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team. And England fall against Pakistan in


the first one-day international against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi.


That's after HARDTalk. -- The Mac papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Michael Booker, deputy editor of the Daily Express, and the


financial commentator, Louise Cooper.


The I's frontpage is dominated by the guilty verdicts for


Comments from the murdered teenager's father


and her father says Nathan Matthews should pay with his life.


A vaccine may be the way forward in the fight


against cholesterol - that's according to the Evening Standard.


US Secretary of State John Kerry appears to have poured some cold


water on the chances of a "legally-binding treaty" at the


The Daily Telegraph reports on NICE findings that double the number of


women going through the menopause should be given hormone replacement


According to the lead story in the Times, Chancellor George


Osborne wants to wrestle control of Trident funding away from the MoD


- creating a new funding body that reports directly to the Treasury.


The Metro is where we start, and the Becky wants trial. It is the telling


quote from wiki's dad. I loved him like a son, now I would like him to


hang. Pretty brutal words, but you can understand why he said that. The


interview that the BBC has been running this evening with Becky


Watts' father, and the stepmother, who is the mother of Becky's


murderer. It is just such a terrible story. There's a couple of points to


make. Firstly, if you look at, now all of the details are coming out,


the life of the murderer, there seems to have been quite a lot of


evidence that there was something desperately going wrong in his life.


A daily addiction to pornography, a desperate order, an absent father,


violence towards his girlfriend Shauna Hoare, who has been found


guilty of manslaughter, use of prostitutes. There's a whole series


building up to this appalling acts. For the parents, the couple, the


mother almost looks catatonic. As a parent, somewhere in her, she must


be asking, why didn't I see this happening to my son, and what did I


do wrong? I think, distasteful... Absolutely devastating. The family


absolutely torn apart. Sat together on that sofa, you fear for their


future, because Haggui go on, knowing what has happened? Sometimes


you have to conclude that some people are just born bad and are


bad. It is sentencing tomorrow. Potential for him to get a


whole-life tariff, and people will hope he will, many people. Her


father saying that he she would -- he would like him to hang, opening


the debate on the death penalty. It is about access to the Internet,


what is legal, what isn't, in terms of porn. What he was looking at was


actually legal. A lot of campaigners have said violent Internet


pornography can be very damaging. It has been linked to various crimes,


against women, generally. It took the jury 3.5 hours to see through


him. It isn't long at all. To be found guilty of murder, his


accomplice guilty of manslaughter. And the fact that he put everyone


through it again. The video of him coolly going to a DIY store, buying


a sore before he dismembered the body. All of that just shows you


what his character in. What makes me very sad about this devastating


story, a murder makes everything public. There's a lot of things that


most of us wouldn't want to be made public, private lives, our failures


as a parent, the things that go wrong. The trouble with murder is


that it all becomes public. We are sitting here talking about a family


who would really rather we didn't. Take us to the FT. Kerry warns


climate deal will not be legally binding. We are talking protocols.


This is John Kerry. The US Secretary of State. We have big climate change


talks coming up. We thought we were going to get a treaty, some legally


binding agreement on carbon emissions. Some people want a


treaty. We are going to get a protocol. Not sure what the


difference is! Territory is one of those politicians who wants a big


legacy, getting the whole world together, delegates from 195


countries, thrashing it out and coming up with something that isn't


worth the paper it is written on, it looks like! One option is to make


its rules and procedures legally binding, but not the actual targets.


So the rules of the protocol on legally binding, but the targets on


CO2 emissions won't be. Are the rules there to get you to the


target? No idea. We are nearly there. Nearly agreeing something.


Trying to get the Chinese to agree to this, because on Kyoto they


didn't agree on the previous climate change agreement. The US signed it


then, but didn't ratify it. It is all of these politics words that end


up... Isn't there something that says the breeze that the Americans


are taking this view is that if they did something that was legally


binding, it would have to go through the Sennett? Mr Kerry said it was


too early to call how a Republican-controlled Congress would


respond to a global deal. Kerry is trying to do something here. He has


spoken to every single news organisation in the last month.


Meanwhile, we have floods. The Daily Telegraph front page, the number of


women on HRT to double, according to NICE. The older I get, the more


interested I am in this type of story! What they are essentially


saying is that a lot of doctors have been frightened of hormone


replacement therapy since a 2002 study linking it to breast cancer


risk. They are saying that only one in ten going through the menopause,


there's quite a few, 1.5 million women experiencing menopausal


symptoms, but a small proportion are being prescribed HRT because there


was a misunderstanding of what this study said, according to the report.


They are saying that HRT is not scary, and for some reason, -- for


some women, the effect of their symptoms is great, and the risk of


breast cancer is not. It is risk and return, which is what they are


saying. We have this all the time, with safe drinking levels. The


problem is, the public sees that it is always changing. They might have


another look at it in another tenuous. This is the current


guidance, but people get far too confused by it, and try to stay away


from it all together. Doctors are confused by it. People see it, and


they react. This is Jeremy Corbyn, now a member of the Privy Council.


He may have kissed the Queen 's hand, but he did not kneel. He said


he would be a faithful servant to the Queen. Sometimes, you just have


to be pragmatic. Even with his beliefs, we have had so much on what


he believes that he doesn't want a monarchy, he may have kissed her


hand, but we are not sure if we did. Do we care? Bee we are told he went


along with the usual protocols. The latest Tony Benn wrote that he had


kissed his own thumb rather than the Queen's hand! I felt a bit sorry for


him with the remembrance, where they were asking whether it was a bowel,


and then the fact he was talking to wall the veterinary. It has got to


the point that you either like the guy you don't, and all of these


stories are just going to reinforce it. Time is relatively tight, and we


want to get the Daily Express' front page in! There's been a lot of,


again NICE, about providing statins to people. Lots of people are on


statins to lower cholesterol. Research has shown that they believe


they have found a vaccine where instead of a daily pill, this will


be an injection once every three months. In effect, it will be a lot


cheaper for the NHS, when it gets to that stage. It also says it slashes


cholesterol by up to 55%, whereas statins is 30%, and it doesn't have


the side effects. It will be a few years off... This is only tests. I


think it is NICE. It has been tested on animals, mice and monkeys. My


concern is who is funding the research. I hope it is a university.


If it is a drug company, they do tend to increase the price if it is


a better drug, as they always do. I can see why they would do that, but


it is just more pressure on NHS budgets. It is always good to end on


a sceptical note! Thank you very much to Louise and Michael. They


will be back in about 45 minutes for another look at the stories making


the news tomorrow. Coming up, Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I'm Azi Farni.


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