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could pull off a shock after defeating Dagenham Redbridge, that


is in Sportsday in 15 minutes. Redbridge, that is in


Sportsday in 15 minutes. Hello and welcome to our look at


what will be in the papers tomorrow morning. I am joined by Liam


Halligan, economic scum and Tait for the Telegraph and broadcaster Penny


Smith. The front pages starting with the Financial Times. -- economic is


commentator. And this is the front there we go. Let's start with penny.


What has happened to your wrist? The big news. This will be in the papers


in the day after. This is why the Federal Reserve has raised rates. I


broke my wrist skiing. As I keep on being told by everybody, it is a


ridiculous pass time. When you face a very skivvy slope with 2 very thin


bits of slippy stuff, it is ludicrous. It was grabber that I


drank, I was in the Dolomites. Very brave of you. And with him on my


elbows side. Careful... There is a chivalrous gap. Let's start with the


Financial Times. And historic gamble, is a Greeley? It's been a


long time coming. -- is it really? Viewers will remember in the


aftermath of the collapse of Liman Brothers, interest rates were cut


around the world, the US and the UK cut interest rates effectively to


0%, almost 10 years ago, that was when we had a rates rise, interest


rates reached a low level in the States in December 2008, some papers


have the headline wrong, I am sure they will get it right for the 2nd


edition. The problem is for the markets, had the Federal Reserve not


raised rates, the most important central Bank the world, they have


been talking about it for so long and have tried on 2 or 3 occasions,


there have been tapered tantrums for the markets rebelled and the


response to this has been has been relative calm so far, the Dow Jones


has rallied... But somebody has complained about it. Saying it's


going to hit hard-working families. Someone has complained. There is


also an issue about what it means for us in Britain. Other be a


knock-on effect? And the other thing is it's about savers versus


borrowers and the point is savers of which includes the vast percentage,


pensioners are doing quite well and heard to the generation rent or


whatever you want to call those people who are under 30. The thing


is if you are a saver, you have been penalised... Absolutely... For


savings so people will say more than a quarter percent would be really


good. For many years in the western world we have had negative real


interest rates. We still have that in the UK. The Federal Reserve has


raised rates from below to real terms 0%, whatever market


commentators tell you, monetary and in the United States is still


astonishingly loose. Just less loose than it was. The important meeting


in Brussels... Saying that Germany and Angela Merkel will not back


David Cameron on benefit curbs for migrants scuppering his package of


EU reforms. Unfortunately, we knew this was going to happen, we knew he


was not going to be able to go there and say I want this, this and this


and they would say... OK, we want you so much, let's do it. We knew


this would happen and how many people can genuinely be surprised by


this, really? The only surprise in thing possibly is John Major saying


let's stop flirting with the EU exit even then, that's not surprising.


Outside there are rise in interest rates, and penny's am... It has been


an important day of European diplomacy. Have missed that story.


An EU summit in Brussels tomorrow, a lot of spin in the papers today,


David Cameron making it 1 of his conditions of the UK or hen backing


a vote for the UK to stay in the EU that in e-fits are curbed for


migrants and Toby had been here for 4 years. A lot of Eastern European


countries say that won't happen, German saying that won't happen and


this intervention from John Major saying it would be dangerous to


flirt with leaving the EU. Moving to the Independent, talking about


Europe but the refugee crisis. That says Sister Marie want back benefit


curbs for migrants but its Syrian refugees, there is an opinion poll


which suggests that only 20% of Britons would be able to offer a


refugee is spare room which is the 2nd lowest proportion of the 14


countries that were surveyed. David Cameron will argue tomorrow in


Brussels that the UK has delivered, it is on course to deliver on its


pledge to accept 20,000 Syrian migrants by 2020, are original


pledge after the summer crisis and he will say we will have settled


1000 Syrian migrants by Christmas. Let's rattled through the other


papers. The Guardian saying, interesting, banned weapons for sale


on Amazon, things like pepper spray guns. This is staggering. Some of


the statistics on these... Or actually incredible. There is...


Test purchases... Good 1-handed glasses move. Did you see that? She


was practising up. Right... There is a pistol that fires a jet of


high-strength pepper spray at 112 miles an hour... I presume an M


means a baseball cap containing a Hedwall stabbing knuckle-dusters in


the peak, they say all 3 are legal but you can still buy them and when


they came the packages were declared on the paperwork is an LED


flashlight and a toy part and the price... It is peaky blinders in our


time. A clever story by the Guardian. A lot of people sitting at


home doing their Christmas shopping, wondering what they can buy on the


web and all they have done is simply trawled Amazon and found what they


could buy, some of these allegedly illegal goods... These are all


illegal... Shipped directly from the Amazon Centre in the UK. They will


be selling light Sabre is next on but rings is neatly onto Star Wars,


it had its premiere tonight, getting amazing reviews, 5-star reviews in a


lot of the papers. Are you a Star Wars fan? I saw the 1st 1, I quite


fancy Harrison Ford, what can I say? Do you still? You told me you liked


Chewbacca. I do like chest hair, and especially when it's continued over


the entire body. This review on the front page of the Guardian, I had no


idea what it meant. I won't bother reading it, because it's just


incomprehensible. I don't think you need to know what it means, just


enjoy the film. A little nub of news, the European premiere of Star


Wars, the force awakens. It could have been the Federal Reserve


awakens... In Leicester Square. Pandemonium, stars they are... To


reddish actors... -- British actors. Daisy Ridley who will burst into a


Click consciousness for the rest of our natural lives and John Boyle


Yeager. Promoting the franchise. -- Boyega. Well done, John, research a


lovely photograph. And Mr Moody himself... Manager-mac... Apparently


he is said, all the speculation he might get the boot but he is said,


but do not lose on Saturday is the message. When I was younger was a


joke, what is blue and sliced on the table? Chelsea and that has come


back into speculation. Flirting, using the words of Juan Martin del


Potro, flirting with the relegation zone, losing 2- 1 to Leicester, they


are the surprise team. There has been an emergency board meeting,


apparently at Stamford Bridge. Ayew a fan? No. If he loses at


Sunderland, the word is he will lose his job. You quite like him, he is a


bit of a dish. Yes, he is a bit of a dish, but he can still afford a


rather nice cold. Really? Is that a nice cold? It is the way he has got


his hands in his pockets. Apparently if he gets fired he will get a


?10,000,000 payoff so he can afford a nice raincoat in the future. Thank


you very much to both of you. We will see you at 11:30 PM. Coming




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