13/12/2015 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the Parliamentary Journalist, Tony Grew,


and Caroline Frost, who's Entertainment Editor


The face of Marine Le Pen dominates the front of the Guardian,


after her far-right National Front Party failed to win


control of any regions in French local elections.


The Times goes with the same story, saying the National Front bandwagon


had been brought to a juddering halt by French voters.


The Metro has more from Shaker Aamer - who claims that Tony Blair knew


he was tortured while he was a Guantanamo Bay detainee.


A spokeswoman for Mr Blair says he has always opposed


The Telegraph reports on Boris Johnson calling for Britain


to be granted a an EU opt-out, in order to impose a benefits


The Financial Times says the cabinet is considering the nationalisation


of the nuclear submarine arm of Rolls-Royce -


The Chancellor's promise to protect police spending comes


It says some areas of the force were not included in the pledge.


The Express reports on a Rightmove study, which says house prices went


up by seventeen hundred pounds a month over the past year.


And it could be a careless whisper, but the Daily Star says


George Michael is being lined up as a new judge on the X-Factor.


Sadly we have got to put that to 1 side. Police cuts or are they cuts.


George Osborne accused of the police spending copout. We heard a pledge a


couple of weeks ago. Caroline... George Osborne with his spending


Review and seemed to be getting a hallelujah on both sides of the


house. Note cuts to police spending in the light of the terror attacks.


As it transpires a fortnight later, Labour have been quick to jump on


what they perceive as a gap in the small print or at least fudging.


What areas are not going to get extra money that George Osborne was


trumpeting at the review? The Chancellor was talking about the


Home Office funding to police of which is the normal police forces


that we know about throughout England and Wales but there are


other police forces such as the British Transport Police that covers


all of Britain and did get some of its funding from the Department for


Transport, the civil nuclear police protecting nuclear sites and the


Ministry of Defence police protecting army bases. The Labour


Party asking a question in Parliament and they have got a


written answer and they found out that the pledge to protect police


funding does not cover these police forces and at the same time, some of


the departments that partially fund these small police forces are facing


cuts themselves. 37% in 1 case, concern is that because the budget


is not protected because he cuts in these police forces and by the way,


to remind ourselves of the attack in Leytonstone, a man was attacked in


our cheap station, that was seen as a terror attack by police and the


British Transport Police dealt with that. -- tube station. There has


been a statement from the Treasury tonight. I think it's actually


included in this article... It says it's ridiculous to suggest the


government is not committed to funding the forces that keep the


country safe and talks about the real term increase in funding they


are going to get by 2020. How can we square that with what the papers


saying? It may be ridiculous to say that for the statement from the


government doesn't say is that we will guarantee that there will be


cuts to the British Transport Police, the MoD police and the civil


nuclear police, that's the interesting thing from the statement


and effectively what the Treasury says is that we made a pledge about


43 police forces in England and Wales, it's up to other departments


to decide how they spend their money. The concern is if these


departments face cuts in me still don't have a guarantee that these


vital police forces will not face cuts in funding. It seems that the


statement the Treasury has issued as a reference to the forces funded by


the Home Office. That's exactly it. Funding for the other specialist


police forces is not provided by central government grant but says


it's partially for -- and did by central government and I think


people will be concerned that what the Treasury appears to say is that


funding for really vital stuff like who is protect our nuclear power


stations and transport is being funded by industry and the


indication seems to be the expect industry to fill funding gaps


because of the cuts to central government. Let's look at the


Guardian, and the face of Marie Marine Le Pen. Only a week ago,


Caroline, it was a different story for her party. It is an upside down


smile this evening. It was all looking very good for her party a


week ago, I think they registered 28% in the opinion polls, for her


National Front party, it has galvanised the opposition in the


people and the politicians and now there have been machinations, a


couple of socialists have stepped down in key seats and party managed


to win nothing today. She is accusing the other parties of acting


against as if they are victims of this that is how she feels of the


political establishment. If she doesn't like the French voting


system she should advocate to have changed, they have a 1st round of


and a week later... The 1st round was last weekend and the 2nd round


of voting was today and provides a safety valve for French voters.


Sometimes they use the 1st round as protest vote when things like this


happen, far right parties and saw ahead and find themselves in the


run-off to take control of things... People can consider it again. In


2002, I think the French President system which was a 2 round system,


shall Marine Le Pen got into the final 2 and I think Shaq Shere got


82% of the vote cause what happened is moderate people are those who


support other parties support the mainstream candidates to insure that


the far right does not get elected and that is what happened in the


regional elections. The political establishment except that they can


say we have seen them off. -- Chirac. The Prime Minister has said


there has been no gloating, no victory speech. Even though they


have not won in any of the 13 regions there are still merits and


councillors dotted around the country and the same way that David


Cameron had to adopt his rhetoric in the light of the Ukip euphoria he


has had to say we have to listen to the country going forward. Let's


look at the Metro. Blair knew I was tortured. Shaker Aamer, his 1st


broadcast interview with the BBC. You can see that tomorrow on the


Victoria Derbyshire programme... His suggestion is that it was not just a


British official who was sitting in but it went higher than that when he


was undergoing degrading treatment. Yes... What he says is that he


thinks it is almost impossible that Tony Blair was not aware of the fact


that he alleges he was tortured in Guantanamo Bay. Blair has come back


and said he has always opposed the use of torture and said so publicly


and privately. I guess this is a question of how far up the


government changed knowledge of what was going on in Guantanamo Bay and


what was happening to British citizens went. We are going to have


the finding of the inquiry into the Iraq war and that will report but


that won't answer any of these questions. Tony Blair at facing a


series of other questions about not Iraq but things that happened under


his tenure as Prime Minister. The spokesman for Tony Blair as saying


he never condoned the use of torture or degrading treatment but this


story has got so many strands to it, hasn't it and it reaches so far back


in our history since the attacks of September the 11th and what happened


in Afghanistan. Absolutely. A lady from the State Department in the US,


formerly so, was keen to post this in a wartime paradigms and she


described how we feel about Paris now after the French attacks but...


These strands are so huge, I am always reminded of the Iran Contra


investigations when officials were quick to say they knew nothing and


others were quick to say you tell him for knowing or for knowing


nothing. By the way, you are very much exposed in of explaining


yourself. In terms of those comparisons with wartime and other


things... The main takeaway lesson was that it did not work, it didn't


get significant intelligence as far as we can see and a lot of British


citizens were held against their will, are government I think was


complicit and it did not protect its citizens as it should have. This man


comes home and speaks in such positive terms now, there is no


visible anger in him and he is preaching a message of peace and


from a voice like that in the same way as Nelson Mandela... Someone who


has been through something like that, people will listen to what he


has to say, both the good and the bad. But look at the Telegraph


newspaper... The suspected thief who escaped on a hover board may make


legal history, Tony... Explain. These devices are becoming


increasingly popular. The fact is they are illegal to use the pavement


and on the road and the only place you can legally use them is on


private land but this guy, you may have seen footage of this... He


basically used 1 of these things to move into a shop, grabbed a crate of


Lucozade and went out again, the CCTV camera identified him and he


has been arrested and charged. He will face a series of charges


including driving a self balancing scooter on the pavement, it's


thought to be the 1st time that someone has been charged with that.


It is like back to the future. Very like a movie. Not too late to decide


against them for Christmas! I will have retailers on my case if I say


that. No, carry on, by all of them. Strictly is onto front pages.


Firstly... And under Beck, 13th time lucky, never reached the final. Much


he and cry about this. A record-breaking series. -- Anton du


Beke. And Katie making it all the way to the final, the 1st 4 Anton du


Beke who has battled his way through 13 series. Famously danced with Ann


Widdecombe and I will never forget the sight of her in a yellow dress,


spinning around on the floor. It is Anita rani who is presented with


countrified, the BBC programme, looking glum. Apparently she has not


won a dancing competition. That is all Tony has to add. Her partner's


top seems to have come off with amazing regularity. Yes, I believe


he has many a wardrobe malfunction, much to the delight of many viewers.


That is it the papers this hour but Tony and Caroline will be back. What


coming up next, it is Click.


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