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Championship match and action from European rugby, all coming up in


Sportsday in the next 15 minutes. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are the former US


State Department Official and law professor, Colleen Graffy,


and the Political Editor of the Daily Mirror,


Jason Beattie. Let's get into the front pages as we


have them. Let's kick off, there we go, with Jose Mourinho.


Were you a fan? How could you not be? He's gorgeous! Don't hold back!


Finding someone that good-looking, it seems a shame after you have done


so well, they say the best in 110 years, and after one season, he's


out? But there seems to be some personality issues that have arisen


and I guess that is part of it but what a shame. Gorgeous but


personality issues. Exactly. We discussed this in the newspaper


conference today at the daily Mirror and this came up, do we put up a


front page and make it the main story? But some women won't like


football. But they said, "No, we like him". He does transcend


football. He is the superstar manager. This story was what the


word schadenfreude was invented for, every other football fan in every


other club in Britain is going, "Yes!" The man who traded on his ego


has had a spectacular fall. It seems harsh. I'm not a Chelsea fan, I have


to say but a man who has won the Premier League title three times,


you would think he deserves a bit of time to fail, even one season of


failure. What is interesting here, sorry about the football talk! Let's


do a bit of Charlton while we are doing this because they don't get


mentioned here very often. Part of the whole Jose Mourinho shtick was


that he would defend the players by attacking the referee, the


opponents, anyone. Doctors! It was almost like he was doing it on


purpose to deflect attention from what happened in the dressing room.


What has happened is that he has fallen out with the players. Instead


of... This act, this ring of steel that he put around them, it is no


longer working because it was obviously a major bust up behind the


scenes. He's broken the trust. Did he deserve to go? I know you are not


a breakable fun. No, I enjoy it, very much so, NFL and British! Is it


harsh? A lot of people would say he got them a lot of trophies. It is


clear when you have some of the bust up that he has had, in other clubs


he's been too as well, not just Chelsea, that it seems to be after


two years, something, some black cloud kicks in. I'm not sure what


that is. But you can't feel too sorry for him, you will be crying


all the way to the bank, ?250,000 per week out of ?10 million while


he's looking for a new job. And he will write a book and goodness knows


what else. Don't feel too sorry. He could do the paper review sometime!


Staying with the Independent, speaking of wealth, one nation or


two, priming as do? What do you make of this? This is Alan


former Labour Health Secretary who was appointed by David Cameron as


the social mobility is, a slightly clunky title, to look at how you


improve the life chances of many of the poorest people in this country.


He's come out with his annual report and he has hung Cameron Buttle 's


Mac words, which the Prime Minister after just after he was re-elected


about being a one nation by Minister. -- he has hung Cameron's


words. He has said the divide between rich and boys getting wider,


has Alan Milburn. But it has been under Tony Blair as well. He said if


you want after Sylvia election promise you got to do a lot more.


Alan Milburn describes over 1 million children as in persistent


poverty. He takes the cities of Norwich and Saint Oldland 's, and


says they are 100 miles apart but the life expectancy, the salaries,


the fortunes of children in St Albans are so much more better than


they are in Norwich. It's not a particularly poor city in itself. As


an outsider, Colleen, what do you make of inequality in this country?


I have to say, first, the idea that there has been a commission, and


this is the third annual review that they are identifying the problems


and also, that you have George Osborne focusing on this northern


powerhouse, so the government is concentrated on how to crack this.


They recognise the problem which is half the battle and they are trying


to identify ways of overcoming it. One is to have zero tolerance of


schools with for example salts. We have a similar situation in the US.


-- with poor exam results. They forced them to become academies and


recognise that education is an essential part of getting above the


poverty line. And so to work for new teachers getting higher paid,


helping provide housing, that is going to be key to changing the gap.


But this is the key point. One, these issues are not unique to


Britain. There is a massive wealth gap in the US as well. But the


majority of solutions Alan Milburn is advocating require a stronger


state. They require the government to put more money in. We could


debate that all night but we don't have time. Let's talk about the


European Union in the Daily Telegraph. David Cameron, a rather


good picture of him... Looking stressed! He looks a bit nervous in


front of Angela Merkel. She is saying no. The headline says, "Now,


Mrs Merkel, about Britain's demand". It's going to be a tough, long night


for David Cameron. He's there as we speak. It's going to be difficult


for him because he's asking the other European to vote to accept


that Britain does not have to give in-kind benefits to citizens from


their country coming to Britain. Would we want that reciprocated?


Probably not. They are an unlikely to vote for that to happen in


Britain. -- not likely. How will he get a deal? There's a lot of talk


about compromise. There will have to be a compromise. David Cameron had


four key demands and three of them were agreed anyway, although they


were pretty woolly, like there would not be a two tear Europe, regarding


the single currency, and there would be a new drive to eradicate


bureaucracy and red tape which had general agreement. The third one was


against ever closer union which was pretty much happening. But the one


awkward demand is the one he's going to have to go back on which is the


four year ban on migrant benefits. Also on the front page, an


extraordinary story about divorce and a computer software blunder


which means a lot of couples who have divorced may have to go back


through the courts. Yes, if you have divorced in the last 20 months, you


want to make sure you read this story, particularly if you were


bemused by settlement. And if you used software on the form. If you


did it online. They found out they were not taking in some of the debts


and liabilities. Interestingly enough, it was a friend of the


court, a McKenzie friend who identified this and went back and


alerted the Department but it has taken them a while to recognise the


software problem. There's only about 20,000 cases but that's a lot. And


also, how do you get it back into the hands of the court to revise?


It's going to be tricky bureaucracy. Extraordinary. The Financial Times


have an interesting story about a whizz kid who has been arrested for


running a Ponzi scheme. What is this about? He is in Jose Mourinho's


hooded top, by the way. He hit the headlines a few months ago when he


bought this pharmaceutical firm and became Chief Executive. He ramped up


the costs by 500%, of this drug which was partly used for some HIV


AIDS patients to help them. Massive social media backlash. A lot of


people will be saying that this is his just reward. He did this


horrific thing and maybe he's getting his just deserts. But he is


saying that the case against him has no merit. He's just 32. He looked


like he was ramping up the cost of this in order to pay back those that


were part of the hedge scheme. Allegedly he had all sorts of money


in this hedge fund which turned out to be ?700, or dollars or something.


So beware, there are so many of these Ponzi schemes and it is all to


do with confidence and one thing leading to another. Everyone thought


he was a whizz kid and now it looks like it is a house of cards. He's 32


and he had a very controversial exit from his previous company and how


did he become Chief Executive of another firm? It's an interesting


question. Lastly, your favourite, I think, dog owners are being


threatened with prosecution if they dress up their pets and their dogs


in Christmas outfits. I don't know quite what sort of outfit we are


talking about. Things like antlers, Father Christmas outfits. I have to


confess, I have a dog. You dress him up as Father Christmas? I don't. The


RSPCA is worried about the stress and the trauma for the dog but I'm


not sure how traumatic it is for the dog. How have they evaluated this?


It could be stressful, it could be embarrassing to walk down the


street. The dog is embarrassed? What about the owner was to mark I don't


think they get embarrassed. Do dogs have shame? Do you have a dog? I did


when I grew up. We did not dress it up. It seems a bit over reaching to


see that they will feel unable to express themselves as well as being


scared and worried about the unfamiliar clothing. Don't you think


dog owners that love their dogs would not do anything that would


create any tension question mark they would be the first to recognise


that, not the RSPCA. -- any tension? And Christmas jumpers are so last


year! Let's not get onto that. Thank you for joining us. We will see you


again at 11:30pm. We will be back with more of the front pages then.


Stay with us. At 11pm, David Cameron has told one of his proposed key


reforms of the UK to stop migrant workers claiming benefits for years


is unacceptable. Next, Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday -


I'm Olly Foster, here's what's


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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