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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in to BBC News and hear a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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years. And we see how England do at all their test series against South


Africa on Boxing Day. That is coming up in 15 minutes after the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are are the former Trade Minister, Lord Digby Jones,


The FT - it reports that Apple has launched a fightback against


Temperatures will reach 17 centigrade


during tomorrow's winter solstice - as warm as the summer solstice


The Express says that hospitals are making up to ?3.7 million each per


year from car park charges on patients.


The Mirror also has that story, as well an interview with


British families spent ?40 billion more than earned this year,


fuelling fears of a new crash, reports the Independent.


The decision to ban Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini from football for


David Cameron has been urged by the former chancellor Lord Lawson to


allow cabinet ministers to campaign to leave the EU, says the Mail.


Ruth Jones, we are going to start with Fifa, the front of the Guardian


-- Lord Jones. Sepp Blatter it is getting it in the next more damaging


for Michel Platini. They are both getting it in the neck. It depends


on what each of them say. For Sepp Blatter it is the end. This is his


legacy. This is what they will remember


corruption. They have thrown the book at him. The Guardian say, in


addition to the alleged corruption with a potential lifetime ban, the


charges were based on other breaches of mismanagement, non- cooperation.


He wants to be fought as the man who took the game to all of the


developing world. That is a noble purpose. He will end up with the


image of a man who clung to power, the nails coming down the door close


as they take him out. That has ruined him. That is what is so


painful. Football has this. We saw this with the IOC. We


will see it with the IAAF, with Lord Coe. We have seen it in cycling with


Lance Armstrong, clearing people like Chris Froome, winning the Tour


de France. Football has to go through this. Sepp Blatter will feel


wrongly done. That is his problem. If he can show it is wrong, let him


put it forward. And Platini has this problem, he did something, he didn't


worry that Blatter might not be around to recorded, and now you are


saving he paid me the money just before he needed my vote. That


unaccountable and that was the problem. You shouldn't be so


cynical. Onto the Times. Interesting front page. None of the other papers


have it. SAS fighter stops Taliban in Helmand. The district where 100


Britons lost their lives. That is right, in the town of Sangin, which


has fallen after a weekend siege. It looks as though the Afghan forces


cannot hold it without refute and American help. We are seeing 60


American special forces and 30 British SAS -- British. They are


going to try to wins this back. It going to try to wins this back. It


calls into question the whole mission. British and American troops


were therefore their best part of years -- win. They want to enable


them from that place of the country to take back the country and


maintain and run it as a fledgeling democracy. That hasn't happened.


People are asking if it was worth it. It was always a west is


province. -- Mesto. It was a stronghold of -- they working to win


back -- restive stronghold. There are two sides to this story. Both of


them are so sad. The first is, clearly, if we are going to be in at


all, we pulled out to only. It says here, the Afghan forces were not yet


ready for this. And both Britain and America, responding to democracy...


(CROSSTALK). The home. And that is a problem. The


biggest thing, especially this time of year, and it is not just of the


456 British fatalities in Afghanistan, a quarter of which


occurred in Sangin. Think of the guys who lost their legs and arms.


This Christmas is going to be mums and dads who look at photos of kids


who never go home. -- who never came home. If you see a photo of a kid


who didn't come home from the Second World War, the Falklands as well,


with a noble purpose, liberating people and relieving people, it does


think that at least it was worth it. think that at least it was worth it.


Many feel it was worth it. Many feel they were right to go in. Clare


Short was for Afghanistan. It might well have been worth it. You have to


stay there and see it succeed. Coming home, and none will be


holding a photo and thinking it really wasn't worth it. -- a mum.


That is the greater story from this headline. While we are thinking


about IAS and assuming Al-Qaeda was in retreat, and the Taliban, who are


no longer relevant, in their own country, Afghanistan, they are


strong -- IS. The Taliban and ISIS, so-called Islamic State, are


actually fighting each other. Not the same theatre operations. They


are enemies. It is unclear what version of Islam... Some poor


civilian will be caught up in it. That can never be good. Moving to


the Independent. A really interesting topline story. It was


highlighted by you -- top line. Sun told to put the Jeremy Corbyn


apology on the front page. When we were coming in for the 10:30pm slot,


we thought it and I wondered what it was about. I ask your good people to


get the people for the 11:30pm slot, the Sun are being held by IPSO, the


Khat -- independent press office. 30-3040 years ago we brought in the


idea that the leader of the opposition can be paid for being the


leader of the opposition -- 30-40. You should pay someone to oppose the


government, it is fabulous. It is called Short money. It has nothing


to do with brevity. The story was about how he uses this money. The


Sun have been judged that they were inaccurate. To be clear, the Sun was


ordered to publish a front-page correction for a story, falsely


claiming the Labour leader only agreed to be initiated as privy


councillor because his party stood to gain financially to get this


short money when in fact it is a long-standing convention that the


leader of the opposition can get the money, which is allocated according


to a formula which does not depend on whether the party leader is a


Privy Council. The Sun got it wrong. They got it completely wrong. And


they deliberately got it wrong. I won't get into whether it was


deliberate. They were factually inaccurate. IPSO say that you are


going to... (CROSSTALK). The regulator say. Where you ran the


story. I believe that if the press are told to put apologies where


won the story, this would end overnight. Their newspapers would be


full of apologies -- run. Rather than on page 57. So they are told to


do it, and that caught my eye in the Independent that. -- Independent.


Then on the Sun, this exclusive on the politicians having an affair,


and then down on the bottom left corner, so small that you can hardly


see it, IPSO complaint on Labour Short Money is upheld, on page two.


The apology is on the apology is on to five words at the bottom of


whatever it is. Exploiting the loophole. It is clearly a loophole.


The regulations should say that the apology should be the same size as


the offence. Let's bring the offence. That is the apology. Let's


see the offence. He varied lives. -- there it is. The front page on the


left where the Sun made the mistake and the apology is on the bottom,


the right, on the bottom left, you can't even make it out. If they were


told to put the apology on the front page, they don't even include the


word sorry. They put IPSO complaint is upheld. It would be nice to see


the word sorry. First of all, they don't apologise. Secondly, the size


of the apology, the non- apology, is miniscule. It is an insult. It


should not end there. We have always said IPSO has no teeth. Hopefully


this body should result in a body with teeth. Let's see what they do


as a result of this. Where I think it is right that this is taken up is


it is in the Sun's best interest that they do this properly. I for


one want to see a free press. I don't want loads of regulation. I


believe it is right that this partly to the review of Canon -- can prick


us and I don't want censorship in the wrong way. It will only work if


they deal with it in the way it is meant to be dealt with. There will


be more regulation if they don't. The members have Hacked Off the


organisation representing those who have had their phones hacked as part


of the results of elements within News International -- hacked off.


They would say that they can afford to do that because they got away


with it. They can get away with it. There is no suggestion from the


Leveson Inquiry that it will continue to a second phase. That is


what it was supposed to have done. That has been thrown out. The bottom


line is, newspapers can act this way because there has been nothing in


recent history. We are in complete agreement. This is a test of IPSO.


We need to see consequence and a full-page apology because they


it wrong and they have got it deliberately so. It going to need


someone to go to IPSO and make a fresh complaints -- it's going to


need. Will you do that? It is common in the Labour Party machine. It was


actually an ordinary punter who bought this original in. Try to get


through to people. -- port. If we want the free press that a mature


democracy should have, you have to rely on the press to do the right


thing. The right thing in this case is to do what they were told to do


and not try to get away with it. The problem is... (CROSSTALK). It will


bring more regulation. In media organisations there is group think.


People adhere to a particular philosophy. It knows no boundaries


or morals. We are going for him, whichever way we can, which is what


we have to do. I just wish, because the CBI, government and everything


else, have always tried to have less regulation and less rules, not more.


Because you trust them. Because I believe it frees the spirit.


(CROSSTALK). If they don't do it they will get more regulation and


more rules, which is what we don't want. There are some people who will


say that if you cannot have the regulation to stop this kind of


thing, after the phone of a dead girl has been hacked, it it ain't


gonna change! We will see what they will do. Onto the Telegraph. Down at


the bottom, there is a row going on where students of this college in


Oxford have removed a clerk in honour of Cecil Rhodes and they want


to now pull down the statue because of his obvious prejudice, some would


say racism, historically. And Mary Beard, the Cambridge academic, has


said he was a prejudiced man but not necessarily racist. By the way


students, you can't have your cake and eat it because you have a Rhodes


scholar and take the money, but want to get rid of this. That is the


argument. I would ask for people to be judged on the time when they were


there. If you want a really good lesson in this, Thomas Jefferson,


the father of the Constitution of the United States, this huge pillar


of representation of the people for the people by the people and the


rest of it, owned four slaves and had sex with them. At the end of the


day we are judging him with a different set of rules. We are


judging people of that later, the Confederate flag, the


statues of Confederate leaders, like Jefferson, have been taken down on


university campuses, including the deep south of the US, because people


are using the enlightened morals they have today to judge that time


find those people wanting. We have the right to do that. We live in a


free world. This can only be a question of opinion. How many


opinions to Jefferson allow. If someone wants to pull down the


statue, they should pay back the scholarship. Is the money of the


ancestors! Henry and DB, as ever, great to have you in. And Merry


Christmas -- Digby. I don't know if we can say this to everyone who


watches but thank you for putting us together. Yeah it is not easy as you


know. The top of the hour, Newsday, now, Sportsday.


of the Premier League, after beating Manchester City tonight.


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