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Manchester City's game, a win against Borussia could see them top


the group, that is a 15 minute, after the news. -- in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are the broadcasters Lucy Cavendish and Richard Madeley.


The Financial Times leads on the problems in the mining


sector, amid the worst slump in commodity markets for a decade.


The i reports on the floods in the North of England and the questions


The Express says scientists believe a cure for Alzheimer's could be


The actor Eddie Redmayne is pictured on the front of the Telegraph


at the London premiere of his new film, The Danish Girl.


Its lead story is the anger in Britain over Donald Trump's


The Guardian leads on the outrage over Donald Trump's comments.


Its main picture is of the rock band Eagles of


Death Metal, who visited the scene of one of the Paris attacks today.


The Metro leads on demands from MPs to ban Mr Trump from this country.


The Mirror says police are investigating comments


And the male is leading also with Donald Dewer Trump. Let's begin, not


with Donald Trump but the floods. No case for the defence. Lucy, the


bottom line is, is this just one of those things awkward it have been


avoided? I think it is very difficult because for the people


flooded, it is horrible. They have got sewage through their houses and


they have lost their things and the carpets are ruined and you can see


everything is out of the houses. It is a bit like... It seems it is hard


to have defences that work because the climate has changed. It has gone


from drizzle to heavy downpours and we have concreted over the Green


space. Any Green space axe as a drain but we do not have enough.


That is why it is happening and it is awful and no good news for the


people of Carlisle having this awful time but we need to be more flood


aware. To look at where places flood. They are saying we are not


spending enough, a Tory MPs. You have worked in this region. My first


job in broadcasting was at BBC radio Carlisle and watching this story,


most of the reporters standing doing their pieces to camera in Warwick


Road is next to my old flat. So considerable empathy for the people


of Carlisle and it is a flood plain. The football picked up the road was


always flooding. It has always been a problem and it is not is a prize.


First, we do, to be fair to everybody, to the government and the


local authorities and flood defence experts, this was the biggest


downpour in 24 hours in the history of the United Kingdom, it has never


been this bad. How'd you legislate for that? This was unknown until six


days ago. It was a phenomenal amount of water and I wonder what the


defences would have preferred -- protected them. I think the people


of Carlisle, I know them well, I was there four years, they have


displayed stoicism, cheerful, little despair, they have taken this on the


chin. As real grown-ups and we could do with Carlisle but in our veins,


fantastic. And we are clearly not doing it right and maybe we need to


look across the North Sea to the Holland is never how they do it.


They live below the sea level. So you can do it. It costs a fortune


and maybe the Dutch need to come over like they did in the middle


ages to say where we are going wrong. The metronome. -- the metro,


now. Most of the papers reading with the comments by Donald Trump,


preacher of hate, he risks a UK ban. This is the SNP calling for him to


be banned coming to the UK. I think he will love it. The oxygen of


publicity! I do not know whether he believes what he said about banning


Muslims from the United States and shipping them back and this


nonsense, I do not know if he means it. The fact is he feels free to say


it's because we live in a free society. How do we not give people


like this the oxygen and publicity they crave because in a couple of


months, he will move on and barely refer to it again. He is doing it to


keep his profile up there and it is working on both sides of the ill


antic and abroad and we should just ignore the idiot. The metro reminds


us that he owns temporary golf course. I had forgotten that. I


agree with Richard, I cannot take him seriously. I did interview him


years ago. Did you? What was he like? Big. Not dynamic but he


thought he was dynamic. I cannot imagine, I cannot take him


seriously. Anybody who refers to himself as the third person, Donald


Trump says... You are Donald Trump, you idiot! The word is, I. You can


do personalise what you say. Ban him, I don't know. He should just go


away, ignore him. He was being annoying. And his hair might


change. He was preaching to the converted in the audience but there


was no shouting or heckling or booing. And in the street interviews


following in the United States, people said, I agree. That is not


surprising. He is preaching to the converted. That does not necessarily


mean a lot of people feel that way. He has got money, he can do that


sort of campaign. I think we should not give him that publicity. I


agree. Stop talking about him now! Moving on to the Financial Times.


Cameron's demands on benefits sparking a migration Plan B in


Brussels. Is this saying Brussels cannot offer David Cameron what he


wants and can they come up with a plan? This is a reading glasses job.


Serious EU stories. This is a fairly meaningless story because what is


happening is David Cameron has said we have immigrants coming to the


country milking our benefits system and it turns out they are not


really. If you look at the next page, the fit -- the Office for


Budget Responsibility, the top expert says most of the migrants do


not rip off the benefits system. What you have got a figleaf. The EU


saying basically round the back of the bike sheds to David Cameron, we


all know it is not a problem, let's pretend it is and we will help you


pretend that by saying we will back you if you want to stop migrants


coming and ripping you off, deal? Do you have inside knowledge of this,


Richard? He is round the back of the bike sheds. I was having breakfast


with David This Morning! He is in the Office for Budget


Responsibility. It is a no-brainer, it is obvious and it will evaporate


quickly as there is nothing in that story. In the express, it is


interesting, it says it will not cut migrants, this is from the Office


for Budget Responsibility. They do not give details. That is because


the Stephen says, this is what I feel personally, it is not going to


make a difference. The amount of migrants coming here. But he says


that is his opinion and he has not done enough research. It is... He


must have reasons for saying that. He probably thinks it is true. It is


not backed up as yet. Hot-air. The story will not go away. Telegraph. A


new twist to Lord Lucan. Does this story ever go away? No, I was about


to say I have interviewed him, but that would be such a lie! Liar! Why


not? That is fascinating. Only people of a certain generation will


find this fascinating. He was hanging out with those rich people


and nobody knew what happens. Now somebody has said he did kill


himself the night he murdered his wife. That is what Jimmy Goldsmith


and his gambling France said. They were quick to say with no evidence,


they were quite sure Lord Lucan killed himself. Everybody thought he


had gone away to cover for him. We thought it was a cover story. So not


necessarily a new twist? How many times have you read that twist? He


is supposed to have chucked himself of a channel ferry. I thought he


went on to Beachy Head. You and on the bottom of Beachy Head and that


is where your body is found. The picture is of Lord Lucan... Not Lord


Lucan, it is Eddie Redmayne. Talking of exclusive interviews! I have just


interviewed him at Claridges. It is like that scene in Notting Hill. I


did not have to be turned and was from horse and hound and he was not


wearing that extraordinary jacket! Eye-catching. He was in fine Vettel


and it is a great film and his performance as a transgender, one of


the first transgender women is quite remarkable. A bit like The Theory of


Everything and bit by bit, you see his physicality degrading into the


Stephen Hawking character as he is today. Here, bit by bit in the film


he changes into a woman and the first he puts on women's clothing


and underwear, it is profoundly awkward for you watching and for his


character, based on a true story. Gradually, he adjusts and adapt and


evolves and eventually by the end of the film, I will not give away the


real ending, he has become a woman and his acting portrays that. He is


an incredibly gifted actor, one of the finest we have. I have not


list! I will swap Eddie Redmayne for list! I will swap Eddie Redmayne for


Donald Trump! I cannot trump that! Hillary Clinton, anyway! I have done


her! This is terrible! We will leave it there for now! They will be back


in an hour so who knows who else might,! She will come out punching!


You'll both be back at half past eleven for another look at the


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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