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number one, David Goffin. We will show you how England beat Pakistan


in the first T20 match of the series. That is in the next 15


minutes. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are


Rowena Mason, Political Correspondent at the


Guardian AND Craig Woodhouse, Chief Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with... The Times leads


on Labour's split over bombing It says Jeremy Corbyn's opposition


has plunged him into the biggest The Telegraph also splashes


on the turmoil in Labour over The Syria vote leads the Guardian


too, they say Cameron is hopeful "Cameron's ready for war,


but is Britain?" The question posed by the


Daily Mirror. The Independent features


the kneeling figure of a man condemned to death in Saudi


Arabia, one of 50 who will be put In the Express, there's hope


for sufferers of arthritis -- an injection to ease their agony could


be on the way within five years. Net migration could lead to an out


vote in the upcoming European union referendum.


The House of Commons divided as the prime Minster make the case to bomb


IS in Syria. What did you make of the KC made? A lot of the paper not


looking at that, looking at what is going on in Labour? Interesting, ACU


new facts David Cameron presented to the Commons. -- ACU. He took 100


questions from MPs. One of the things people are most sceptical


about is the idea there are 70,000 troops on the ground in Syria, that


could move into the vacuum, that the UK and other coalition countries


could get rid of Isis. Is there much evidence of that figure? How many


troops could be available? In a tortuous briefing later on to


journalists, we went around the houses. It has come from the joint


intelligence committee. Downing Street is says it is not a figure


the Prime Minister has picked out of the air. Not a dodgy dossier. It has


come from the intelligence chiefs. They have put a slight caveat on it,


saying around 75,000 ground troops in Syria, unfortunately nowhere near


where Isis is controlling. In the south-west of the country. There is


the issue of moving them around. The thing Downing Street was saying, as


soon as we can get political transition, Assad going, we can use


the full might of the Syrian army to help take on Isis, a lot more than


75,000, that is what we call the Free Syrian Army. Looking at the


independent, labour at war over air strikes. Talk of the biggest crisis


of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, he has only been leader for five


minutes. Certainly the biggest crisis since last week. On the day


that the prime Minister comes to the House of Commons to make the case


for Britain to go to war with another country, Labour have made


it that he is writing to MPs about it that he is writing to MPs about


something he really thinks? Why other set -- why is the Shadow


Cabinet so upset? We know he thinks that, but they were to come to a


whether the party votes for war. He whether the party votes for war. He


is being clear about what he thinks. He would like to take the


whole party, but it does not look like the Shadow Cabinet agrees.


There is talk of that senior figures from the Labour Party resigning from


the Shadow Cabinet. Up to half of them, I expect. The key issue is not


whether they knew Jeremy Corbyn is not a fan of foreign intervention.


He has been a member of Stop the Walk says he has been short


trousers. Jamie Collins Edison to the David Cameron evidence, reflect,


we will make a decision on Monday. He ambushes them on Thursday


afternoon, saying I have listened, I will not speak to my CLP, neither


will you, I don't want to do it any more. Complete breakdown of trust,


which is at the heart of it. Interesting meeting on Monday.


Staying with the independent, extraordinary image, mass executions


in Saudi Arabia. Will Britain protest? Picture a man waiting to be


executed in Saudi Arabia. Images like this are unbelievable. The


question is, what will Britain do about it, given the trade


Britain's relationship with Saudi Arabia has been in the spotlight the


bit more than usual recently. One of the arguments Jeremy Corbyn is


making, we need to look very closely at whether Saudi individuals are


helping to fund jihadists. The Liberal Democrats have been saying


that. A case of a British person in Saudi, who got a reprieve, but was


potentially going to be flogged. Several cases of bloggers, that


Britain has protested about. David Cameron


Saudis. In cases like this, you have to wonder


effect. Should we be doing as much business with estate that has a


human rights record like this? Largest business, a key military


ally, and will continue to be so, in our fight against Islamic State.


Sometimes unfortunately the world is not an ideal place as


would like, as Jeremy Corbin would like. You have two pick your allies,


and work out if it is better to fight a worse evil. Let's look at


the FT. A migrant behind a fence in northern Greece. Stemming the flow


of the migrants to the EU, or risk the fate of the Northern Gerry Roman


Empire. This is the Dutch prime minister making this morning. -- the


fate of the Roman Empire. He is a big friend of Nick Clegg, you would


think he was a centrist. This reflects serious concerns in Europe,


about the sheer number of people coming to Europe from the crisis in


Syria. This is linked to one and the same thing. At the heart of the


European project, easy come, easy go where freedom of movement. That has


led to fairly weak external borders, people paying the price, as we see


now. If the Schengen fails, why would the single currency, Cropper?


Not explained in the article. -- come a cropper. He is making a point


about the European single currency, the central tenant of the European


Union. In a wider way, the whole project could be at risk if freedom


of movement is undermined. The language seems pretty extreme, I'm


not sure it will herald a new dark ages like after the Roman Empire. He


has chosen that language to make a point about how strongly he feels.


What with the parasitical city the? Europe like the Roman Empire, it


would strike terror into the hearts of Tory Eurosceptics. People in


Europe think it is as great as the Roman Empire. It is a collection of


28 sovereign states, they would be perfectly OK on their own, with Bill


Cash and his friends say. Osborne's at hit poor families hard. You have


written this. It is quite complicated. At the heart of it, two


respected economic think tank, the Resolution Foundation and the


Institute for Fiscal Studies, they are saying effectively, although the


cuts to tax credits have been reversed, when tax credits are faded


out, and the universal credit comes in, actually in work benefits


entitlements, for new claimants, they will be lower than the current


system. In that sense, effectively, new claimants will lose a large


amount of money, around ?1000 a year by 2020. Not quite as good a story


as it seemed to some people when you have the Autumn Statement? That


depends. What this is saying, 16 edge of pounds -- 16 edge of pounds


-- ?1600 worse off than the current system. George Osborne has said the


current system is unsustainable, and it comes as no surprise that some


people will lose out. Buy to let Russia as people try to beat the


stamp duty increase. This is if you are buying a second property, you


will have to pay more to the Exchequer over it. Whether it does


force people to rush to beat the April deadline, we don't know?


Highly likely, if you are a vandal sitting on a massive lot of cash,


you want to expand your Empire, you have got rich by not giving your


money away, why not snap up what is available? My heart bleeds for them,


paying an extra 3% to take up extra housing stock. A good move by the


Chancellor. It has annoyed a few well-heeled people. The economic


forecast said it could depress property prices. Amen to that. For


most people trying to get a house. It could affect the housing market,


when the gunmen get involved? Possibly. It is quite a short window


of time, in which people will potentially, rush to buy to let


houses. Any effect will probably be short lived. Stampede over in four


months. Stand clear. We will be back at 11:30pm, hopefully having a bit


longer to talk about the front pages. Coming up next, it is time


for debris. --


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