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reversed his decision to miss this year's River Lee -- Sports


Personality of the Year. That is in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Benedicte Paviot, a journalist from France


24 and deputy editor of The Guardian Paul Johnson.


We will start with the Independent. It leads with more calls to distance


itself from stop the War coalition. The Express has said scientists have


found a way of discovering cancer. The Metro starts with a petition to


ban Donald Trump from Britain. The Micra crisis could push Britain out


of Europe, was David Cameron. The Guardian reports on the word culture


at the company, sports direct. The FT says in America the prevailing


view that the middle class is being crushed is helping to feed some of


the popular anger that has boosted the candidacy of Donald Trump. The


time says the influx of refugees in Germany has passed the 1 million


mark, keeping pressure on European leaders. The male browse our public


sector bureaucrats who it accuses of covering up greed, incompetence and


corruption. Where going to start with the Financial Times. We have


been hearing a lot over the last two or three election cycle is about how


the great middle class of America, the working Americans are squeezed


and contracting further down. They're not having as much spending


power, jobs are insecure, there is a problem there and it is appealing to


the Pope a late Donald Trump. This is a interesting lead article by the


Financial Times where they give us a lot of data and saying that the


middle-class is now being to 50% of the population as opposed to four


decades ago, 61%. It is the poor and rich that are increasing which is


quite interesting because we were discussing his previously. You have


come back from New York and there the debates was about attributing Mr


Trump's success to blue-collar workers. Blue-collar, nonreligious


workers. This takes it a lot further. They talk about the numbers


of middle class in America. It has been pushed both ways. The super


rich, or the rich have been pushed up and there is an exceedingly large


number of poorer citizens as well. It is a really interesting piece.


Much of this is forced in a way by the increasing incredulity of a lot


of people at the trump campaign. Can this man say nothing at all, but


will not come out of the race? It appears he is unbeatable. His timing


is when his polls go down, he comes up with something controversial. He


is way ahead in the polls. This sort of level back in 2008, Hillary


Clinton was 20 points ahead. We had Giuliani ahead. In 2012, News green


critter was 13 points ahead. Early days. He is building on his fame.


Let's go to the Metro. A huge backing for a petition after the


tycoon's muslin server stop what is interesting here is it is 300,000, I


tell you what, it has gone up even more. I was reporting of it earlier.


At that point it was 290,009 went on to try and top up the number and see


what is going on and the website had crashed. This petition was only


started on Tuesday so it is remarkable. It is gaining huge


momentum. What I think is interesting is in America Donald


Trump can get away with this because of the first Amendment. Whereas in


European countries, including the UK or France, that's not a prospect


because he could be, and somebody could complain about the fact it is


the public order act of 1986 inciting, it is a person who uses


insulting words or behaviour displays any written material which


is threatening, abusive or insulting is guilty of an offence. Let's be


clear, if he came here and we know George Osborne says they ask when to


stop them, if he came here and he said Muslims should not be allowed


to fly to America, that would be falling foul of the law. I'm not a


lawyer. It looks like it could be. The official policy of the


government is to say, we're not going to ban him. What this would do


with the American relationship... It is very early days, we're not there


yet. It would seem, yes, he could be accused of being a hate... The


governments's position is that ban is affected when there is multiple


conviction as race hate. These quotes are much more wounding. You


have JK Rowling saying he is much worse than for the Mott. Jeb Bush


saying he is unhinged. You've got Clive may be saying he is


accompanied... We won't go into that! That Prime Minister actually


says about a US presidential candidates, this is divisive. This


is wrong. Also, interestingly, when Mr Trump didn't just say that he


accused Britain, I think London and Britain -- Paris of having no-go


areas. Let's say he wins the nomination. He then has two somehow


claw his way back to the centre of American politics in order to gain


the vast majority of people who are in the middle who haven't decided


which way to go. How will he do that on this policy of saying, no Muslims


should be allowed into the can 's Mac I don't think he can. He's


insulted half the human race from start. He then insulted the New York


Times reporter. The female presenter. The Mexicans. This is


unbelievable. On it goes. If you are upsetting all those people how do


you propose to unite these people if you get to the White House? What is


he about? He can't believe he's got this far. People should look at him


and go, you are fired. To make this kind of... This is not elevating the


debate. As John Kerry were saying, this is not helping the image of


America abroad. Everybody is entitled to hold certain views but


to be singling out various, whether it is the female sex or all kinds of


people, I don't think this is elevating the debate. It is a


reflection on the other Republican candidates. They are not strong


enough and making interesting enough that this man is getting all the


media attention. Let's go to the Telegraph. The plan minister was EU


migrant crisis may force this. David Cameron is in difficulty here. He


will have difficulty getting a hearing in Brussels stop he could be


left high and dry. There is end of the narrative here. That is a


choreography that goes here. David Cameron needs a dispute in Brussels.


He goes to Brussels, he looks outnumbered, he's involved in a huge


row, he gains a partial victory, he comes back holding a bit of the deal


that he's won with blood sweat and tears and on we go. We don't have an


exit. The lycee Palace wants Britain to stay in, don't they? Will they


give David Cameron want he wants? There is a small matter of a


presidential election that will be watched carefully. They will not


give everything. One of the lines and don't completely agree with in


the excellent article of the Daily Telegraph is the fact that they


think this appears to show that David Cameron is ruling out a


referendum next year. I don't think that is the case. That is incorrect.


I would not rule it out next year. Briefly, we are going to go to the


Telegraph again. GCHQ Christmas code.


GCHQ are going from under the shadows, they have a PR department


now. We can talk to them and people have a civil relationship with them.


There was needed peace in the FT this is part of the change. Because


of the budget, the Palace attacks except, GCHQ was expecting to get


1900 more agents in there. It is a very popular place for graduates in


Arabic languages, Russian languages, computer studies. This is part of


the PR thing. It's a code you have two crack in a Christmas Caryl. I


can only one -- think of one man who can crack that and he is in Moscow.


Edward Snowden! Thank you both. We will have a look is more stories in


an hour's time. Stay with us on BBC News. It is time for the sport.


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