29/11/2015 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look at the morning's papers.


With me are Kate Devlin, political correspondent


for the Glasgow Herald, and Joel Taylor, deputy editor of the Metro.


Political problems for both the Conservatives and Labour dominate


The Telegraph says Jeremy Corbyn is on the verge


of demanding that Labour MPs oppose military action in Syria -


despite most of the Shadow Cabinet being supportive of air strikes.


The paper claims this would provoke an unprecedented crisis


According to the Independent, Union boss Len McCLuskey has warned


Labour MPs against trying to oust Mr Corbyn, threatening to mobilise


The Times has more on that McCluskey warning - it says he told Corbyn's


opponents they were writing their political obituaries.


It's the Conservatives who are on the cover of The i - the paper says


Tory Party Chair Lord Feldman is to be questioned over a bullying


scandal which has already prompted the resignation of minister Grant


Pressure mounts on Feldman is the headline in the Guardian, which says


support is growing for a full independent inquiry into the


scandal. And it is more of the same in the Mail which makes reference to


the Lord Feldman's close friendship with David Cameron. And finally the


Express has something entirely different, a pill which could help


us live to 120 is being tested on humans for the first time! Let's


begin with a happy story for a change. We are all Scottish know!


They Independent. Game, set and history! A picture of a victorious


Andy Murray, overcome with joy, having beaten Belgium and helped


Britain win the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936. It is Great


Britain, but the Scots will be particularly proud, Kate. This is


such a great photograph of Andy Murray. He was so emotional when he


won, which I think is a really interesting thing. We have seen a


different side to Andy Murray in the last couple of years, ever since he


famously cried when he did not win at Wimbledon, and the way he kind of


fell to the floor with emotion today when he won, I thought that was


absolutely fabulous. They have captured it in this headline and


photograph. A really nice headline there as well. Ending the drought at


Wimbledon, she has now ended the drought in the Davis Cup.


Absolutely. Extraordinary scenes at the end there and the manner of it


as well. I thought what also was very interesting was immediately


after he was embraced by his team-mates he made a point to run


over to the Belgian team to commiserate with them, and obviously


they have been going through some hard times there recently is, so you


could see not only did it mean a lot to him, but he put on a very good


display for the country. Well done, Andy. David Goffin did play


amazingly well and on another day he would have beaten somebody else.


Let's stay with the Independent and onto the pressing issue of air


strikes and what is happening in the Labour Party, with Jeremy Corbyn in


particular. Len McCluskey warns against ousting Corbin, he warns


Labour MPs, this is the leader of Unite. How much cloud does he have


in this? Possibly not with many of the Parliamentary Labour Party, but


it is interesting how you can now it is interesting how you can now


see a split within Labour, not the parliamentary party but with those


who voted for Corbyn in such massive numbers and those in the House of


Commons -- how much clout does he have. Those in the House of Commons


who see the situation in a very different way under the situation in


a very different way, and could vote for air strikes in Syria. A


difficult one for the Labour Party, Kate. If they try to get rid of


Jeremy Corbyn, have a leadership election, he could win again, so


they can't oust him without another plan. An extraordinary set of


circumstances and these are the thoughts Labour MPs are having, they


are trying to work through ideas about what exactly would happen.


Lots of Labour MPs feel actually, you know, especially the ones very


against Jeremy Corbyn and who would like to see a different leader, they


feel it is just too early for a new reader. Like you say, the issue of


another leadership election, that either he would win again or another


left candidate would come in to replace him. And there is a real


kind of feeling about what are they going to do? That said, the phrase I


have heard about Hilary Benn in the past couple of days from some Labour


MPs is, the nice man, and should they be forced into this situation


by their own leader, the idea is that something could happen --


cometh. And the showdown with MPs. Wondering whether he could call an


extraordinary meeting to insist the back his stance. That would be


dynamite, wouldn't it? He is meeting his Shadow Cabinet tomorrow and


quite a row has developed this evening about who will decide their


policy on going to war and Jeremy Corbyn has very clearly said it is


the leader 's decision. Others are talking about the Shadow Cabinet


making the decision and it is this that is really going to explode into


the open tomorrow. There is clearly the open tomorrow. There is clearly


a conservative push by certain figures to try to get him to agree


to a free vote. Even his close friend and ally, John McDonnell. And


you imagine there will forcibly be resignations in the short-term. It


will come to a head again. Very interesting week, not even mention


whether they would have enough vote in parliament for a vote this week.


Let's look at the Times. Tear gas fired on protesters. There were not


many protesters out on the streets compared to previous events like


this because of what happened in Paris two weeks ago, the terrorist


attacks, that Bisla the authorities have clamped down on that. Yes, --


obviously the authorities. Not very pretty scenes. The candles, the


commemorations for people killed in those attacks, apparently some of


those were thrown, too, by protesters. Pretty ugly. President


Cudd is clearly not happy. As he clearly was -- president Hollande.


Inviting 150 readers. But a protest was extraordinary, all the peers of


shoes? Yes, and I agree with you. From what France was all on says,


the tensions he is under, very understandably -- with what Hollande


says. The eyes of the world are now on Paris. They are, and have been


for the past few weeks, four very different reasons. In the Metro.


Junk food banned from nine o'clock, on the front of your paper, Joel. An


intention or hope from MPs? It is a recommendation from the House of


Commons select committee. The idea that adverts for junk food would be


banned from pre-what a shed programmes and also that the 20% tax


should be placed on the supermarkets display suite at the


end of hours -- pre-watershed. I know this is the second time these


sorts of things have been recommended in recent weeks. I


imagine it will be the same this time. There does not seem to be a


lot of appetite within the Government to do this, does their?


Even though it would be popular with quite a lot of campaign groups. It


would, and possibly lots of parents as well but there would be lots of


other people it would not be popular with. Certainly the Conservatives


have all was been keen to edge away from things that look like state


intervention and it is quite a difficult one for the Government to


kind of wrestle with and tried to realise where to come down on it. I


think part of the problem as well is the evidence for the impact these


would have is quite mixed. The picture from experts is quite mixed


and so I would probably agree with you. I think they may end up sitting


on the shelf. We may be reading them for quite awhile. Let's look the


Daily Express. A pill to help us live to 120! This may slow the


ageing process. Hands up, around this desk, who would want a pill


like that? None of us! We all said the same thing, I don't want one of


those. What is it supposed to do? They think this drug could wipe out


diseases such as Alzheimer's, which would easily be a terrific-mac


achievement in itself. The prospect of living to 120, with or without


Alzheimer's, it does seem... A little bit beyond most people's


ambition -- terrific. Nevertheless these trials have been going ahead


by the American food and drugs administrations we could have the


prospect of someone like Donald Trump living to 120... Perhaps we


should be slightly more optimistic. I am flip-flopping! I guess the


problem is that this society is not really geared up, probably most


people would argue, even for the longevity a lot of people currently


live to and it is all about quality of life and if we could kind of


increase and perhaps change society to better treat older people, then


perhaps people would be keener to live to 110, perhaps, but not 120.


At some point we have to shuffle off to make way for the people being


born, don't we! Of course. Goodness knows what the world population


would soar to. I am not interested. I do not want one, thank you very


much. Charlotte, adorable pictures of the baby princess taken by Kate.


Do you like these pictures? I think they are very good pictures. It is


extraordinary how much Charlotte looks like her brother which is very


interesting. I also think they probably show her parents in quite a


good light. They have decided not to release details about what she is


wearing because they do not want to see any hype around Charlotte, as


there is around Kate at the moment. Probably quite a sensible decision.


I think she looks a bit like the Queen? I have not seen that just


yet. I will have to study that, but, yes, perhaps. It could be a


mini corgi she is playing with. It looks like a spaniel to me. It will


be the toy of the year for under one-year-olds probably. Kate and


Joel will be back at half past 11 for another look at the front pages.


Stay with us on BBC news because British warplanes could be in the


error within days if the Government moves ahead with the vote on it


strikes. And that is a big if. And now on BBC news it is time for




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