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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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defeating Wladimir Klitschko, and we will have a look at the 12 names of


the shortlist for the sporting personality of the year award. That


is all after the papers. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are the Daily Mirror


columnist Susie Boniface and the FT's Energy correspondent


Kiran Stacey. "Corbyn's climbdown" is the headline


in I. The paper says the Labour leader was


forced to offer his MPs a free vote after being attacked


by senior shadow cabinet members. The Mail says Britain could start


bombing Islamic State in Syria within 48 hours and that


Jeremy Corbyn has caved in to Air strikes in days as Corbyn


retreats The Times says that dozens of


Labour MPs will back military action The decision


by junior doctors to suspend planned strike action tomorrow features


on the Guardian's front page. The dollar hitting an eight-month


peak against other major currencies The Mirror says doctors are


recommending the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe


should be transferred back to prison The Sun has the same story


and suggests Sutcliffe is on suicide watch


after hearing he might be moved. We will begin with the story about


Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour and -- MPs being given a free vote. It is


on a lot the front pages. The Times says airstrikes after Jeremy Corbyn


concedes defeat. Dozens of Labour MPs will back action tomorrow. That


is very close to this vote. It will only be a day's debate. Jeremy


Corbyn wanted two days of debate, something else he has lost on. And


Doctor Jeremy Corbyn supporters say this is grossly unfair. -- a lot


of. It almost makes it look like Jeremy Corbyn is the cause of this.


Of course he is not. But to a certain extent, it just shows you


how badly Jeremy Corbyn has handled things. What David Cameron did was


decide on his position quite early. To make his arguments, to get his


party in line. Jeremy Corbyn left it to the last minute, told everybody


to follow their conscience while saying there is no way he will


listen to his constituents. It is a mess on the Labour ventures. That is


why it is being covered like this. That is not really fair, to suggest


that Jeremy Corbyn had decided on his stance a while ago. He decided


years ago. He did not decide how to strategise until recently. This is


the nation's most famous pacifist being painted as a bloodthirsty


warmonger. It is amazing is that much time around. But to some extent


this is his fault. All that stood between us and airstrikes was him.


You are relying on the opposition to the government doing a good job of


opposing it and exposing the holes in the government's plan. Had he got


up on his feet and forensically taken apart David Cameron's plan and


strategy, we would not be talking about the holes in his argument.


Instead, he said, a lot of points he had just answered. He did not adapt


it according to circumstances. He was not forensic about the


attention. He has now got this complete mess. You can blame the


media if you like, but if Jeremy Corbyn was doing his job up relief,


we would be talking about David Cameron's strategy. The Daily Mail,


48 hours from war in Syria. Could that turn many mines around? That is


the job of being a party leader. Ed Miliband managed it. But there is


the question whether he was being led by his party or leading the


party. Had Jeremy Corbyn said two weeks ago, I am a pacifist, but even


in this case, these are the reasons I do not think the Prime Minister


has made his case, he would have had a powerful argument. About a dozen


Tory MPs agree with him. But he did not make his case. I would not blame


Jeremy Corbyn for failing to block the Prime Minister. The fault lies


primarily with the Prime Minister. Moving on. The Guardian again.


Doctors call off the strike and agree to hold further talks. Actions


have now been suspended. Jeremy Hunt saying that he wanted to talk a long


time ago. Saying that he would not impose these new contracts. Another


case of bad management. Jeremy Hunt suggested a new contract for this.


Then said it would be imposed anyway. That caused a complete


farce. And then just before the strike is going to happen, when


doctors have put solutions in place to cover the lack of doctors, he


suddenly caves and says, I will not impose this. He could have done that


sooner. Would the BMA have come to the table sooner? The threat of


imposition is what caused the strikes. Some of the terms and


conditions were a contributing factor. It seems the government has


agreed these higher rates of pay for extra working should apply from 7pm


on a Saturday rather than ten p.m.. That showed of goodwill is helping.


As a patient, I am not that concerned. As a patient, I am more


concerned whether my patient will be exhausted. If doctors feel pressured


to do work when they are not fit, that is still a problem. I still


agree with the doctor, rather than Jeremy Hunt. I would be very


surprised if you ever agreed with Jeremy Hunt. Looking at the sun.


Prince Charles giving his view on what he thinks is the biggest danger


facing humanity. A lot of people would agree with them. Few are than


the last time we had one of these major international summits. --


fewer. Over the last few years, climate change has fallen down the


priorities. You have seen cuts to renewables. One of the reasons


Prince Charles is starting to get involved politically is because he


feels the conversation is getting away. Maybe he is the voice that can


guide that opinion. He gets in trouble. And he is going to get in


trouble. Barack Obama appearing in a car that gets eight miles to the


gallon. If they shared a private jet, I am a banana. All the people


that have gone there from 150 different nations, a couple of them


could have shared transport. For done it through Skype. Yes. For


other forms of WebCam. Compose yourselves. Suggestion that Peter


Sutcliffe might be moved back to a prison from psychiatric hospital. He


is on suicide watch. For him. He has been there for a long period of time


with the litany of health problems. Doctors were worried he was trying


to feed himself to death. He spent 31 years as a mental patient in


Broadmoor. It does not say that we have got what it is that the doctors


think he might be fit to go into the high security prison. That would be


a huge change in lifestyle. But he might just end up in the hospital


wing. This has happened regularly since he was arrested in 1981.


Whether he was mad or bad. That is a huge controversy. He argued that he


heard voices and he was schizophrenic and needed treatment.


Everybody else wanted him to go to prison and have a really hard time.


This has happened regularly and it usually ends up going back to him


going back to Broadmoor. He has been in for three decades. A couple of


stories in the Telegraph. Cameron given the option to delay Heathrow


decision. It is coming from a reputable source. A committee of MPs


who are saying we have a few more things to comply with. That is very


convenient for David Cameron. It is a very difficult decision. If he


were to decide on a third runway or a second one at Gatwick, several MPs


could split the party. They are against expansion. They are against


expansion at Heathrow. He will have problems with some of his own


Cabinet. If he can keep them all together and move this issue down


the agenda, he is happy. He has got Syria to worry about, his legacy to


worry about. He has got to make this decision. The reason it has been


kicked down the road, we should be across all of those issues. How long


has this been running for? Ripper Mac made the decision to build a


third runway. We have already had six years of this. The government


itself commissioned a report into those which took nearly three


years. It all but recommended a third runway. And still they claim


not to have had all the information. It is just trying to push it off as


far as they can. The other story, call to ban DNA editing over


designer baby fears. What does that mean? It is a way of changing


somebody's DNA so they are not likely to be set. There was a really


interesting story about the little girl who had leukaemia. They had a


technique of sending in nano bots that would take out the DNA that was


stopping her reacting properly to the chemotherapy. And then she was


declared clear and everything was great. Most people would not have a


problem with that. They would think that was a reasonable use of


technology. Our concerned if you change people's genes, there is no


knowing what will happen in the future. Although it is quite well


regulated, it is not the same elsewhere. How do you stop it


everywhere in the world? You can't, there is no international body that


could even say everybody should stop. They are trying to pressure


Western governments to put pressure on allies around the world not to do


this. And to highlight the scientific problems. What scientists


are worried about is genetic changes passing on through the gene line.


The problem is that could become embedded in our DNA. Who knows what


that might involve? It might include a weakness to a disease we have not


even thought of. There are a lot of things that might happen. All kinds


of things could happen in the future. The final story. If men are


from Mars, then so are women. We are supposed to be from Venus, I never


thought that. For reasons I will not go into. What a choice. Why? It has


been said for years that men are very good at reading maps and women


are better at asking for directions. It is a true is that men are better


at spatial awareness and women better at communication. But when


looking at the studies, the scientists in question were only


looking at one part of the brain at a time. They have looked at lots of


bits of the brains simultaneously. Any one person could be male or


female at different parts of their brain at the same time. We are all


individuals. It makes no difference whatsoever. John Brake wrote a


bestselling book about men being from Mars and women being from


Venus. It was huge. There was a lot of criticism from scientists towards


that look at the time. But there are more credible people who have


written similar books. I cannot remember the name of the author. She


was a female scientist looking at some of this and suggesting similar


things. If you were thinking. -- gendered way of thinking. I have


never seen that in my own experience. It seems that science is


the same. It might be the way we are brought up. Thank you. Nice to see


you. Coming up next, Sportsday.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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