21/12/2015 The Papers


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in to BBC News and hear a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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take a look at how the English cricketers are doing ahead of the


Test series starting on Boxing Day in South Africa.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the former trade minister Lord Digby Jones and


broadcaster to. -- Henry Bonsu. And we start with the Financial Times.


Apple launching a fight back over the surveillance bill. And


temperatures will reach 17 degrees in tomorrow's winter solstice, as


warm as the summer solstice in June. And hospitals making up to ?3.7


million each per year on car park charges for patients. The mirror has


that story as well and also an interview with the late Cilla Black


in the sun. And British families in the sun. And British families


fuel fears of a new financial crash according to the Independent. And


the decision to ban Sepp Blatter and the shell Platini for eight years


leading the front page on the Guardian. The Daily Mail, a move to


let ministers campaign to leave the EU. Well we start with the Fifa


story. One point two million or whatever it was, a gentleman 's


agreement, what is the problem? Well allow me a bit of French! It is


not to do with disloyalty, but an unauthorised payment. Neither man


can explain it away sufficiently to the satisfaction of the ethics


committee. It goes back to a period between 1990 and 2002 when Michel


Platini acted as special adviser to Sepp Blatter during the period of


time. Because they cannot explain it away and do not have any cogent


reason for this money, that is why reason for this money, that is


they have been handed a red card. They have not found guilty of


corruption, extraordinary given everything else swirling around. It


it well, a few weeks before the it well, a few weeks before the


presidential election in which time Sepp Blatter faced a challenge from


the Qatari who was himself ultimately ran for bribery claims,


this guy suddenly does not stand against Sepp Blatter and a few years


with classic English understatement, with classic English understatement,


in addition to alleged corruption, which carried a potential lifetime


ban, the charges were based on four other potential riches,


mismanagement, conflict of interest, false accounting and noncooperation


with the ethics committee. I would call that bang to rights! They are


appealing. Appealing incentives. He looks a bit dishevelled, Sepp


Blatter, diminished by the whole thing. He does not want his legacy


to be this. He sees himself as a man who globalised football and to go


from the hands of Europe and spread it around the world. There is


something to be said for that. We have seen it in Latin America, in


Russia, he feels he has used football as a tool for development


for the global good and he does not want that to be his legacy. It would


have been such a fabulous legacy, that is the shame. He should've seen


the writing on the wall and step down a few years ago. The Daily


Express. My mother was in Warwick Hospital for five days about a year


ago. I was amazed at how much money you have defined just to park your


car. I asked the receptionist one-day and said all well and good


for people like me but does this happen to someone in hospital for 28


days and family maybe doing a vigil at the bedside. Oh, yes. I said it


is inherently wrong and she said, if you have seen what happened when we


did not charge, people used to park their cars and walk to work. They


used it as a free car park to do stuff nothing to do with the


hospital. I asked why not have some kind of card when someone registers


in the hospital, they put a band on the wrist, they create a history.


Why not create a bad code that gives you free parking. -- bar code. This


is on the front page of a number of papers. Up to 3.7 million a year


each by ripping off patients, visitors and staff with car park


charges. Making a fortune. The patient does not get charged car


parking when they're in bed, to make that clear, it is outpatient visits.


And visitors and staff. There has got to be a better way. One of the


problems, when you allow market forces to run things, when you


outsource, morality goes out the window. Let's have a proper


conversation about outsourcing. It is morally wrong to charge people.


Nothing to do with capitalism. You will be talking about


nationalisation in a minute! This is wrong. Nothing to do with capitalism


or socialism. When you allow these quote, profit hungry private firms


to run these car parks, beastly profiteering companies, then you see


people who have got to use the car parks... A private company will only


do what the person paying them tells them to do. They are morally


absolved? No, you have the NHS telling a private company that


not blame the private company, in not blame the private company, in


legal terms all they are doing is fulfilling their contract. It is


about the culture that has been encouraged. You have to dig deeper.


We have got to move on. The Daily Mail. That ministers speak out on


Europe, the Prime Minister is told. David Cameron must that Cabinet


colleagues speak freely on Europe. This is Lord Lawson. John Major


yesterday morning said that talking about Cabinet responsibility, until


the consolidated position brought back by the Prime Minister has been


explained. As we know exactly what we are going to be voting on. Sounds


reasonable. But we need to declare freedom from now, Cabinet ministers


allowed to go their own way even though normally we have rules of


Cabinet responsibility. He seems to be saying this is so important, they


should be allowed to speak out. Regardless of your views on Europe,


if you're where in the Cabinet now, would you expect to be able to come


out at this stage in negotiations, and say you know what, I think we


should stay in or I think we should pull out. I believe they should have


a free vote. I am worried that this EU referendum vote, the biggest


thing for 50 years, will be trivialised to an issue of


immigration. And also will be trivialised party politically. What


we should be doing is looking at reforming Europe for Europe, not for


the UK. We should get a young man in Greece, to work. The way to do this


is education. We subsidise French farmers with our taxes more than


schools across southern Europe. Why schools across southern Europe. Why


not mention that, reform should not be trivialised down to a Tory party


that. Until he says to the country, here is the question, I think it


should be a free vote. Until that point, your on the team. Just a


couple of minutes left. The Daily Telegraph. Steve Harvey is the man


who gave up the wrong name when trying to reveal the one crucial


point of his contract. Miss universe. Building up to a


crescendo. But he got the wrong country. He was given a card, first


and second runner-up and then winner. The way it was laid out on


the card confused him. He was confused and named Columbia as the


winner when she was first runner-up. The response has been savage. They


took the crown off the woman and put it on someone else! She was Miss


universe for three minutes. They should never have privatised Miss


universe! They should have left it nationalised! Gentleman, come on!


Limbering up for the second round! I would not like to be Tyson Fury!


Gentleman, you are back in an hour and we will see you then. Now time


for the sports


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