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Erik Lamela having a good night at White Hart Lane. We will also hear


from Alastair Cook about who might open the batting with him in South


Africa. -- the destinies of the Europa league teams.


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the Guardian's political correspondent Rowena Mason


and the Independent's economics editor Ben Chu.


The Telegraph leads with our top story tonight, the delayed


The paper says the CBI has branded it "gutless".


The same story dominates the Times front page with claims that


the owner of British Airways could threaten to "give up on Heathrow"


The Metro reports on more weather misery in Cumbria, describing how


residents in Glenridding fled the village as flooding returned.


According to the Independent private investors are being enticed


"Obesity in women as dangerous as terror threat" is the Mail's


headline, after comments by England's Chief Medical Officer.


the Guardian leads with the latest in a series of allegations


And the Express claims that the number of asylum seekers coming


to the UK has increased by 60% in three months.


We are going to start with Heathrow, and the delay in the decision about


whether there would be another runway. They are getting a lot of


flak from the authorities on this one. They are, gutless was one word


used to describe David Cameron for delaying the decision for another


six months. It is not hard to see why they are up in arms, they


commissioned this report to determine where the new airport


capacity should be. They came out after that saying it should be at


Heathrow, and everyone assume that after the election was over there


could be a quick decision because it would not be so politically toxic.


But they have found it is politically toxic even though the


general election has passed. It is suggested that this is all about the


London mayoral elections, because Sadiq Khan said he would... The Tory


candidate said that he would resign if they gave it the go-ahead. So


they are going to take the decision six months after that election is


over. I suppose the government, Patrick McLauchlan and David Cameron


could have taken a decision that it would be Gatwick. That would have


solved the problem, wouldn't it? Possibly, but it is suggested that


Heathrow is poor will be the preferred option, but so is Gatwick.


-- bobbly. It seems that David Cameron would rather take all the


sound and fury from Labour for one-day calling him gutless and


shambolic over this decision, it won't last all that long. Not only


that, he has several cabinet ministers who could potentially


resign over the issue as well. Their constituencies would be affected by


Heathrow, for example. So they would resign, some might resign? She


hasn't said it, she has kept quiet on Heathrow while a cabinet


minister, but it is a possibility that that could happen. That might


have been part of the calculation? It all seems very political, a cynic


would say. Absolutely, it is most likely to be the London mayoral


election, but also factoring in all of these discontents who would


create a lot of opposition if he did give the go-ahead to Heathrow. OK,


the CBI, business leaders up in arms as well as some politicians, the


front page of The Times. BA threat to abandon Heathrow will double the


losses, according to the paper. This is another interest in the story. It


underlines the number of different angles from which David Cameron is


being bombarded with lobbying. Gatwick has mounted a huge campaign


to say they want the expansion, Heathrow is lobbying very hard, and


now Willie Walsh on BA is saying that the pricetag on Heathrow is too


expensive, even though Heathrow is still the preferred option. It is


another bit of headache for the PM to negotiate when he does it


eventually take this decision. When this is being debated ad infinitum


in the decision put further into the future of stomach, -- the decision


is put further into the future, with all the different other airports


around Europe, that is what they are competing with. That is why business


people want a decision sooner rather than later. Yes, it is not only


about businesses go, but about the quality of life of those who live


under the runways. There is always the idea that we need a big hub


airport in the south-east, but do we need that? Do we need a place where


people just change planes and fly to New York? How does it benefit the UK


economy? It benefits Heathrow because people go shopping when they


are waiting for their plane, that is that what the country needs? Are the


patterns of airline use going to follow the way that it has been in


recent decades? Perhaps it won't. OK, let's go to the Times... No, the


Independent. The scandal of buy to let care homes. Speculators been


promised 10% per year returns. It seems an extraordinary amount, the


terms that this investment company is offering, and we have already had


the situation of private equity investors squeezing every last penny


of profit out of care homes, although potentially quite a small


scale, this is another example of what seems to be a lack of


regulation in the sector. That is what this has revealed, but 10%


return is pretty good, isn't it? If you have some spare cash and someone


offers you 10% in this environment it means they are taking a lot of


risk. That is what is frightening, how can they possibly generate that?


Will it be by squeezing the quality of care available to people in care


homes, or by running it in a way that it is likely to go bust, which


is bad for people in the care home in the taxpayers who would


ultimately have to battle it out? It really underlines the fact that this


is not a very well regulated sector -- Bailiff out. -- bail it out. This


brings home how unsatisfactory it is and how they will be pressure as the


population ages and the pressure increases to properly regulate and


make sure this exploitation can't happen. Local councils have been


allowed to raise rates by 2% in order to cover social care. Many are


saying that is not enough. The sector is in a lot of difficulty at


the moment, and this sort of highlights the lengths to which some


private care home operators are going to to raise cash to build new


homes, it doesn't seem very satisfactory. Let's move on, back to


the Telegraph, and Jeremy Corbyn is on the front page. Jeremy Corbyn in


the con artist accused of funding ISIL. This is a strange story.


Jeremy Corbyn appears to have written a letter on behalf of


someone who was a constituent or whose family is a constituent of


his. He did this in May, and he was making the case that this person


should get bail, and it transpires that later in the court case he has


been implicated in being part of a gang that was defrauding old people


out of their life savings, and separately the Metropolitan Police


have said there is a link to some funding that ended up in Syria. So


it is quite a chain of events, and we should stress that Jeremy Corbyn


probably had no idea there was a to terror this case, and it is not


particularly unusual for an MP to lobby and intervene on behalf of


their constituents to give them a character reference or a description


of them that suggests they should get bail. The problem with this is


that Jeremy Corbyn is perceived in the public mind as having a weakness


on the issue of security. There have been a lot of stories on this, so it


is unfortunate. It doesn't help his public image at a time when he is


trying to move away from this argument. Just to be clear, Jeremy


Corbyn had no idea he was a con artist, he had no idea that he might


have some relationship with Syria in terms of Islamic State. Yes, but as


Ravindran says, it is terrible timing. -- Rowena. Many people have


been demanding an apology for the PM's characterisation of Jeremy


Corbyn as a terrorist sympathiser. This is just terrible timing, that


he has vouched for someone who has defrauded people of money that has


ended up going to the Middle East. This happens a lot, an MP will have


someone come to them and ask for a character reference if they are


involved in some kind of activity. I don't think it is that unusual for


an MP to try to help out a constituent who is facing legal


problems. There have been things in the past I think about MPs getting


into trouble with the families of them is when they have tried to


argue on their behalf in a court case, so it is not the first time it


has ever happened. It is just very fortunate timing -- unfortunate


timing. This one, obesity in women as dangerous as the terror threat.


That is not exact live what she claimed. So it is wrong? Let's move


on them! She said that obesity is a serious health risk, and it should


be classified on this civil register of emergencies. Also on that list


are things like terrorism and flooding and war, so she is saying


it should be considered to be a serious civil risk. That is not


saying it is as bad as terrorism, but we should take it seriously. She


is trying to say it is very serious and we should take it seriously. She


is the chief medical officer, the head doctor of the UK. She has an


audience now! Let's see the message gets through. Is it any worse for


women than men? This report is actually all about women's health,


which is why she is focusing on women and obesity, and she has made


a number of other recommendations as well. One thing she says is that you


are not allowed to eat for two during pregnancy, which is surely


one of the silver lining is! Very sad. Worse than terrorism! OK, the


headline draws us in, the facts are little bit less... Obesity and


terror are not really things people are used to seeing in the same


storyline. Finally, to the big story of the night, celebrity bake off.


Here are some photographs of their competitors. John Simpson included.


Alison Steadman, Wil Young. Ed Balls is one of the contestants, and he


was famously once described as the most boring than in politics. I


suppose he has nothing else to do, why would he get involved in this


kind of thing? Maybe he just loves baking. I think it is more


surprising that we have Samantha Cameron on a given that she doesn't


really appear talking or giving interviews on television very


extensively. She has been quite a quiet wife of the PM. We have a


quote from her where she is lifting the lid on home life with David


Cameron, saying that he and their daughter Nancy are very keen cooks


and very competitive. Marshmallows, Carmont and lemon drizzle cakes --


almond. What would this have been vetted? Would it have gone through


the PR team at Number Ten? Absolutely, they would have seen


that this was a satisfactory activity for the wife of the PM to


do. As long as it doesn't get onto political conversation. Many people


have been critical about her sconce, especially if they don't come out


right. Is this what we are going to see politicians or ex- politicians


getting involved with more in the future? I don't think I have ever


seen anyone like that on this kind of show. If you want to reach the


great British public there is no better way than going on the great


British bake off. If politicians want to get their message across in


a soft way, this is the ideal vehicle, just to show that the walls


is -- Ed Balls is in a situation to capitalise on it. It is not like


they are going into the jungle or anything. I suppose neither of them


are actually active politicians at the moment. Thank you so much for


looking at some of the stories behind the headlines. Many thanks.


Much more coming up, now time for Sportsday.


Coming up on the programme: Erik Lamela's hattrick takes Spurs


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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