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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Redbridge in the second round. That is all in 15 minutes after the


papers. Hello, and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are Liam Halligan,


who's Economics Commentator for The Telegraph, and the broadcaster


Penny Smith. Tomorrow's front pages, starting


with... The Financial Times leads,


unsurprisingly, with the historic US


Fed rate rise of a quarter of a percent


in what it calls a 'landmark step'. Moving on to the Metro,


which features on its front page the early release from jail of the


former BBC presenter Stuart Hall. The Independent carries the


story of the Syria refugees crisis ahead of


a meeting in Brussels on Thursday. The Daily Express warns of a


toxic dust cloud that could be sweeping into Britain


from the Sahara. The Guardian features an


investigation into illegal goods - including stun guns and pepper


spray - being sold on Amazon. It's anger on the front page


of the Times as the newspaper reveals that over a thousand charity


chiefs are paid six figure salaries. The Taxman gets a beating in


The Daily Mail, with MPs calling a 38-minute waiting time to get


through to HMRC 'abysmal'. Finally, daffodils for Christmas -


the unseasonally warm weather has seen flowers sprouting up all over


the country and these ones should be in stores in time for the holiday -


that's in the Daily Telegraph. Let's begin. Penny has broken her


wrist in a skiing accident. I did. When I went to go have it sorted


out, the lovely Doctor at the emergency room gave me a list of


things I should not do, you can't do this or that, and don't eat other


people. -- hit. I am used to being told not to hit children, but I can


do the paper review. Let's talk about the Times front page. They are


talking about the districts on standby as ices extend their control


into Libya. Possibly 1000 troops and special forces. -- side. An Italian


mission it to support Libyan security forces. I am confused by


this sentence, they will not be in a combat role, but members would be


armed to take on high-value Isis terrorist targets. That is because


this is a rather anonymously sourced story from Whitehall that the MOD


has denied tonight, but... The difference is the troops will be


training Libyan security forces and the SAS will be deployed under this


surmise to take out specific high-ranking folk from second act.


How is that not a combat role? The Raby sentence is structured


carefully is that the troops will not be in a combat role, but SAS


forces could be. -- the way the sentence. Since the fall of Gaddafi


they have not had a functioning government, and that is why Isis


have such a strong hold. This is a response that may be Britain will be


deploying troops. You mentioned the MOD statement. They say no decisions


have been made about the future deployment of any British military


forces to Libya as part of a international coalition force. The


point is that because of the bombing in Syria, this is why they want to


go to Libya, because they have the oil reserves. Let's move on to the


i. I think you want to focus on something that is not the dominant


headline, the story about fracking which we have been reporting. You


are worried it is not featuring very heavily in the papers. I think we


both thought giving their is such a strength of feeling around the UK


about fracking, especially in rural regions, we were surprised that was


not more on this Commons vote today to allow fracking in national parks


and other areas of outstanding natural beauty. When we set not much


coverage, we mean in the papers. We know it has been covered on the BBC.


The Commons voted 298-206 to one to allow fracking in national parks


even though campaigners have said ministers pledged an outright ban on


fracking in national parks as recently as January. The compromise


is that the actual rigs will not be allowed in national parks, and the


fracking will only be allowed 1.92, matters were the ground. But a lot


of campaigners concerned about this extraction of what we call tight oil


and gas, is the pumping chemicals and chemical reactions underground


to get it out. A very emotive subject. Which you stand? Don't we


all think this is near the water table, so instinctively you think


this is not a good thing? We are such a polluting... We are already


polluting so much... But we need energy for the future. Lots of


people feel right now we should have moved on to find something that was


not well, and especially not something where you are involved in


blasting something to get this out. It is so tightly packed. Given more


oil is in regions of the world that are politically difficult, shall we


say, there will be more emphasis on this in the UK as they has been in


the US. Surely we have moved on? We were supposed to have by this time.


I remember reading things you could make energy from. You are showing


your age. I think it was 1860. Let's move on to the daily Telegraph.


Again on the environment, they say nine out of ten cancers are due to


lifestyle, and that includes environmental factors but also


smoking, drinking, exposure to the Sun, pollution and so on. It is


especially cancers of the breast, prostate and one. -- line. They are


talking about up to 90% caused by extrinsic factors, meaning it is not


something genetic, lack, but things we have to do. The sad thing is I'm


sure there are loads of people who say, here we go again. In other


words, stop having fun. The problem is we do like to go out and drink,


eat, and instinctively, quite a lot of people find people who are not


wanting to go out and have fun and spent five hours in the gym. We


think they are not interesting. This debate ebbs and flows. The Telegraph


refers to a January study by John Hopkins University, well-respected


in the states, saying 65% of cancers are inevitable, in other words they


are due to cell mutations, may be genetic, and nothing to do with how


you out living a lie. Now we have another study in New York,


Washington, which has been published in a magazine, that says it is down


to your lifestyle. Skin cancers are caused in a high percentage by the


Sun. When you talk about diet, lack of exercise, pollution and stress,


stress is a difficult one to deal with. It is difficult to get rid of


that. Thank you. Let's talk about the Guardian, because they are


focusing on what is the big economic story of the day, the Fed rate rise.


It was anticipated, but a lot of papers are calling it historic.


Viewers will remember after the crisis in 2008 across the Western


world, just rate were slashed. US interest rates have been down at


0.25%. Now the Fed have raised rates. It was widely anticipated.


Two or three times they have tried to raise them before, but just


floating the idea and there were tensions. This response has been


widely flagged and therefore it has been calm. It is not a very big


rise. It is a tiny rise. When you take it in inflation, US interest


rates are now precisely zero. They have gone up to zero, from negative


interest rates. This means symbolically the Bank of England is


now more likely to raise sooner than it otherwise would. Our interest


rates have been down at historic lows since March 2009. Many


households have borrowed heavily. The Bank of England brought out a


study saying maybe if they'd of British households could become into


trouble if rates went up more than 2%. 2% is a lot. Yes, but that would


make it 2.5% before sub-prime. Why do they say a quarter of a percent?


I don't know, Penny. From now on, I will say a quarter %. It just seems


unnecessary to say a quarter of a percent. If you want to sound like a


smart Alec, you could say 25 basis points. Gizmo -- there is no


inevitability. It does not mean rates will go up. It is symbolic.


Psychologically. We will not go in one direction while the Fed those in


another. But we could stay the same. Yes, for quite a while. Let's look


at the express. They have the dust cloud from the Sahara that could be


toxic. We have had them before. Not so close to Christmas. Instead of


snow we will get tossed? Where we talk about temperatures of seven


degrees for Christmas... The hottest Christmas for half a century. Now


they say we have these freakishly warm temperatures. It will be hotter


then Sydney. They call it a blood rain. The sand falls from the sky.


Of course there is an issue for people who have breathing


difficulties. Anything that clogs up the air for anybody already... If


you are a asthma sufferer. Deathtrap has issued warnings. -- side. I


wonder what the likelihood of a red Christmas is. Let's look at the


Telegraph. Bunches of daffodils being collected in a Cornish field


to take to supermarkets in time for Christmas. Do you want to put


daffodils are up for Christmas? It is very cherry. I'm wearing a


cheerful festive scarf, but I should probably wear a canary yellow one.


Dress up as a spring chicken. Why not? Put your rid of antlers away.


You can't help but feel sorry for nature. You are thinking about


hibernating and... Imagine being a bird. You are finding all of these


birds. Is it alarming to think it is so warm in December and you are out


in a T-shirt? Is it time a change? The thing is, they probably said


that in the Ice Age. Do you think it is, change? The dinosaurs as well.


What you think? And e-mail. Love and cuddles from Fred and Gladys.


Explain what we are talking about here.


What a nice photograph! It is a lovely photograph, they both look


very happy. That is their Christmas card. It is not very Christmassy and


he is not wearing a jacket, but that is OK. Have either of you had


Christmas cards from the Royal family? I am always waiting, always


anticipating. There will always be a moment. Anything from Fred and


Gladys? No, I am not quite a 100 yet. Is that what you meant? No,


obviously not. Yours is in the post. I hope your wrist gets better soon.


Said why. I haven't hit anybody with it yet. I hope it has recovered in


time for... Well, not Christmas, but New Year. I get out of the washing


up! Just some news we have had in the past couple of minutes, the US


and Cuba have agreed to restore commercial airline flights between


America and Cuba. Coming up next, it is time for Sportsday.


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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