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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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face seven years banned from Fifa on corruption charges. And David is


going to box again. That is coming up with me in the next 15 minutes


straight after The Papers. Hello, and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are the writer, Natalie


Haynes, and James Cusick, political Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with the I, which has what it calls an "exclusive shock poll"


showing 52% of the British public US presidential candidate,


Hilary Clinton, has waded in against pharmaceutical giant


Pfizer, which wants to take over an Irish company, enabling it to move


its tax bill overseas, too, that's The Metro leads on the


Hatton Gardens burglary trial, reporting how the ?14 million heist


was allegedly plotted in a pub. The Daily Telegraph leads on a


tip-off ahead of Wednesday's Autumn Statement that the Chancellor's


going to hand the NHS a ?6 billion The Guardian also has that story,


that George Osborne is going to provide a significant financial


injection to the NHS. The paper says the money is


frontloading a previous Treasury Finally, the Express warns that


a ballistic missile attack against the UK is perceived as a serious


threat by Defence chiefs, and that the Armed Forces are "boosting"


missile defences accordingly. According to The Telegraph we need


to boost nuclear defence is as well. Islamic State is trying to


gain nuclear weapons, says Number ten. This is a strange story we have


been talking about. The opening paragraph says that Isil is trying


to get nuclear and biological weapons, according to David Cameron.


There is no other mention of it. And halfway down the second paragraph


they said there was no timetable, the government published the


national security strategy which says they are trying to get


biological and nuclear capabilities. It sounds like that is the least of


their job. To say that, they might do that... The more shocking


headline would be saying they are definitely going to. It is about


security. Is this The Telegraph saying this is a serious threat, the


word nuclear is out there, we are on the side of those in for attacks in


Syria. Or is it getting ready for next week? The more cynical among us


would go through this document and look for the word 45 minutes. Can we


do this in 45 minutes? The sad thing is that the enquiry is seven months


away. There should be some architecture around trying to


analyse this and we don't have it. So we are active in familiar


territory again. -- we are back in. Al Qaeda and Isil would want that.


Any disruptive terror organisation would want this. At it is the front


page... It is what Jeremy Corbyn was alluding to in the Commons today. He


made the point that, shouldn't we, the nation, be waiting until the


Chilcot enquiry comes out to find out what lessons might be learned


before we stumble into a big mass again. Low it takes less in dog


years. -- mess. -- it takes place. That is the way to do it. No point


waiting. The Daily Mail. The UK could be at war with Syria by next


week. I was talking to Colonel Bob Stewart, the formerly go of native


forces in Bosnia, now in the Select Committee, he says he wants this


today. -- Nato. This vote. Were already in this bombing exercise, we


want to extend it to Syria were Islamic State are. The amount of


influence the UK will have them this is minimal. A lot of this is... How


can I put this nicely... Is diplomacy and status going on. We


want to be seen playing our part to. It will be fairly minimal. -- part.


This is not going to war, ground troops, this is simply ramping up a


small amount what we are doing. The main concern, if we do this, is


mission creep. Are we back here in a few months time arguing over that?


That is what they will have to explain, David Cameron. -- months'.


I think it will be quick. I think you will get the vote. I think it


will be fast, as this article says. It is largely symbolic, you are


saying. But, symbols matter. It is important for the US coalition to be


able to say, you know, we do have one of the permanent five of the


Security Council backing us, even if it is a couple of RAF gets dropping


a few bombs. It is symbolic but that is important to. Elsewhere, David


Cameron is saying the French say we will be able to use Cyprus. -- too.


It is a small step with an alarmist headline. It is fed to say that, I


think. The Daily Mail has a negative front page today. -- fair. It turns


out you will be at war or he will have swine flu. -- you. What about


this woman, is she wearing a nice dress? We won't dwell on that. Very


briefly, James, the suggestion is that Islamic State is 40,000 strong


in Raqqa. The population in that town is for 100 thousand. The


suggestion is that if Western troops went in there they would not get


down in a week, maybe long. -- longer. -- 400,000. I will not go


through every war that has only lasted a small amount of time, but


the history is that people will be killed. So... I like. I don't like


him. (LAUGHING). OK. Where are we? I am


lost. The Independent. The majority now wants Britain to leave the EU. A


big change in just a month. Yeah. This question has been asked, stay


or go, to paraphrase the Clash. It was asked again after the Paris


attacks and is now 52% would like to leave and only 48 would like to


remain. That is the first time it has been a majority for leasing. The


real question is, what can you do with those numbers between now and


whenever the next all happens? -- leaving. -- poll. This is not


guaranteed. It is a heavy strategy. I think, if David Cameron backs


being in and he loses he is finished. He goes. If the vote goes


in his favour he has done his job, technically, and that would be a


good time to leave as well. The backlash in Scotland, a referendum


lost, does not necessarily mean everybody is happy. This poll, the


first time we have measured this after the summer refugee stuff, by


the Independent I will say it again, it just shows that this entire


exercise is by no means finished. -- Independent,. If this lasts a year,


until June this summer coming, as quick as that, whether he would be


interested in doing this as quick as possible, but if the numbers are


like this, they will put it on hold. You have been told June? Well, we


have already written that but that is beside the point. Who told you


that? Sources. This shift then, Natalie, is because one of the


bombers, used a Syrian passport. Is that the idea and part of the


problem? That is part of its. When we look at these figures they break


down into an obvious generational divide. 62% below 65 would like to


go. In the younger generation, that most alarmed by Paris, because they


tend to be the people at rock concerts, not to disregard the power


of the... It seems to be at tax on those places. -- attacks. So, it


seems like young people looking for work across Europe are still keen


for us to stay. But they do not vote. The whole of the so-called


referendum debate are supposed to be economic ones. And this probably


proves that maybe economics is only part of its. That is interesting at


this early stage. What is going to happen? -- it. Do we return to


economics if worsens? That is what they did in Scotland, they went


straight to the heart of economics. In any referendum, when it comes


down to one of two topics, I don't think we have actually known what


those topics are going to be. Because he has not got his


renegotiation yet from Brussels. It is not giftwrapped yet. We have not


been told what the package is. I have quite a lot to do in Brussels.


Tidy and wrapped up. Very nice. Let's go to the Times. Jeremy Corbyn


is still first choice. His hopes have been dashed ousting the


leader. If your social media feed looks anything like mine it is 50-50


with people saying, how can this idiot say this? And then, how can


anyone doubt him? That is how it looks. When you look at these


numbers it reflects and dutifully. Labour Party members, those who paid


their ?3 to vote, two thirds of them think he is doing a great job. --


beautifully. So he has improved from that. Things have become unstuck in


terms of where that gets us at the very end of this piece.


Conservatives have a big lead. The highest lead ever recorded since


2010. The question is, Jeremy Corbyn is doing really well at ten into his


choir, but is that translating outside of the party? -- singing to.


One of the lowest ratings on record. I didn't know that Labour's national


executive is looking at new conduct that could clampdown on criticism of


Jeremy Corbyn on social media. You were arguing, is this Stalinist or


Maoist?. Or Leninist. I see social media discussion is often...


Sorry... There is a sequence of these kind of things. If... There


has always been talk of a new party. Those who didn't back Jeremy


Corbyn were going to remain and stay in the game for as long as


possible. If it is long-term and he looks unable to be ousted for the


next five years, then, I think the rumour mill of any party... -- a new


party. All right. Onto the Guardian. Osborn finds 2.8 billion pounds a


year to combat the winter crisis for the NHS. Extra cash. Yes, and a


major fear in some of the reactions to this story is there will be extra


cash for the NHS but will there be a definition of what the NHS is? Did


we grow in public health and training? There is extra money for


the NHS, but when you look at the figures, it is not quite the money


that you get. The frontloading money that was promised during the


election, not that long ago... The money is there and I think there is


a recognition that there is a crisis and it has happened quite quick. The


problem is, do they have to keep doing this for the next five years?


I'm not sure about that. If this is a 1-off it is slightly delusional.


People have said the NHS needs more than they are laying out at the


moment. Osborne has to put his hands in his pocket. That is not what they


needed the next few years. At least some of this money, a full 820


million, a surprisingly large sum, looks like it is coming from taking


away bursaries to fund student trendsetters. You would be better


off training the nurses straight off. -- training centres. The Hatton


Garden raiders potted the heist at a pub. -- plotted. Not only that, the


Guv'nor, the mastermind, used the Oyster card on the number 55 bus, he


isn't a fare dodger. That is cool. You take the bus on the way to a


heist. Can you imagine a film of this? When George Clooney gets on


the number 55. But it isn't a victimless crime. We have to make


that clear. The prosecution having fun. Some people in this courtroom


say they were not responsible. I would like to throw that in. Thank


you very much. I hope the lawyers don't go for you. It was great


having you in. Thank you for coming in. Stay with us here on BBC News


because it is time for football and lots of other things.


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