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proceedings against them on grubs in charges. -- Fifa president Sepp


Blatter. And David hey is returning to boxing, again. That is coming up


in 15 minutes, after the newspapers. -- David Haye.


Welcome to the look ahead to what the newspapers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With me are the writer, broadcaster, all-round good egg (!)


, Natalie Haynes, and... Some hack from the independent LAUGHTER


... James Cusick, political correspondent. This is what we are


looking at: I would have thought that would be a


serious threat! Any suggestion of a missile attack! Financial Times,


Trident costs up by ?6 billion, David Cameron boosting military and


targeting terrorism. Expensive having an independent nuclear


deterrent. This week, the message from George Osborne for a large


number of Godman department is going to be, less, but military spending,


apparently the message is, more. More equipment, more frigates, more


surveillance aircraft, and rising costs, some 6 billion. This is not


the overall cost of the project, this is the cost of the boats. It


has gone from 25 billion, now a further 6 billion, and then a


contingency fund of a further 10 billion just in case the sums are


right. The overall cost of the project, anything from 100 billion


up to 106 the 7 billion... These billions are really beginning to add


up! It is not that you question the sums or the ability of the


calculators... It is just that, you know, it would be better if there


was a bit more precision in this. Precision is difficult, you are


procuring this kind of stuff so far in advance, that costs always end up


spiralling. They certainly seem to, but by a huge percentage, 6 billion,


25 billion, that is almost a quarter. If the whole thing worked


at the cheaper end of the scale over the next 30 years, which is 100


billion, not just submarines and missiles, but the whole budget, and


that increased on the same amount that the submarines have so far,


that would add another 24 billion to the whole thing. When you look, as


we will in a minute, at the amount of money given to the NHS, it makes


you realise, these numbers... You cannot sweep it under the carpet, 24


billion, 25 billion, the difference between those sums is ?1 billion!


That is a huge amount of money! Hurley Telegraph, 6 billion boost


for the NHS, some more big figures. -- Daily Telegraph. Any introduction


I said, a tip-off, somebody has briefed journalists at the Telegraph


that that is going to be in the spending we view. The numbers from


every newspaper are different, 6 billion, according to the Telegraph.


Going into the NHS because of the deepening financial crisis. An extra


3.8 billion going into the NHS, the Guardian, says 3.8. They are all


very different sums, and whether or not it is new money, we sat with


some pens... It was practically a maths lesson. You need an abacus!


LAUGHTER We got it to 6.1 billion, the


closest we could get to the Telegraph, once we added up all of


the Guardian's numbers. There is going to be more cash. During the


election, you may remember that, not... Earlier this year... You may


have blanked it out. Why would I have done that (!) there was big


promise of an extra 10 billion before 2020, that was one of the


policies, they were promising there would be extra spending. Let's just


say that the crisis in the NHS has arrived, the first winter it has


arrived. And the money... It looks as if the money has been


front-loaded. My guess, if this amount of money simply deals with a


crisis this year, and is not part of a long-term cure, then this exercise


may have to be repeated a number of times, and I don't know how much


cash the Treasury have at the moment. Again, when every buddy else


is told less, at least, the NHS, which is no bad thing. Going to the


Guardian, Osborne finds 3.8 billion a year to help to combat the NHS


winter crisis. Didn't the NHS say they needed 8 billion a year, just


to stand still? Sounds like not getting enough money, when you read


it that way. The Guardian announced numbers this way, 3.8 billion a year


in 16, 17. A further 1.5 billion in 1718, that got us to 5.3... Plus,


I'm guessing, to get us to six, and it is a guess, in the third


column... It suggests he will be raiding funds for student nurses.


And student nurse loans, 120 million, that gets us to 6.1


billion. That is the way that they have done it. That is how the


Telegraph have got there. They love sums were they just love sums. You


are helping them out, helping them out. Very interesting yet, the i,


Britain wants out of Europe, exclusive shock poll. Not that long


ago it was the reverse of this, the majority were in favour of staying,


we have had a summer of refugee images, horrific images, beginning


to question, if you like, the security of the borders of the Duke,


this is probably a knock on from that, the stuff from Paris last week


would not have helped. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, will


win the Syria vote, next week, you would think, this particular vote


must be worrying Downing Street. I would have thought, you should start


a campaign ahead, if you start the campaign behind, then it is going to


be very difficult. There is a lot of figures here which are slightly


strange, this is turning into a numbers game. We should ring Johnny


Ball! LAUGHTER Showing your age! 69% of 18 to


24-year-olds wants to remain in the EU. 38% of 65 and over wants to. The


way it looks, if he wishes to change these numbers, he has got to address


the young vote, the 18 to 24. As we were discussing earlier, that is


almost the group that are slightly distant from the government at the


moment. He has got to focus upon this because it is unlikely that the


older end are going to change their mind, if this vote is held next


year. Briefly, those images which elicited a lot of sympathy from the


British public, has that gone out of the window because one bloke decided


he was going to make off with a Syrian passport and then attacked a


bar, a club, whatever it was in Paris? The short answer, kind of,


yes! These numbers were good through June, July and September, the same


poll was carried out right the way through the summer, picture after


picture of dead children, people hanging off the side of boats, all


over the newspapers, and the same numbers existed, 52% saying, 55%


saying we should stay, 45% saying we should leave, and the week after


Paris, those numbers have reversed. Briefly, Daily Telegraph, invitation


for 25,000 to join the Queen's 90th birthday party, ?75 a pop!


Invitation is a strong word, you need to have the cash! This is a


birthday party we have got to pay for as well? ! I have got a free


seat, anyway (!) you are worth it, you are worth it! LAUGHTER


OK, enough, enough, you will be back in an hour's time, hopefully we will


more time. That went very quickly. Stay with us now, on BBC News, it is


time for sports day.


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