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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are sports writer for the Sun Martin Lipton, and broadcaster


The Times says David Cameron has been warned that 300,000 Britons


will lose entitlement to in-work benefits if he accepts a Brussels


compromise on welfare restrictions for EU migrants.


The Guardian leads on deaths in the NHS, saying Health Secretary


Jeremy Hunt is under pressure to hold a nationwide inquiry.


And there is a big photo of the BBC's Sports Personality


The Independent says six alleged victims of child abuse,


at the hands, they claim, of the late Labour peer Lord Janner,


are to press ahead with a claim for compensation.


David Cameron is preparing to send out a document to the public,


ahead of a referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union,


That is according to the Daily Telegraph, who say it will infuriate


The Mirror says the SAS will be called in to help guard the England,


Wales and Northern Ireland teams from terror attacks at the Euro 2016


tournament in France, along with a picture of the wedding of Christine


While the Daily Mail warns that nine out of ten hospitals are being hit


by a shortage of nurses, which it says puts patient safety at risk.


Let us begin with the Telegraph, then. The headline is Cameron


dossier to make the case for EU. This is risking, according to the


paper, a Cabinet rebellion as the Prime Minister prepares to send out


a document and families before the poll. They haven't even finished the


renegotiation. No, but I think we know where it is going. Cameron is


clearly going to try and sell whatever he has with the EU as the


change he has promised and the guaranteed Britain's place within


the EU and stick with N. Members of his party, quite a lot of them are


so implacably opposed to the concept of continuing membership that they


are going to force him -- stick within. This is a dangerous game. He


can afford to have a civil war within the Conservative Party


because there is no opposition at the parliamentary level at this


moment but it will cause ructions, unquestionably, within the Tory


party because the Eurosceptics will not like this. They will see him as


trying to all those that pro- EU case, and they want Brexit very loud


and strong. He can't sit on the fence and pretend he doesn't have a


view. At this stage, he should. He needs to be seen to give a level


head. There will be a dingdong merrily on high in the Cabinet


shortly because he is seen to be taking sides. He is taking sides,


but we knew... Major is saying it would be absolutely extraordinary


for Eurosceptics to speak up. Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary is making


his position clear and the likes of Iain Duncan Smith and others, what


is going to be critical is the position of Johnson in this. He has


a big call to make. Does he want to stay or set himself up as the leader


of the Eurosceptic wing, and potentially then given that Cameron


will step down before the election, give himself more chance of taking


over and wearing the crown which we know he craves long and hard.


Looking at the Times, Cameron and Cabinet battle over migrants. What


is the main thrust of this deal? The issue is whether the in work


benefits system is going to be applied to UK citizens equally as it


is to those who are entering the UK, and whether we are going to have


what is known as a contributory system, which we have now, or


residency test of four years or so. Now if we have a residency test and


moved to that system, 300,000 people and their claim will be instantly


wiped out. Now, is that fair? More importantly is it sellable? This is


the issue. Given all the moves to try and cut the benefits bill, we


suddenly have the Tory Eurosceptic Right pushing the case for keeping


benefits for 300,000 people. It is quite odd but it is the games people


play were now so desperate to strike a position on this and it is all


part of the manoeuvrings effectively within one political party at our


head of the vote, whenever it is. Maybe June 16, 2016, maybe 2017. No


one quite knows when the vote is going to be an much depends on the


negotiations between Cameron and the EU. Has come all Ye faithful.


Supporters will do what they do. My goodness, she is going to burst into


song in a minute! She threatened us with Christmas carols. Wanting to


buy a home in 2039, start saving up now. Only 24 years! That is the


average. I think it is shocking. One of the things that ties people to


their democracies feeling part of it and in Britain it is being able to


buy a home and feel you are part of the community on which the economy


rest. If you are renting, if you are paying someone else's mortgage that


is surely going to affect the way you are going to vote. But we


haven't got enough houses and if it is a Shia case of supply and demand


we need to build a lot of houses. We have had a tremendous undersupply of


housing over the last two or three decades, that why London prices are


so ridiculous. Looking at the south-east as a whole, in many parts


of the country house prices go hugely through the roof. It is


extremely disconcerting. I am very fortunate in terms of I have my own


place but can my kids be expected to buy a home in London? Not very


easily. It is going to be very tough. It is a crazy situation which


gets worse with every passing year rather than better. Hurrah places in


the country where house prices are much, much lower but then again so


I'll wager is -- there are places. Large part of the East, Scotland,


East Midlands... -- so our wages. We can't continue having this pressure


on the south-east. No Carol? It is going to be a silent night for lots


of people. Off the cuff that is pretty good. Well done. Right, Andy


Murray. He is Scottish, or is he British? We don't care, he is BBC


Sports Personality of the Year for the second time in three years. Look


at what he has achieved. You are the sports journalist... Allegedly. For


a lot of the women of the country, you know, he was a surly teenager,


and then Kim came along and warmed him up. Then we met Judy who was


dancing away and being very supportive and now he's got a female


coach who is making him plunge further. It is all about them, is


it? There are three queens supporting Andy Murray tonight, not


three Kings. And easier result for the BBC, Tyson Fury. It was a


competent to victory. Rightly so. There are issues with being Fury. I


am against banning him from the shortlist given his achievement but


I found it inconceivable he woodwind in many ways and his views are


unacceptable. That is my moral, political and philosophical


standpoint -- he would win. He comes across as an Old Testament patriarch


with his views but there you go. He speaks better with his fists than


his reign at times. What he apologised for causing offence. It


shows what a big man he is. He is, he is enormous. The best thing about


the apology was he acknowledged the backlash. Well done. My goodness me.


There will be another dingdong merrily on high. The Metro put rail


delay payments on the fast track. Lots of people are either being


denied refunds or not bothering to pay them. It is too difficult. If


you go through hoops and chaos just to get 40p back no one is going to


bother. We are talking about a few quid that adds up over time. 47


million passenger journeys were cancelled in the 12 months to


March. ?100 million of compensation goes unclaimed because it is so


difficult to get anything. You have to go through so many ludicrous


things and it needs to be simplified. You need a super


complaint process, simplified, is heated up, and find a way to get


people's money back. You spend a lot of time wasted on train journeys. I


would like you to make a quick comment if you can. Why can't we


automatically pay people back through their credit or debit cards?


Pay for a ticket, we do the refund. They know which tickets have been


bought, they know who is buying them. Give us the money back


straightaway. Have you got the Express next? I've got the Daily


Mail. They had the same story. This is to make people getting married on


the front page of the Express and the Daily Mail. Steve in my ear is


having a fit. This is the union of Frank Lampard and Christine. She


waited. She was a very beautiful fiancee. Good for her. It is a white


Christmas for us all! Look how happy they are. Frank is looking


fantastically good with the media over his career, he has always


spoken extremely well. I don't know Christine at all. I hope they are


very happy together. I have met them a couple of times to say hello, and


that was it. Good luck. I hope they have a fantastic life together.


Wouldn't we wish that for anyone. Christine Anne Frank, as if we know


you, congratulations to you. Thank you for joining us. That's it, the


Film Review.


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