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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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camera. A lucky escape indeed. More on all of that in 15 minutes after


the papers. Hello, welcome to our look ahead to


what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. With me, journalist and


broadcaster Eve Pollard, and Guardian columnist. We will start


with a Financial Times, Revenue and Customs claims for Sellers on Amazon


and eBay are dodging VAT. Agencies are creeping up to half of the fees


paid by NHS hospitals for locum doctors according to an


investigation in the Telegraph. The metro says Christmas shoppers queued


for a six hour traffic jam to get out of the blue centre in Kent.


Figures showing more than 1 million migrants entered the EE you this


year make the splash in the express. That story on the front of the


Guardian, which carries a photograph of refugees arriving on the Greek


island of Lesbos, while the ten one says five of the biggest investment


banks paid no corporation tax last year despite making billions in


profits. UK military advisers are dispatched to Helmand province. The


Times says tens of thousands of union -- European Union officials


are to receive a pay rise of 100 million euros. We will start with


the Daily Telegraph, NHS hit by nurses pay scandal. This is to do


with locum agencies. I have to admire the Daily Telegraph, and


undercover story where they discover that a nurse who could be earning,


say 20, ?30 an hour, the actual agency are getting double that


often, because that is all she is getting but the agencies are


creaming off the top. When we are all worried about the national


health, and the Daily Mail, if you remember, had stories about the fat


cats at the top of the health business getting paid more than the


Prime Minister, now you find agencies are getting paid a fortune


for nurses. Nurses are not getting that money. The agency is. I have to


say, 20 years or so I was asking when I was still editing newspapers,


would I produce at that time, very old days, a newspaper just for the


national health that actually advertised jobs and actually you


could drop it from one hospital to another. Surely there is a website


you could make that could work, so you have to be qualified to go on to


it, and say I want to work as a nurse, but surely that could be done


rather than going round the back? Rather than going through an agency?


And I think Geremew... Hunt? Hunt! Much more than the drugs we might


need, the agencies are getting the money. Great story by the Telegraph.


Some weather on the way, this evening and overnight different.


One of the interesting elements of this is the investigation has


already been endorsed by Jeremy Hunt. He says this investigation


shows how some staffing agencies seek to turn big profits at the


expense of our NHS and hard-working taxpayers. It is evident as to why


we have introduced a tough new cap. There is an element of brass neck in


that because one of the reasons hospitals are having to pay Sony


agency staff is because they don't have the actual staff, and one


reason for that is because Jeremy Hunt says they have to cut it off


the health budget. He is not without sin here. So it is somewhat ironic


to see him talking in these terms when actually his finger prints are


on some of it! Don't you think, and we are already into a new


government, but virtually, but surely this is the time to stop


playing politics with the NHS. Sarah Wollaston, who is the chairman of


the health select committee, says the government should publish what


they pay the agencies and what the agencies then pay the nurses. Surely


we should actually stop playing politics, itch not be a left or


right thing, it should be transparent. As a country we all


feel we want the very best health service and the best value we can


get. It is now up to the government to worry about how to deal with


nurses and make it go public. But it is a market, companies get what they


can get and they can only charge those kind of fees because the


hospitals are so desperate to get the star. Journalists don't have


agencies that get them a job. You apply. We staff are newspapers. But


there must be a better way than going through an agency. I suppose


you might be hoping Mr Hunt has digestive this investigation by the


Telegraph and covering up with creative points. A newspaper that


the eve would edit. Is a pretty old-fashioned idea! But a website.


Some journalists would probe needed for peanuts. And you would leave


them. Not sure about that but I am very happy to help. Interesting, new


new committee film banned for being too religious. I ramble that story


not too long ago about cinema chiefs who were in trouble because they do


not allow a short film about the Lord's prey. I think the Archbishop


of Canterbury was involved of love was some criticism of him. The


Lord's Prayer. Now a similar row, this time a short film featuring


Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. It was for a campaign. A cinema has


reduced the show this as well. It is a private company, they allow to do


that. They don't allow any kind of religious film or message so it is


not just Christianity that is affected. But actually, someone was


saying earlier which reminded this had come to our mosque? Frankly you


are looking for your tissue, because you know will be a tear-jerker, you


are worried about where you put the popcorn. If it made a lot of people


who follow in a religious way, that would be great. I think it is


absolute wrong. We are a Church of England country, and think this idea


that we don't have any politics. Actually, if they took all these


ads, it perhaps it would be cheaper to go to the movies. You do feel


they might be oversensitive. Would you care? I wouldn't care. I have no


opinion. I would probably just think when is my film starting. That is


the thing. Is the bubble in front going to wriggle all the time? Onto


the Guardian. Afghan forces in Sangin receive food drops. Ten


military advisers from Britain have gone out of this area. This is what


is so terrible, had I had a son who fought in the army and died in this


area, to see this happening now must be heartbreaking. Obviously this is


a pretty difficult piece of land to hang onto. I do know that fighting,


armies, and the way it is configured, but obviously this is a


part of land that probably nobody wants but it moves to further


forward. The Taliban, we have almost forgotten about the Taliban, because


we have been so busy with Islamic State, but the Taliban are making


inroads. In a way I am delighted we are helping them. Without any doubt


our soldiers did die that it a very good job in this area in Helmand


province. But of course people are saying we brought the soldiers home


too soon and we should not have done this or that. I don't see how come


the famous poem about Afghanistan, nobody gets out alive. No one wins.


It seems to be the pattern, that we get embroiled and no one seems to


know how we get out, presumably because we had no plan when we went


in. I saw a magical and terrible thing about Raqqa the other day,


which showed the rot tunnels going all the way from Turkey to Raqqa. I


didn't know they existed, I presume the Army did but that is a pretty


hard thing to deal with. The problem is these are very difficult areas to


hang onto. Guys have got killed and for what? A very small number of


special forces going in this case but you do have the wonderful stop


the number of engagements we are being asked to be involved in seemed


to be growing. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan now. How many people


have we got any army, are you going to join up? Not immediately, no, I'm


not sure that is quite my calling, but people do it and we are grateful


that they do, and we wonder whether we should be cutting them at this


point. All these foreign entanglements, you wonder whether we


should be cutting the Foreign Office. This particular area, I


imagine there are a number of soldiers in this area who have been


dying to go out, because they know how that works. They also know how


difficult it is, dealing with the Taliban. Your paper, the Guardian,


calls for David Cameron to step in after US bars British Muslim family


from going to Disneyland. This is the ordinary, we have all been


watching the various comments and antics from Donald Trump, about


banning all Muslims from America, anything that will never happen. But


you worry about what will the knock-on effect be, how will the


influence the thinking? You have a story, a British family from East


London who were going to Disneyland. For the very last minute they were


told they could not have these is, they were not allowed to board a


flight from Gatwick to Los Angeles. So that dream trip they had planned


was scuppered. There have been other cases as well, British Muslims


getting into the States. Everyone who has applied here for an American


Visa, you have to do it, you have to do it in advance. Have to have it


before you get on the plane. You have, because the British


authorities check you have. The left-hander is not working with the


right hand in America. I hope they have sorted it out and given them a


free trip. To the Metro very briefly, six hour nightmare the


shoppers, it will get even busier on Wednesday. Although I would hate to


be in that queue, and we keep hearing everyone is buying


everything on the web, isn't it great that people are spending?


After some years where their money was really tight and may couldn't.


Apart from the fact that we are spending 40 billion more than we are


actually taking in as households. It is all on tick. All on credit cards.


To the Financial Times. Zimbabwe turns to the Chinese economy in a


bid to revive its flattened economy. You can use Chinese money to buy


your products. It is surprising that there is nothing Robert McGarvey has


to do -- Robert Mugabe has to do. You feel we should be to bring some


pressure to bear. It just remind you of your impotence really. Where can


you get hold of it? They have written off 40 million in Zimbabwean


debt. Tourists can spend their currency there. Chinese have been


buying up lots of commodities in Africa. I am guessing Mugabe will


have a few notes hanging around that you can share. You will be back in


and our's time, many thanks. Stay with us here on BBC News, much more


coming up but now Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday,


I'm Jessica Creighton.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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