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see them top the group in what is the last round of matches. We will


have it all for you in 15 minutes. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are the broadcasters


Lucy Cavendish and Richard Madeley. The Financial Times leads


on the problems in the mining sector, amid the worst slump


in commodity markets for a decade. The i reports on the floods in the


north of England and the questions The Express says scientists believe


a cure for Alzheimers could be The actor Eddie Redmayne is pictured


on the front of the Telegraph at the London premiere


of his new film, The Danish Girl. Its lead story is the anger in


Britain over Donal Trump's comments. Its main picture is


of the rock band Eagles of Death Metal who visited the scene


of one of the Paris attacks today. The Metro leads on demands from MPs


to ban Mr Trump from this country. The Mail describes Mr Trump's


remarks as 'incendiary'. And the Times says thousands of


criminals will have their jail terms cut under plans by Michael Gove to


lower the prison population. I am sure we will be coming to


Donald Trump, but we will start with the Guardian and the flood. An


interesting story at the bottom, Tories face grid is over delayed


defences in flood zones -- criticism. It is said that there is


a plan to put in a ?4 million project to protect houses from


flooding which has not happened. He wants to talk to David Cameron about


it and find out why it has not happened because it was a vital


funding in 2011. Had that project gone ahead, and it does look like it


should have, people would not be suffering in the way they have been


suffering now. There is a big issue about the flooding, which is, there


is lots of evidence where it shows it is very difficult to prevent this


because our weather patterns have changed. We now have these huge and


heavy rain falls, which I don't think we have experienced. It is


something that is happening more often than not now. It is very


difficult to know how to defend these places, as far as I can see.


Also, if you look at any system of public works it is always behind.


Always being left behind and there are many inexplicable reason. It is


always the case. Not only was the rain falling in 24-hour is, it is


the most rain that has fallen in Britain since records began in the


early 1800. We have also had since 2000, six of the wettest years on


record. How far ahead you predict that these floods will rise. These


areas have had more rain than they have ever had before, so of course


they flooded. Given that the scheme was completed and signed off on, and


everybody thought it would work, but it didn't. There is no guarantee


that this ?5.1 million that would have been spent would have made a


difference. It is a moot point. I would not jump and down on my high


horse about it. The argument is that the floodplains have been built on,


and so the places that naturally flooded and then went back and now


been built on it. I remember when I was a kid, and I grew up on a river


and we went to school now -- on a canoe. It is terrible. You must have


covered flood stories and it is horrible. It is beyond description,


the stench, the destruction. Many of these places become I'm in -- many


of these places cannot be insured. Let us turn to Donald Trump. It is


hard to avoid him. The Mail have called on him regarding his claims


to say that parts of Britain are no go areas because of Islamic


extremism. He has the ability to grab headlines. He just doesn't


care. He's quite to lash out over here while simultaneously making the


comment about United States. As they say, in a very rare political


intervention, Scotland Yard within hours of hearing about this


statement issued a statement saying that he could not be more wrong. You


would expect them to say that that the British police have no go areas,


but I happen to think that it is true. I can't remember a signal


story in the last five to ten years when Islamic extremism became the


feature that it is in our society, I can't remember ever hearing an


allegation that there was the cancellation of streets and areas


that they police would not go to, including mosques. Obviously, they


tread carefully, but there are regions with mosques and I have seen


police being a force there. This is Donald Trump making it up as he goes


along and he will say anything. I just find him so contemptible. You


interviewed him, what was he like? Ghastly. I can't decide if it is the


same one, his hair. He wandered around being very rich and


powerful, Master of the universe type. But you said that he failed to


get this across to you but he came off as a little twerp. But it is


horrible because people are taking it seriously. He was preaching to


the converted. I think it is just not as what he is saying.


Interesting, he has made the front page of many papers, not just here


but on the other side of the Atlantic as well. There is a lot of


Twitter action about him. He has the same programme, but can you imagine


someone like dust being so stupid like this running for office. He


would have lots of money to make that happen. In the Daily Mirror


someone else outrage is twice -- Tyson Fury. After his homophobic


rant the cops are looking into him. I don't know if the cops are looking


into this slur, but everything I've read about this story, I think it is


clear that he has done nothing illegal. I don't think he is


inciting race hatred, he is simply expressing extreme opinions which


most people consider ridiculous. Homophobia though? He did not quite


equated to paedophilia, but from the analysis, objectionable as it may


be, it wasn't specifically illegal that he should be prosecuted for. I


think that the real interesting story is what the BBC is going to do


over the sport award. He has been nominated by a panel which then


refers to the BBC for Sports Personality of the Year. What the


BBC are saying is that they have no right to make a political judgement.


He has not done anything illegal, therefore, as the new world champion


he is entitled to be put in that category for the public to vote for


that. I would disagree with you. To be nominated as Sports Personality


of the Year is something in the round, but if he was monitored as


British boxer of the year it would be hard to say that that cannot go


through. I think we can all feel that what we are talking about is


the person in the round, everything that makes him a human being, not


just a sportsman, the way that they behave, what with charity and how


they act with other people. How can this guy devoted as a personality be


accepted in a real way? I agree with Richard. I don't think you can be


voted sports personality of the year if he holds his views that most


people find it very difficult. It is something that most people find


offensive. I'm not quite sure how the interview happened and how his


management team did not go in and sit on him. It is a sports


personality. USA that he should be judged on the sports personality


where as the BBC are saying he should be judged on his sporting


prowess. You cannot remove the words personality from the equation. I


feel that it should be someone that people can look up to and look what


they've done, haven't they done well and aren't they a decent person and


fabulously committed person. That put things in jeopardy. I can


understand that he did something that was incredible and that is why


his name is in the mix, 100,000 people have signed a petition and I


think we should... We will see what the BBC does next. This is a


terrible story about Andrew Waters whose son with Down's syndrome could


not be resuscitated. It is terrible. This boy was in hospital with an


infection and on the nights that he has had down syndrome, it said that


do not resuscitate. One of the reasons why was because he had down


syndrome. That was not discussed with the family, they had not


discussed that at all. They then found out that that had happened and


quite rightly, are utterly appalled. I think it is really


shocking and perhaps off to the Sun -- hats off. It is something we need


to look at. It is an effective front page. You are right because the


truly shocking nature of this, as in all these cases of these no


resuscitate issues, they have to list all of the factors. And he was


dying, and he recovered, but he was dying. One of them was not Down


syndrome, but they put it down. It is terrible finding out afterward.


The reason the family found out, when he recovered and came home to a


welcome home party come though I'm packing his bag and they found the


notice that had been crumpled up and thrown into a pot of his bag. It was


incompetence on a gross scale and to their credit, the hospital has


profusely apologise, as they should. It has been a real campaign.


It will run and run, and a lot of people will find it quite offensive.


That us try to squeeze in two stories. -- let. Prisoners tried to


have their jail terms cut. We are being told we are to be tougher on


criminals, and a long sender should mean it. The reality is that the


prisons are overcrowded and we don't have enough sales to be


accommodated, so we let them out early. It is just an endless lunar


cycle that does not seem to stop. What can you say. It is to predict


will. Next time you see a politician saying that the policy of this


government is that the prisoner should serve their time and do


longer a to think in six months time... People get sentenced. They


say that they will be released moments early if they can go home.


Who is going to put them on the bus? And finally, middle class


children are bigger drinkers. Is a report that has come out that


the young people from middle-class backgrounds are more likely to have


tried alcohol, and they are talking about at home. I imagine they are


talking about a sort of glass of wine with a meal from a young age


and they will go on to be much bigger drinkers than other kids from


lower social starts. It is this thing about following the French


model, if you present your children as they grow up with a glass of


water and a glass of wine, they will learn to drink responsibly. It is


true in France, they have much less drunken behaviour on the streets.


But I have to say this, cirrhosis of the liver is much more common that


it is here because a lot more children start drinking earlier. You


are finger-pointing now, and we've got to leave it there. That's it


from the papers. Lovely to talk to you. Coming up next, it is




No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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