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And why Greg Rutherford has reversed his decision to miss BBC Sports


Personality of the Year. That is all in 15 minutes.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Benedicte Paviot, UK Correspondent for France 24


and the Deputy Editor of The Guardian, Paul Johnson.


The Independent leads on further calls for Jeremy Corbyn


to distance himself from the Stop the War coalition.


The Express says British scientists have found a new way to spot cancer,


giving patients a better chance of survival.


The Metro reports on the petition calling for Donald


The Telegraph says David Cameron has given an interview in


which he warns that the migrant crisis could push Britain out


The Guardian reports on the work culture at Sports Direct.


The FT says in America the prevailing view that


the middle class is being crushed, is helping to feed some of


the popular anger that has boosted the candidacy of Donald Trump.


The Times says the influx of refugees entering Germany this


year has passed the one million mark, heaping


And the Mail rounds on public sector bureaucrats who it


accuses of covering up greed, incompetence and corruption.


Starting the Daily Telegraph. The Prime Minister warning of the EU


migrant crisis might force a quick exit. It is a fusion of two stories.


For the first time, 1 million people, migrants, claiming asylum in


the EU. He is saying this will put a tremendous pressure on David Cameron


attempting to negotiate his way through. Standing in favour of


Britain remaining in the EU. A backlash because of the number of


migrants. There is a theory that there is a slow choreography going


on here. What happens, David Cameron needs to go to Brussels, he is going


to be outnumbered, he gets a minor victory or a victory of sorts. He


comes back and Enrico into the referendum. Whether it will play out


like that, we do not know. There is a real fear and the Telegraph is


also saying that the chance of holding such a referendum will be


pushed into 2017. Will he wait that long? No, the article indicates that


he will delay and it will not take place. I do not think that is


correct. Why is it more likely next year than the year after? There are


the French presidential elections in May 2017. Also, the longer the


migrant crisis continues and the bigger the numbers get, it means it


gets more complex. What David Cameron is aware of, it was supposed


to be dealt with at the December summit. Events, dear boy. December


will not be an option. 2016 is still an option. When it will be, some


people say it could be made or June. -- may. Going on to the Times. EU


buckles as migrants hit 1 million. In Germany alone, we have got 1


million migrants this year. Very interesting use of the phrase. This


could be read as a pejorative. She has created a problem, so on and so


forth. There is another story today that has looked at another side of


this. Angela Merkel was named as the person of the year. The first woman


to get its in 1986. The body has been tested like her, goes the


citation. -- nobody. She is showing incredible leadership. The Times


does not think so. Clearly not. The Times citation also says that her


style of government is resolutely dull. There is that, some would


suggest. What is the view in Paris? What is the view in Paris of Angela


Merkel as somebody who is opening up the doors as far as Germany is


concerned? Do they think this is a mistake? The official position is


that France is taking 24,000 migrants. A drop in the ocean can


pay to Germany. Absolutely. -- compared. There is concern that,


with the terrorist attacks and a third Frenchman, a home-grown


problem. Two of the terrorists who perpetrated the attacks came in


through a Greek island. There is concern about the numbers. France


recognises that the human dignity of people must be afforded. Remember,


between the people who claim asylum and the success rates, it is not


that high. You can claim asylum all you like. Let us not forget, we are


between two regional elections. The highest score for the National


front. The Socialist party, three of their candidates stepped down to do


a Republican front. To stop the front National candidate winning.


Nicholas Sarkozy says, he has been giving similar messages, it does not


work. It was close to 50% last Sunday. Staying with the Times. A


splinter society helps trump's campaign for the White House. This


is a good story. People have been asking where is the attraction of


Donald Trump? The conclusion so far has been, blue-collar, nonreligious


workers. This takes it further. It is an interesting piece of


research. Evidence that the FT has got hold of, saying the middle class


have been hollowed out in America. People have moved into better paid


jobs and become richer, but an excessive number of people say that


pushing down into that lower class or poorer class is what feeding the


Donald Trump and wagon. This is all tied in with the idea that adults in


America do not feel that their children have a better life than


they are managing. Picking up on what you were saying, the fact there


are winners and loses. You have people becoming much wealthier, and


you have people becoming poorer. A greater number of poor people. This


has to do with globalisation and technological advances. In the last


four decades, the middle class has shrunk from 61% to 50%. This will


not be lost a lot of people this country. We are in precisely the


same situation. Quite interesting. The other thing this article


mentions is that there is a raging debate, apart from the fact that


Donald Trump has had this controversial things, politicians


are saying, we want to increase and we want to help the middle class.


They are not coming up with any solutions. Why is Donald Trump


getting all the running? This shows no signs of blowing up yet, but it


should shortly. We are going to go to your paper. He owns Newcastle


United football club. He also owns one of the most successful companies


in this country, sports direct. There is a special report into work


culture. This is an excellent story. The sports direct Company, he is one


of these multibillionaires. We went into his warehouse where 5000 people


work every day. We had to go undercover. It is called the Gulag.


What we found, there is some evidence that people are being paid


below the minimum wage and we will continue with that tomorrow. But we


found an extra ordinary culture where you are searched on the way


in, you have two show your underpants. They are really worried


about you smuggling things in and out. You bring your lunch in a


transparent plastic bag so they can see what you have got. If you are


not going fast enough, they will tell you, chop, chopped. All sorts


of extraordinary things. There is a list of things you are not allowed


to do called strikes. There is 40 odd things. You cannot be talking on


your mobile phone, you cannot chat to a workmate, you cannot have


excessive toilet breaks. Six of these and you are sacked. To be


clear, they are not doing anything illegal. They are making a lot of


money. We have seen all sorts of things from places like Amazon. One


of the reporters who did the undercover filming said the highest


piece of technical equipment was a bar. It is labour intensive. We will


see how sports direct will react. It is a very successful company. No


question about that. 80% of them are working on zero hour contracts. They


are taking home less than the minimum wage. British taxpayers are


subsidising this company. They are good for some people, they like the


convenience. The ultimate is that many of these workers might be


supported by working tax credits. Have you got an interview with Mike


Ashley? We will be asking him tomorrow, I wonder what he will say.


Exactly. The world of work. They would not talk to us either. Not


doing anything illegal. The Daily Telegraph. GCHQ. Potential spies,


there is a special Christmas cards given out by GCHQ and it has got a


problem. You need to explain this. It makes sense to me. I will do my


best. It is on page seven of the Daily Telegraph. Robert Hannigan,


the director, who has sent out a devilishly difficult puzzle, which I


hope viewers are seeing at the moment. He has included all kinds of


teasers. If you solve this one, you have got to fill it in with a black


pen. We think there might be a barcode. There is a whole series of


challenges. We do not know if there is a prize. Maybe the price is just


solving it. It looks really difficult. Sadly we cannot bring it


up. It is basically a grid that looks like a crossword. There it is.


If you fill it in with a black pen you get a picture of some sort. If


you use a phone, you can get a code from that. It is part of the human


face of GCHQ. We were not even meant to mention them in more. Now they


are awaiting Christmas letters. I wonder what is on the unofficial


one? We will not know. I know one person who could do this, he is in


Moscow and he is Edward Snowden. Unfortunately he will not. We have


to leave it there. Thank you for looking at some of the stories. Stay


with us. Time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday


with me, Ore Oduba. Your headlines tonight: According


to Arsene, it's the Gunners' Olivier Giroud's hattrick fires


Arsenal into the Champions League


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