29/11/2015 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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The European Union and Turkey have agreed on a deal on I Gration. It is


aimed at reducing migration into Europe. -- migration.


Hello, and welcome to our look at the morning's papers.


With me are Kate Devlin, political correspondent


for the Glasgow Herald, and Joel Taylor, deputy editor of the Metro.


But first let's have a quick look at some of the front pages, which are


dominated by political problems for both the Conservatives and Labour.


The Telegraph says Jeremy Corbyn is on the verge


of demanding that Labour Mps oppose military action in Syria,


despite most of the shadow cabinet being supportive of airstrikes.


Back Jezza or quit, says The Sun, reporting on comments from


Diane Abbott to cabinet minister not backing Corbyn over the issue.


But the Mirror says Corbyn will allow allow a vote, a free vote,


meaning Labour MPs who are in favour of military action would


According to the Independent, union boss, Len McCLuskey,


has warned Labour MPs against trying to oust Mr Corbyn.


The Times has more on that McCluskey warning, it says he told Corbyn's


opponents they were writing their political obituaries.


It's the Conservatives who are on the cover of The Guardian,


the paper says Tory Party Chair Lord Feldman is facing calls to step


And, it's more of the same on the Mail, which makes reference


to Lord Feldman's close friendship with David Cameron.


And finally, The Express has something entirely different,


which pill which could help us live to 120 is being tested on humans


The Independent. The warning from the Unite leader. Len McCluskey


warns MPs about ousting Jeremy Corbyn. Opinions widened over


whether the shadow cabinet will get their demand of a free vote. We will


have to wait and see. Len McCluskey, someone on Twitter says it looks


like a throwback to the 80s with all this wrangling within the Labour


Party. Exactly. One thing that has marked Jeremy Corbyn's leadership


since election is that he has almost avoided some of these contentious


issues by taking one issue and he is party taking another. Trident has


been taken to a review, no one knows how long that will take. Is area has


come sooner than Labour anticipated. -- Syria. Suddenly, Jeremy Corbyn is


taking a decision against the parliamentary Labour Party is


relying on. Len McCluskey is trying to force his MPs to toe the line.


Suggesting here that if there was a threat against Jeremy Corbyn for the


leadership the union vote would be galvanised and mobilised. It is


interesting to remember the position that Len McCluskey and in fact all


the unions are under now under the Jeremy Corbyn Labour leadership,


they are potentially seeing their influence and impact on the wane. It


is interesting to think about things like on line polls that's Jeremy


Corbyn suggested last week that he might use to figure out where the


membership stands. That puts unions in a difficult position with


influence. Len McCluskey, also, was embarrassed this week when he said


Jeremy Corbyn should not see the first thing that comes to his head.


It could be seen, in part, a slight bit of flexing of muscles from the


unions. In terms of ousting Jeremy Corbyn, many Labour MPs who do want


to get rid of their current leader believes it is far too early to do


that. There is also a theory that whenever they do try to change their


leader Jeremy Corbyn would have to fail on economics and not on foreign


policy. The eerie runs that if he fails on something like foreign


policy, effectively what will happen is that a Jeremy Corbyn will take


over. -- theory. -- Corbyn Mark II. Let's look at the headlines. Jeremy


Corbyn set to give his MPs a free vote on Syria. The Thai minister


preparing to launch RAF raids on ISIS in days. It has to have a vote


first... You haven't got the numbers yet. This is a contrast to the mood


music from Jeremy Corbyn today giving the impression that it is his


way or the highway. Now that there is a since... The Mirror should have


some sources, but there is a hint that he might give a free vote. --


there is a hint. Even if there is a free vote we know about the


divisions in the party. Possibly David Cameron does not. This is part


of the problems. He has been here before in 2013. He thought he had


Syria. He lost that vote. He understands he needs a clear


majority before they can take it again. How much he thinks he can


rely on Labour MP assurance will help him on whether to go for it.


But it would be easier if this was a free vote for the Prime Minister.


The Sun says back Jezza or quit. From Diane Abbott to the rest of the


shadow cabinet. This is Diane Abbott picking up on suggestions is a width


was imposed on this vote. -- whip. She is suggesting that any Shadow


Minister who fails to support him should put up and shut up or wit. I


think this is quite an interesting intervention. -- quit. I like this,


Labour goes to war with itself, a headline we will see in the future


as well. It is amazing how much this is about not the rights and wrong is


of airstrikes, but Labour. -- wrongs. Our impact in this situation


looks like it will be modest if we get involved. Diane Abbott is one of


his allies in the shadow cabinet and often appears on radio supporting


him. It is not a surprise she is doing so. I wonder how it will be


received by her colleagues. Paris police fired teargas on climate


protesters. Nowhere near as many as you would normally see on the


streets of Paris, inevitably, after the Paris attacks, they will be


careful about large-scale demonstrations. Not very many, but


pretty ugly scenes. 140 -150 leaders from around the world are being


welcomed by Francois Hollande. But powerful scenes of these 20,000


shoes meant to symbolise the march that isn't there. We am or seen the


clashes between protesters and police. -- are more. It is unlike


the one from Copenhagen a few years ago. It is this more. We have been


here before. There is optimism ahead of Copenhagen and is now ahead of


these kind of summits before where they do indeed get deals. But


everything seems to be quite watered-down or not held to in the


end. It is interesting to see what will happen in the next few days.


What happened here is that there were only a couple of dozen


commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions before Copenhagen.


This time there are more than 150. It is also significant that it is


getting to the point where President Obama's is having his final grand


appearance on a political stage as president. -- Obama. It will be


interesting to try to get an agreement. Back page for a change.


Must have been sport. Primarily, is one of the Independent? Sorry... I'm


getting ahead of myself and getting excited about talking about


Leicester City in a minute. It isn't normal, I realised. Year it is be a


joyful picture of Andy Murray after he beat David Goffin of Belgium in


Ghenst today. -- it is a joyful. It is the first time since 1936 that


Britain has won the Davis Cup. It is interesting what you said about the


arena. Last year in London there was a high-profile huge money tennis


tournament and Andy Murray has concentrated and focused instead on


winning the Davis Cup. He has been focusing on that old here. For the


first time 1936 Great Britain has won it. -- all year. Lovely scenes.


We can see from the photograph what it means to Andy Murray. A huge


amount. Now I can get onto the back page of The Mirror. Pride of


Britain. And unforgettable weekend to be a British sports fan. An array


of sportsmen, it has to be said, nice to have a woman on the back


page, but there is Tyson Fury who beat Wladimir Klitschko. Jason Vardy


who won the Premier League record by scoring 11 goals in 11 games. I


pressed by this. -- I am impressed by your knowledge. It has been a


great weekend for sport and sportsmanship and Britain. Andy


Murray was grabbed by his tee at the end of this historic victory and


said, hold on just a minute and he went over and shook the hand of his


opponent first and then came back to his tee to let the seller


recriminations began. -- teammates. Am I the only one who feels mildly


embarrassed with Tyson Fury singing in the ring? Umm... Probably not. I


especially like seeing Jamie Vardy among this lot because we always


hear about Arsenal and Manchester United, but Leicester City doesn't


get a mention too often. Not often enough. It is nice to see them


do... Blue Army. I am from Manchester. Before nine o'clock...


Aspiration by MPs. A report coming out tomorrow, many recommendations,


one of them is the band junk food advertisements before nine o'clock.


-- ban. And also, this much talked up 20% tax on sugar. Whether


anything will be done with this report really needs to be seen. A


very difficult one to implement. We do keep hearing about this. Has got


any traction? A month parents I think it would have some support. --


Amongst. I constantly trying to steer my children away from the


sweet aisle in the shops. -- I am. The final story, a bill to make you


last the 120. -- pill. There is something more appealing than the


long longevity argument. -- last till. They say they can one be wiped


out a plan A is. -- They say they can one day wipe out Alzheimers. For


so many reasons it is a good thing. That is the big issue. To make 120


year olds as healthy as 50 roles, that is important. -- year olds. As


long as your pension would stretch that far. We are not keen... Thank


you, kate and Joel, an interesting week ahead politically. -- Kate.


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