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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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comments from Tyson Fury who has returned to the UK after beating


Wladimir Klitschko on Saturday night. We will look at the 12 names


on the short list for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. That


is after The Papers. Hello, and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers We are running late. Don't blame me,


blame Hugh. He is not here, he is gone.


With me are the Daily Mirror columnist Susie Boniface and the


We will press on because we don't have a lot of time. We will start


with the eye. Corbyn's claim down. Caring into leader after heated


Cabinet meeting. What choice did he have? None whatsoever. This will be


Corbyn's big problem. It doesn't matter whether you agree with him,


party, you have to have some party, you have to have some


managerial skills. You have to be able to run your top team. Your MPs


argue executives, your shadow cupboard are your very close members


of the board. Have to appeal to the customers as well as getting new


customers. The fundamental problem is he does not have the experience


of managing anything apart from himself and is he does not have the


experience of managing anything apart from himself and its own, to


ask other people and making his mind up about going to his constituency.


Apparently today at some point in the meeting, he was reading out what


he thought they should be doing, to have a free vote but not mention it


to anybody. A member of their Cabinet held up a phone and said


this is all on Twitter. And Corbyn went mad and said he can't believe


they are tweeting from the Shadow Cabinet, and he said it is not thus,


it is your team. They were treating it as if it was already a decision


that was happening. This does not happen whether you are a charity, a


company, a newsroom, that is not how you get people onside with you and


that is where they will fail. Talking about newsrooms... The thing


is, though, it could have been his downfall, wouldn't it, if he had


insisted upon everyone following his lead, surely... Political leaders


should, is that not the job of a political leader? Cameron has


managed to do that by large. But David Cameron hasn't voted against


his party 100 times. That is part of the problem. Jeremy Corbyn rebelled


so many times and he was a backbencher so it has not got a like


to stand on when backbenchers say to him, you didn't show us loyalty, why


should we show you any? Years running it like he is a left-wing


campaigning MP. It sounded like it was absolute chaos going on in the


Shadow Cabinet. He tried to tell them we will have a policy of


opposing the war but I will let you have a free vote. Andy Burnham said


it is completely unacceptable. We said -- we had the scene of the


Chief Whip saying she would resign and then not going to resign. This


is the kind of party management that David Cameron was getting criticised


for in 2013 when he tried and failed to go to war and this is much


worse. Let's look at the Metro, keirin, it says that the free vote


puts, Corbyn taking us to war? That is the point the paper is making. It


is a bad way of writing it. Because Corbyn is making such a hash of


arranging his own party, none of us are looking at the less exciting


strategy that Cameron has proposed and criticising it. Don't you admire


Jeremy Corbyn are trying to stick to what he believes is true? Yes and


you can't deny that but he has turned round so many times on this


issue alone, he is practically a human corkscrew. The trouble is, why


we are all looking at him trying to be principled but bending


uncompromising any time he tries to establish in principle, we are not


cruised scrutinising the Government suggestion. You can blame the media


if you like but that is Corbyn's job, he should be saying these


upheavals in the argument and hasn't been saying that. Hasn't he been


trying to do that? To a certain extent but he has been trying to


decide whether to whip his own MPs instead. The Labour Party has had a


huge internal conversation over the last few days instead of dealing


with what we all want to know, this is the right thing to do or not?


This is really, the next General Election, if Jeremy Corbyn wins,


this will be the next election in microcosm. Labour talking to itself


and not appealing to focus on the issues they care about. Let's talk


about the doctors strike, will move to the Guardian. Doctors call off


strike and agreed to hold further talks. It is a subvention of these


three days of action, one of which tomorrow, cold comfort to patients


who have had operations cancelled. The only comfort will be that these


are routine operations and in theory it will not be life-threatening


operations, the Government has at least seen some kind of sense and


are going to have some talks. What has happened is that the Government


has removed this threat of doing this contract on the doctors without


consultation. They said to them, if you not agree to our own terms, you


not agree to our own terms, you'll have to said, they threw their toys


out of the pram. BMA have could they not have gone to the negotiating


table a bit sooner? I think they have been round the table but the


bad blood on both sides is very high. I was reading something by a


negotiation experts think the other day that Jeremy Hunt has done


everything you're not supposed to do, setting an artificial deadline


and threatening mandatory action... Is that not really terrible


management? This man should not be in charge of a government department


if that is how he acts. He is glad to know. It all seems to have been


postponed for now. Let's look at the telegraph if we can. Cameron given


an option to delay Heathrow decision, who had given him the


option? The environmental audit committee, cross-party, MPs, have


given him the biggest relief, everything is coming up smelling of


roses for him at the moment, this was going to be a huge headache.


Cameron and Osborne are keen to get building a third runway at Heathrow


but know they have a huge problem because not only does Boris Johnson


vehemently oppose it but Zac Goldsmith, the man they are lining


up to be the next Mayor of London if he wins, also opposes it. They have


to find a way of diffusing this issue while the mayoral election


comes. They have been saying on the audit committee, we have to examine


this further, that the airport except that it will comply with key


environmental conditions. Why we need that when we have a had a


three-year commission... You need it because the Prime Minister kicked it


into the long grass. Select committees of the environment don't


go along with them but this has been quite convenient with them. Nothing


odd going on? Know, but it would suit him at this stage that he could


kick this into the long grass until after the EU referendum. He will


have no problems in terms of Europe and splits in 2017, whenever it is


it is held. If he can put Heathrow that would cause sac and barristers


that the party again, if they can push that a little further down the


line so that Cameron in theory isn't Prime Minister at that point, he


said he would leave before the next election in 2020, you will be a


happy bunny so I would say it is convenient. Call to ban DNA editing


says the Daily Telegraph. This is a wood designer baby fears. Quite a


large number of British scientists amongst an even bigger group calling


for a ban on genetic editing, -- editing. It is... It is a fine line


to discuss, what scientists here are worried about is creating


superhumans, that has been eradicated to be perfect. Other


things that we do use already, things like Gene therapy, stem cell


therapy, screening for certain disabilities, it has changed our


species a bit over time. They are trying to say here is getting


everyone to stop and think and get on board for a moment, some nations,


China in particular, do their own thing. The temptation to get rid of


life-threatening illnesses if you can is enormous, but unintended


consequences could be a human race that never reverts to what it was.


Yes, we already have things like stem cell research but the


difference there is, I think as far as I can tell... Genetic


modifications don't necessarily get passed down through the


generations. What scientists are worried about but are you are curing


one thing but you could be in producing witnesses to something


else, a worry with crops and things... Should we give the last


word to map? A columnist in the telegraph. They have got the tree up


already which I think is far too early. Tomorrow is the first, you


can do it from the first. I am afraid I disagree and it is my


programme. There is a woman sitting in her chair and a man is standing


at the wall and the Labour Advent calendar, he is starting to open the


doors. The legend is, every day there is a different policy on


Syria. How clever he is. Well done, Matt, thank you. That is from The


Papers this hour but there will be more at 11:30pm for a look at the


front pages. A little look at what is going on in Paris may be. At 11,


the latest in Westminster as the Prime Minister confirms there will


be a debate on a vote on air strikes in Syria on Wednesday. Coming up,


sports day. Hello and welcome to Sportsday -


I'm Jessica Creighton. Coming up on the programme,


England's cricketers complete their Twenty20 series whitewash


against Pakistan, after


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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