son is a killer, a brutally depraved, sexually motivated killer,


but also someone who effectively killed his half sister. It is no


surprise to me that Nathan Matthews... You look at front pages


like this, and frankly it doesn't happen very often, that is why it is


remarkable and on the front page of the newspaper, when you see how


normal these people are, this isn't the bogeyman, look at. But when you


look through some of the evidence, some of what has come out, there


were clearly issues with this man. His family may be or maybe


didn't... His grandmother said some very worrying things, but clearly


nobody ever took it further. And I think it must be absolutely tragic


to wonder, could I have done something to have stopped my son


doing this? Let's move on to other matters. Take us to the front of the


Telegraph. The number of women on HRT to double. The Health Watchdog


is saying that not enough women are receiving hormone treatment. This is


a story that becomes much more interesting to me the older I get.


Effectively what NICE is saying is that there was a 2002 study showing


that hormone replacement therapy increased or linked HRT to breast


cancer, slightly elevated breast cancer risk. And this has


essentially made doctors very wary of prescribing HRT. 1.5 million


women at the moment experiencing menopausal symptoms but only one in


ten of them are prescribed HRT and what NICE has said is that is wrong,


in terms of the risk, reward, the sort of balance of extra risk


compared with the benefits of going on HRT, actually doctors are


prescribing wrongly and they should put more women on HRT. It is amazing


to see a line in this, it is the first time there has been advice on


how to treat menopause. It is something which you would think is


out there, and being discussed, especially given how vocal NICE are


on various matters, drinking while pregnant and things like that. It is


the first time, it seems it is a bit lacking in them not coming out with


this. If there is a big serious report that came out in 2002 and if


they are prescribing it, they will not want to get the blame. If


someone does end up with cancer, they will say you saw this report,


you knew about it, why have you prescribed a? It is good that NICE


have come out and said this, because it affects people including the


families. Could affect the husband when the wife is going menopausal!


It can lead to depression. If people are feeling this down about it it


can lead to more psychological problems. And the husband as well!


Shall we move on? When you said people, actually, women! The


knock-on effect, it does affect everyone. And let's not forget the


man! I couldn't agree more. Tory funding under fire from... David


Cameron! Tories awful, says the Tory Prime Minister. It is a Catch-22


from the local Conservative council. In his hat on as the constituency MP


people have been saying there are lots of cutbacks. He goes back on


Friday we all do, and this row has blown up. People have come to see


him. There has been plans to trim ?50 million from budgets. That


leaves daycare centres and elderly centres at risk. People have been


talking to him about this. He has now written a letter which has been


in the local paper, meaning the Oxford mail, talking about how


terrible these cuts are, and if they are going to make cuts, make them


elsewhere. Talking about back-office savings. Not very specific, selling


off property they don't need. But as he has been reminded by the local


council, you can't actually use profits from selling off property to


prop up savings from posterity. It is a Tory run council, why he would


seek to do this in his own counsel... I'm not sure what a


back-office saving is, is it selling a fax machine? You are showing your


age! -- council. It shows the numbers. The chair of the council


said council spending had fallen. He pointed out grant funding from


central government had halved from ?122 million in 2012 to ?62 million


in 2015-16 and the council has saved ?626 million in the last five years.


Cameron is saying the spending has increased so someone has it wrong


somewhere. There seems to be a significant discrepancy in the


figures here. Are you telling me there is always a discrepancy in the


figures when it comes to politics and spending? I agree that as a


reckless thing to say but I am sticking with it. I think you are


probably fairly safe in that position. Moving onto The Times,


staying in politics, Jeremy Corbyn is now a member of the privy Council


we are not quite sure what went on at Buckingham Palace, or are we?


Will he have kissed the Queen? The Times is going for... Let's be


careful here, the Labour leader may even have agreed to kiss the


Queen's hand when he became a privy Counsellor. A gesture included in


the protocols of the ceremony at Buckingham Palace. And I don't even


know what the privy Council is! And he didn't kneel, apparently. A body


of advisers to the Queen issuing executive instrument and orders of


Council. In practice, it means he has now been given information he


would not otherwise be given. But sometimes when we look at these


things, what a ludicrous country we are! To go through all this


rigmarole. At the end of the day, it is fairly meaningless, yes. It is


all part of the pageantry of this fine democracy that we call Great


Britain. What people like it. People do like it. I don't like it. I am an


atheist Republican, a bit like Corbyn, actually, and by Almighty


God, which properly doesn't exist, to be true and faithful servant


under the Queen's majesty, an unelected representative. It is no


wonder he didn't want to say that. If you are an atheist Republican I


would see you not warming to that. Why would you agree to say that to


join... There are other views available on that. Go and read a


book about physics! I had felt sorry for him in some of the treatment he


has been getting over various things, Jeremy Corbyn, but at the


end of the day when he missed the first opportunity to do this and


took off on a holiday he almost created the situation. And as an MP


he is quoted in here. Instead of shutting up and getting on with it,


he made it an issue. This is a Labour MP saying this. Let's just


not go there. I have already stated my position. Take us to the FT


again. Not again, we haven't been here, have we? That was an hour ago.


Big tech takes over, people don't want to be bankers any more.


Apparently not, if you have a big degree and you are one of the big


boffins, you don't want to go into banking any more. Graduates from the


top ten schools are less likely to go into banking than they were


before the multibillion dollar losses and the arrests of some


people as well. One of the experts says the pay, the rules, and the


oversight... I quite like rules. They don't want to do rules! So all


these people who were potentially crooks in the banking industry are


moving into other places. So in about ten to 20 years, we will have


to look for the big scandals in the modern day big tech companies. So


good luck with their shares. What does a financial commentator make of


this? I completely agree, it is the testosterone fuelled risktakers,


rule breakers, motivated completely by money who want to go to banking


any more. It hasn't helped the industry they do go into, because


they will probably blow that up as well. Do you remember the middle of


the dot-com boom, all the graduates from Harvard business School, they


all went into the dot-com companies and blew them up. Are you talking


about men? I am, generally. Does that include women as well? I have a


female friend who has worked in the industry for 20 years and she is


fantastic, that all the testosterone fuelled, risk taking men, are


finally leaving banking because the money has gone and the rules have


arrived. This is my chance to do well. Up until now I have been


shunted into the background. So when all these jobs are vacated by the


testosterone fuelled rule breakers, and women come in instead, ranking


will go in what direction? Have you not seen, there is research that


looks at women's analysis of risk, and their management of money, and


it has been proven that trade with too much testosterone make bad


decisions and women are much more analytical when it comes to their


investment decision. There was a quote that I had this weekend about


low quality Spivey brokers never pitching to women because women


think too much about what shares they buy and sell. It is quite rude


quote so I can't actually... Basically women think more about


it, rather than just saying yes. This has become a very gender-based


conversation. To be fair, that research has been proven about


testosterone, you know that. It was very interesting, actually. I will


give you that one. We only have a minute left, I am reliably informed


in my left ear. Let's talk about garlic and sweat. So all that dating


advice not to eat garlic, it is rubbish, apparently. This is the


University of Stirling in Scotland. They have done a study of 42 men.


They ate garlic, some of which were raw cloves. And they put pads under


their armpits to absorb their sweat. Those delightful sweat soaked


pads were then given to 85 very brave women who smelt it and said


whether they found it attractive or not, and strangely enough, but,


garlic odour in sweat was more attractive. No insignia under the


arms, no links, just rubbing garlic all over themselves -- no Lynx. It


is something to do with the fact that garlic is... It is not a bad


smell as long as it is not on the breath. It is attractive to women


possibly because of the health benefits it has provided to women


possibly because of the health benefits it has provided exactly,


the antibiotic properties of garlic, and it also works as an


aphrodisiac as well. So they say forget aftershave, go cloves.


Coming up next, it is time for Sportsday.


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